This is why Lilina kept asking passers-by for gold coins from Yang Ye.

She needs to melt the gold coins to transport them
The golden vortex twisted as if it could swallow the object with a magical attraction. Yang Ye brought the gold coin close to the vortex, and it seemed that the vortex twisted more violently. I no longer thought about Yang Ye putting the gold coin directly in-
Without hindrance, the gold coins are directly melted in the whirlpool and the snowflakes are thrown into the fire. Generally, after the gold coins are melted, a golden silk thread is scattered along the whirlpool device and flows deeper into Lilina’s body …
But Lilina didn’t respond.
Yang Ye grabbed a handful of gold coins this time and about a dozen or twenty departments threw them in.
The whirlpool seems to be an endless hole, and a dozen gold coins are gone in an instant, but the whirlpool seems to be brighter.
At this time, Lilina is finally moving.
"Well …" Lilina light call 1.
This let Yang Ye beaming Lilina turned around safely!
"Lilina …" Yang Ye light call way.
"Brother …" Lilina looked at Yang Ye with his eyes open at the first glance, and his eyes were full of happiness. "Brother … Lilina wanted to … want gold coins …"
This is Lilina who didn’t finish speaking before answering the phone. It turned out that she just wanted the gold coins at that time. I wish she had said it earlier. Yang Ye must have given a lot of money, that is, moved the money for Hill.
"My brother will give it to you." Yang Ye couldn’t help Lilina Rou taking out a big bag of gold coins and putting it in Lilina’s hand. There seems to be more than 10,000 gold, which has just been stuffed in. More than a dozen Yang Ye are not enough, and dozens of them are stuffed into a small whirlpool like sand.
Yang Ye’s movement also made Lilina move his eyes to see that his clothes were faded and his brother just stared at his chest. She also blushed.
Ah, she did it herself before. This time … she let her brother … take off his clothes! ! ! It’s so embarrassing
Although I was shy in my heart, Lilina didn’t stop me. It was only after Yang Ye stuffed the gold coins in his hand that he got up and sat up straight.
Then she turned slightly and left her back to Yang Ye and whispered, "Brother … help Lilina get up …"
Yang Ye didn’t think much about zipping Princess Lilina’s skirt.
Hill returned to his laboratory. Although he didn’t know what the two young men had done in his shack, he was too lazy to care so much. First, he picked up the corner tool and cleaned up the broken medicine bottle that had fallen before. Then he picked up the dagger again and climbed his old face again.
"Come and have a look at my latest achievements, which will definitely surprise you! !” Hill shouted that things didn’t seem to affect his mood at all and didn’t seem to interrupt him.
Yang Ye said a few words to Lilina, and then he turned his eyes to Hill’s face. After he kept urging him, he picked up the weapon and studied it.
Hydralisk Feather (dagger bronze level)
Equipment level 4
Physical attacks 399~45
Magic attack 255~261
+7 Power
+72 physical strength
The fangs erode the enemy’s soul! When attacking, there is a 2% chance that additional toxic damage lasts for 1 second, causing 2% damage to the basic attack power every second.
+22 Abyss Abnormal State Resistance
Other attributes are rubbish, but this last attribute makes Yang Ye’s eyes shine.
Chapter 15 Conspiracy
Abyss abnormal state resistance. Isn’t this the unique attribute that Huiyao Workshop showed off everywhere at that time? They also said that the game has their own monopoly. Recently, the high-priced equipment market has become even more brutal than that in Yang Ye.
Now Yang Ye actually saw it here in Hill. Is this Hill to buy?
Consider a Yang Ye asked, "where did the old man get this equipment? You buy it? "
Yang Ye words just export hill face a show not happy he grunted "what to buy! This is what I did! "
When his eyes lit up, Yang Ye said happily, "Did you add the Abyss Abnormal State Resistance?"
Hill was satisfied when he saw the small expression in front of him. He held his hands on his chest and looked proud. "Of course I did it. Can others do it?"
I’m afraid others can do it! !
Yang is ambitious. If this "abyss abnormal state resistance" Hill can really do it, there is no doubt that Yang Ye can definitely get a slice of this novel equipment market and break the monopoly of Huiyao Workshop, not to mention that he can also make a lot of money.
At present, the market, such as the equipment in Yang Ye’s hand, is so rubbish that it explodes into a class 4 bronze dagger. However, due to the addition of this unique "Abyss Abnormal State Resistance", the price of this broken equipment may go up by dozens or hundreds of gold coins.
It is conceivable that if Yang Ye can cut a knife in this cake, it is no problem to raise a Lilina and ten Lilina.
"Mr. Hill, can you equip this’ Abyss Abnormal State Resistance’ with additional equipment?" Yang Ye asked again that even the appellation has changed these days. He and Hill Lian are not broken, but they only remit gold coins, but they are still very good, otherwise Hill would have been angry just now.
Once again, I was questioned. Hill’s eyebrows shook. "Do you want to make one for you on the spot?"
"Hey hey ….." Yang Ye smile surface without much mood change.
In fact, he was already laughing wildly in his heart-Hill can really do it!
"Tell me about it carefully" Yang Ye said.
Hill was calm at this time, pulled a chair and took a sip of the water glass at the table.
"There’s nothing to say. It’s just that your gold coins have made something."

