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"Fighting … is actually quite miserable." Ling Xuzi tried his best to improve everyone’s impression of him and showed off the image of a benevolent master. Others are either reserved or afraid to say anything, and they are laughing in succession, but they don’t pick up this conversation.

"It’s miserable that Tang Ye has seen it. It won’t scare you to death." The sigh lasted for a second, and Tang Qingma showed his true colors. Pointing to the picture that made him feel peaceful, he was ready to kill. "I mean, this is our home. Who dares to move his mind? Tang Ye […]


Lin Tian-xie rushed past with a knife and ended the life of this wizard player. Both of these shows show the prefix of professional killer, one is called professional killer Xiaomo and the other is called professional killer Xiaofeng. "Nima has the guts to fight against the old!" Seeing that their companions were killed in […]

But then suddenly "boom!" A sudden earthquake shook the ground, making people look back involuntarily.

It was only when those Qin terracotta warriors and horses were resurrected that I remembered that Tong Shi still had this. And just now the earth shook because they all stamped their feet. "Touch!" All the terracotta warriors and horses stamped again, which made people’s feet tremble because there were too many, which was too […]

However, it is obvious that the third-grade Lin Yin is the second senior sister, so it is reasonable to guess that the strength and grade of the senior sister are definitely not in the second senior sister.

What is this concept? Multi-level is probably a level 9 expert. Don’t say sunny days and 1v3. Even Yan Yuhua and Qu Zhiyan feel that their breathing is almost stagnant. Although these two women are very polite with a smile, they are really high up and rich. Han Xinyi said, "Cucumber, I know that your […]

Wang Haidong walked over and said, "Actually, this investment is also quite necessary on our side. If it is said that the investment falls to the provincial capital city at this time, what kind of things will it mean to the provincial capital city at this time? Such a situation just means adding flowers. The economy of the provincial capital city is already quite developed.

After all, it is said that it is a provincial capital at this time, and their economy will not be said. But if it is said that it falls to our river city at this time, it will be a timely help to our river city economy. No, I said that you can be clear, […]

There was a burst of laughter in the village, which was also mixed with sudden deafness, and I laughed after I didn’t hear the question and got the answer.

In the imperial court power, it often happens that "returning home with clothes on", while in the benevolent king power, it happens again and again that "coming back from the dead" Walking in the street, walking by the door, accidentally passing by a place, passers-by can always hear crying inside, then laughing and then enjoying […]

Liu Moliang pulled An An.

Damn it, Liu Ximo! ! "Back to where?" Ask in an evil way [Recommended]+[Favorite]+[Message]/[Ten Million biepu] Better father than mother arrives n9 Ask in an evil way Didn’t Mo Er leave her? She hasn’t come home yet. "Is it Ningjia?" Watching Liu Moliang in peace. That look … As if to say again Sister Liang […]

Such a high injury is really shocking. Two people are in a cold sweat. Is this still Xia Ge? Eddie, this attack will add double damage for the second time. If you hit it, it will be more than 35 damage!

How many more Yang Ye have to kneel in Xia Ge? In front of Eddie Two people glances from each other’s eyes to see the deep concern-this boss is not good to play! But if it’s not easy to fight, you must fight! "Blue-and-white back some blood and come back when it is full. You […]