"You are a trap!"

"At that moment, I will make you regret saying what you just said-no, I will make you a pig! Adults suck’ blood bottles’! "
Donald Dot’s heart is full of filial piety.
But when the anger was over, the young rose family quickly calmed down
He took out that crystal that was use as a card.
Get out of here!
Return to Faber!
Donald Dot made a decision.
He has absolute confidence in Faber VII. The victory must belong to them, but what will happen to him when the news of victory comes?
Most likely, Dortmill Margo killed him to vent his anger.
Of course, a small probability is a bargaining chip.
But neither of them is acceptable to Donald Dot.
Being a winner, he needs more dignity.
Not the fate of death and prisoners.
Donald Dot was going to crush the crystal at the thought.
But at this time-
Winter, winter, winter!
His door was knocked at.
Dortmnier Margo just pushed through the door.
"Have you come to show off your victory again?"
"Hum, it’s not necessary."
"I have been humiliated by you!"
When the knock on the door rang, Donald Dot put away the crystal in a flash.
And when I saw Dortmill, I was just right to show my anger.
Dortmill pointed to the carpet cup.
"It broke itself."
The young rose family looks like a dead pig is not afraid of scalding water.
Dortmund Neil smiled and raised my hand to pick up the fragments of the carpet cup.
"Do you want to play …"
Donald looked at Dortmill and was about to make a sarcastic remark, but the words just came out. Dortmill turned around with two fingers holding a piece of glass across Donald’s throat.

A male doctor in a white coat followed by a sweet little girl in the same clothes came into the ward.

"The patient just woke up and needs to rest. Although his life is not in danger, so many people can’t disturb him here. Please all go out. We need to make detailed examinations and make the best treatment and recovery plan. We are responsible for the patient." The serious male doctor with glasses said solemnly that he had repeated his lines several times.
The doctor made a careful examination, and the nurse carefully remembered to write words and didn’t know that it was a trick of mystifying and bluffing. Or is medicine really profound? It is normal for outsiders to understand it.
"You take care of him and take the medicine according to my requirements, and I will study it with the professor in the college." After the male doctor confessed, he quickly walked out of the ward and went to the conference room.
"It’s a miracle that the brain is all right after being struck by lightning. The key is that all parts of his body are healthier than normal people, and I read the information. His height has also increased by 1 cm, and his head and weight have also increased. This is really puzzling." The male doctor just looked down at the information in his hand and said doubtfully.
"I’ve been practicing medicine for more than five years, and I’ve never really encountered such a situation. I’ve never heard of anything."
Sitting in the middle with white hair but full of energy, the old man was wrinkled with a generous hand and paused thoughtfully. He went on to say
"Is it true that people have a genetic mutation in an extreme external environment, but this probability is one in a billion, and the chance of mutation in a good direction is even smaller?" He seems to be talking to himself without looking at others.
When the meeting lasted not too long in a not-so-active atmosphere, the old man guessed that the foundation was the final decision. First, he was a prestige in the medical field, especially in genetic research. Second, other professors can’t find a reasonable explanation for the bizarre situation, so they have to agree to end the meeting.
Female nurses take good care of themselves and take a few days off, and relatives, friends, classmates and teachers are indifferent to greetings, especially the beautiful woman Xiao Qin who saved the big country every day to be caring and attentive. It is also difficult for the big country to be happy and have a beautiful woman who loves illness. The big country is getting energetic day by day and finally left the comfortable bed quickly
The hope of entering the national team seems to have revived, and a tough heart will never be defeated.
The big country once again came to the national basketball stadium, and he once again asked to talk to the old man. The beautiful woman happened to meet him and was very happy to be introduced by him.
The old man looked at the sight of young strange said
"Where have we met? I still have some impressions of your face. I am a little forgetful when I am old. "
"He’s the young man who got angry in the gym for the first time. You said that 1m didn’t want that." The girl rushed to answer. Although the Zen master didn’t ask him, he was very heart-felt.
"Oh, that young guy is very character. It seems that you really love basketball extremely.’ Don’t give up until you reach the Yellow River’" The old man’s tone was slightly praised and appreciated.
"I’m not here to argue with you this time. I’m here to participate in your selection again. Please look at my height carefully," said Daguo in a happy and peaceful tone.
"It’s like growing taller in China. If you don’t see me for three days, you will sit up and take notice. Sure enough, it’s too happy. It’s only been a week. Is there any secret recipe for growing taller or magical scientific therapy?" The old man said humorously with a surprised expression.
"When I ran back to school, I was struck by lightning. When I woke up, I found that I had grown much taller and said that I would definitely grow up. I am only 19 years old now, and the boys have been here for a long time. The doctors said that it might be a genetic mutation, but they didn’t really explain it very well." Zhong Daguo truthfully reported to the old man.
Although the old man is a little disrespectful when he sees a big country, he likes the young people’s flamboyant, domineering spirit and obsession with basketball. This young man is very promising. The old man is willing to cultivate the old man. He has accepted this young man in his heart, but he still seriously said.
"I still have to let the formal procedures come to Xiao Tang and you come and help him measure his height." He pointed to the little girl next to him and said that the old man didn’t want the big countries to see that he admired him, and he was on cloud nine when he had a backer and landed.
"There is still one last place for the national team. You should practice hard. If you don’t make progress and stand still, you should get ready to leave early. I have always insisted on the survival of the fittest and the survival of the fittest." The old man said pertinent opinions in a stern and threatening tone
"I will not only play well in the national team, but also dominate the nba. Like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Tracy mcgrady, I will score goals on the court like chopping melons and vegetables to become the absolute highlight and the core of the nba superstar." The young man argued that he seemed to be bragging a little.
The Zen master smiled and nodded. He didn’t have any unnecessary comments. Maybe he wanted to see the young man act. After all, easier said than done.
It’s not terrible to fail, but it’s terrible that the emperor will give him a heavy blow, test and hardship before he wants to be heavy on someone. This is what Meng said, "Heaven will fall more than Sri Lanka, but people must also suffer from it first …"
I wonder if Zhong Daguo can really welcome his spring. Let’s wait and see!
The Zen master smiled and nodded. He didn’t have any unnecessary comments. Maybe he wanted to see the young man act. After all, easier said than done.
It’s not terrible to fail, but it’s terrible that the emperor will give him a heavy blow, test and hardship before he wants to be heavy on someone. This is what Meng said, "Heaven will fall more than Sri Lanka, but people must also suffer from it first …"
I wonder if Zhong Daguo can really welcome his spring. Let’s wait and see!
If you want to know the aftermath, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 53 Ran Ran nova
Chapter 53 Rising star
Yi Qianjin played like a duck to water in the nba Cavaliers; In ba, another national team member is like a god, and his performance can be turned upside down.
This is a hopeful and encouraging period for China men’s basketball team.
Great changes have taken place in others since Zhong Daguo narrowly escaped being struck by lightning.
He finally got into the national team as he wished. After more than a dozen years of yearning, waiting hard and training hard, he finally kept the clouds and saw the sunrise.
In the national team, Jackson appreciates the personality of a big country, especially his never-losing and aggressive spirit, but after all, he appreciates his temperament. The coach values the players as much as the teacher values the students.

Seeing all the different artists rushing here in a hurry, Li Chang couldn’t help but feel relieved. It’s good not to make trouble.

But …
What always feels something is wrong?
Are they too keen on "Limit" OL…… …?
As everyone knows, Su Wei is also somewhat confused at this time.
Have I been promoted too fast these days?
How come you’re 51 again after you’ve just been promoted to level 5?
Chapter 196 Public execution
"Oh, oh, oh, victory."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. You didn’t see the eyes of those idiots before they died. I guess they still can’t figure out whether we are players or NPCs."
"That’s it. Hey … these shit magicians are just like flies. They go where there is delicious food. They are greedy. Now, seeing that the martial arts in Limiting OL is so brilliant and stealing is not enough, they have to come in the game and learn it aboveboard. How can we let them succeed easily?"
"That’s it. I’ve been procrastinating with them all the time, but I’ve heard that their injuries will get heavier and heavier with time. We need to try our best to delay them so that they can’t learn the skills they want to learn. If more than 1,000 different surgeons lose their parts, it will definitely be fatal to the side of the surgery. Then it’s time for our side to rise."
In reality
The Triumph Colonization Club has been decorated with feasts, like the most bustling red light district.
Triumphal Club is the most powerful club in the colonization club.
In fact, Li Qiang can rank in the top seven even in many colonization clubs.
The most important thing is that it is said that one of the four clans is quite powerful behind it, so it can be said that it is quite famous on the breeding side.
And this attack on the sorcerer was also launched by the triumph cloaking club.
But ginseng is more than just a triumph club.
There are disputes between the three sides, but the foreign Ministry is quite United
Nowadays, it is very accurate to look askance at others.
Stall …
It’s best to delay the rate at which the magicians get the contribution value and their promotion, which will cause irreparable injuries to these magicians.
Wait until the vision side loses this batch of combat power and strength …
The colonization side can be replaced by the Gu Wu side, the colonization side and the heterotopic side.
This is a golden opportunity.
How could they give up?
But in reality, if it is easy to cause chaos, it will block their resource acquisition if it leads to imperial interference.
When the time comes, they will lose more than they gain …
It’s just a game, everyone. You kill me, I kill you. It’s not that serious to play with each other, is it?
How perfect …
And they attack and kill in the game of making plans in reality
You know, when these colonialists joined the game, their grades were generally much higher than those of different artists …
Coupled with mental arithmetic, the results were really remarkable.
At the very least, this wave of attacks and killings has made those different artists work hard for several days.
The elite members of these big clubs gathered together to celebrate their first victory with a lot of champagne and wine.
"It’s easy to find clues about our large-scale attack and killing. I guess they already know who is plotting against them."
The wine has gone round three times
The male and female procreators have danced in the huge lobby, and the pre-dance reception has instantly developed into a dance.
But those who really planned all this kept calm, and they just tasted it …
Bei Feng, the minister of Triumph Club, slowly took a sip of his wine and charged, "This time it’s really a great victory, which has further confirmed our advantages with those different artists, but I guess they already know who did it. After all, there are so many people in the game, and one more thing needs to be careful not to cause riots among those Gu Wu people. In reality, we are not afraid of them, but" Limit "OL is a Gu Wu game, and they are outnumbered."
Those procreators are all unprepared.
Yun Che, the first breeder, laughed. "Minister, you are too oversensitive. Say something that is not afraid of your jokes. I can barely follow the big army at level 22 now, but I am a NO1 player in Hengshan Sect and the level in Limit OL is not all strength. I have gained the attention of Mo Leader, learned the town-level achievement method of 749-style return air and wild goose sword, and thoroughly understood the proficiency of this swordsmanship through practice in reality, but I have reached the proficiency level. Even the leader praised my swordsmanship for its extremely high qualification."
"It is our Taishan Sect that has a style of Dai Zongru. It is said that the sword is used to calculate the other party’s position and posture. How do you say it? Oh, this swordsmanship is powerful, but there are too many things to be calculated. It has been learned by people in Taishan for hundreds of years. However, I learned this swordsmanship directly in reality. The power is really amazing. I am a comet-level breeder, but I feel that if I can match my swordsmanship in reality, this sword can threaten the star breeder! "
"What are you thinking about fart to eat? You’re a breeder, Guwu, and your external things are still good. You want to practice? I don’t know how to write the dead word. Don’t forget how those different artists have problems … They are because no one gives advice, but you just have someone to give you advice. Do you dare to practice martial arts in reality? "

"no!" Phoenix ink Rao refused very smoothly.

"Your majesty, did you see me?"
Bei Xuanyu stopped and stared at him gloomily. Isn’t it annoying for this man to follow him like this every day? No matter where you go, you have to follow, go out late and stay in the general’s office.
If it weren’t for him, he would have chased him out of the general’s house with a broom.
Phoenix ink Rao was asked by him so bluntly, but he was a little embarrassed. He raised his hand and touched the delicate eyes and looked at him with a shy smile.
"In fact, you all know that if you ask, wouldn’t you let the king know what to answer? King Bei Xuanyu did see you and liked you very much. Before you, you often missed your engagement, and the king couldn’t snatch it. But now that you are divorced, the king has lost this layer of scruples. Bei Xuanyu, you can consider seeing that the king will always be good to you! "
He is still very principled, and he liked Bei Xuanyu’s appearance at first. However, since he was a child, he often missed his marriage. Although he was a fool, he didn’t think of destroying others. Now that the opportunity is in front of him, how can he let it go?
Confessed by a man …
Bei Xuanyu fought back the evil cold in his heart. If so, he might as well make do with being married and still be crazy and often lovesick!
"Then I’m going to live up to the report and like me. Bei Xuanyu is a normal man. I like being a woman. You have the wrong person!"
Feng Mo Rao smiled. "What’s wrong with this? It’s always like this at first. When you get used to Wang, you will gradually like Wang!"
He still has this confidence. At first, most men in his backyard wriggled and shouted that normal men would never compromise with him. But now there is no man in the backyard who doesn’t love him to death!
What? I haven’t seen you for a day. I’ve said everything across Sanqiu.
"Phoenix ink Rao don’t let me to you! Roll-"
Bei Xuanyu gave him a cold look and turned to go.
I’m really angry!
Phoenix ink Rao looked at the north XuanYu nature is indomitable and chase to the "north XuanYu where are you? Hey, wait for Wang! "
At the sight of Feng Mo Rao, Bei Xuanyu followed him again, but his heart was short of breath, but he secretly decided that if Bei Xuanyu dared to have any physical contact with him, he would definitely beat him black and blue, just as he was beaten black and blue when he was caught in the street by lovesickness!
Acacia often …
End to think of that beautiful and holy face like a lotus flower blooming elegant fragrance.
In fact, these days, he has already begun to regret seeing the transformation of lovesickness.
If she doesn’t break off her engagement, she will be sixteen years old in another month, which is when she will be married back to the general office of Beixuan.
But now … He she again!
I used to love him dearly, but now I should be happy to treat him coldly, but he has never been happy since the original painting was often lovesick and rescued.
I began to feel that I was already regretting it!
How did he treat lovesickness in those ten years?
He insulted her when he broke off his marriage!
Even when she was pus into that pond, from ruin!
At the moment when she was submerged in the pool, I felt that I was finally getting rid of her, and there was a faint excitement in my heart!
Everything, how can he meet her? Even she has no courage to speak again.
Realizing that she was mean to her, Bei Xuanyu felt that her heart was more depressing. Many people went to the busy streets but didn’t know what to do.
Feng Mo Rao silently followed him to see Bei Xuanyu in a bad mood and wouldn’t make any noise, so he kept a few steps away and walked in tandem.
It was some distance before he realized that this was not the way to Xiangfu. General Bei Xuan runs counter to it.
After some time, when Bei Xuanyu realized where this was, he found himself walking to the gate of Xiangfu.
Feng Mo Rao immediately became happy. "Are you here to find Chang Xiang or Acacia?"
At this time, the two heavy dark black doors were slowly pushed open, and Chang Acacia came out in a simple but elegant and beautiful way, and her side followed the clouds through the snow.
Bei Xuanyu stared at Chang Acacia so helplessly. He always felt that Chang Acacia had changed too much, and both her appearance and her body exuded no charm.
If it’s not the sound, the figure or the original appearance, he really suspects that this person is not often lovesick!
"Acacia!" Feng mo Rao Chu
Often miss a step out of the house also saw the North Xuanyu Feng Mo Rao, and they were also surprised at how they came here, especially North Xuanyu, a person who could never appear here.
Often acacia reveals a smile and asks, "What are you …"
"I want to talk to you about something!" Bei Xuanyu took the lead in opening his mouth.
Often miss wondering "North Xuan small general find me something? That’s really strange. I, we have lost everything. This marriage has been retired. At the beginning, the pledge was returned. Is there anything else that has not been cut off? "
Aside phoenix ink Rao immediately nodded "is the north xuan small general often lovesickness broken neatly, what else? This time is not as good as going to the fairy mansion. "
To Bei Xuanyu, the words of longing for love are just like in the middle of the year. "I want to talk to you about something, no matter what happened in the past. I hope you can give me some."
At the beginning, he kept calling his brother Bei Xuan, but now he is so unfamiliar.
Acacia always recognizes himself. He can say how he hurt Acacia at the beginning. She knows better than anyone.
"General North Xuan, you and I have something to say. I don’t think you have anything to say at this time. If there is nothing else, I will leave now! Let’s go through the snow. "
"Acacia, where are you going?" Phoenix ink Rao asked
At the sight of Bei Xuanyu’s look, although he didn’t want to leave Bei Xuanyu alone, he valued North more at this time.
Xuanyu’s emotion
Bei Xuanyu chased and stopped in front of Chang Xiangsi. "Chang Xiangsi, come with me!"
"Go where?" Looking at Xuanyu, who stands in the way, he often lovesickness and reveals a smile coldly.

Wang Chonggu, the "Wang family", looks the same.

"Wang has never been involved in the Wang family since he was a child. If so, it would be a big mistake to shake Wang."
"It’s not just the Wangs". Mrs. Hua is dumb.
"I know that you don’t bring trouble to your wife and children. It’s a pity that you deliberately expel them from the house and think about their maiden identity …"
She shook her head gently.
"Don’t you wonder who betrayed you when your escape road was repeatedly discovered?"
Wang Chonggu looks up and looks cold.
"Wang Daxia" Kong Yi handed over a face of regret
"Ge Renyi protects the righteous brother and abandons his family, but your wife and family don’t want to get into trouble. Wang Daxia’s wife and children …"
"It has been killed!"
Wang Chonggu’s body shook, his feet cracked and his breath was unstable.
The bat king Kouxu’s eyes lit up, and his body instantly disappeared in situ, and he reappeared several feet in front of Wang Chonggu.
These lightness skills are appalling!
The three of them seem to feel sorry for each other, but it is actually a blow to the opponent’s mind.
Wang Chonggu has always been famous for his chivalry, and his wife is deeply in love. This time, the spirit of hearing that his wife and children were killed will surely fluctuate violently.
This is their chance!
Far and sharp attack is called the king of white soldiers
In melee, it is hard to be inferior to the sudden outbreak of bat king Kouxu, and the black cloak behind Wang Chonggu suddenly appeared.
Two dark machetes covering the eyes and ears also came out from the surface and staggered.
Machetes, such as scissors, strike alternately, seemingly ordinary, but in fact, there are hidden numbers, and the latter moves can be improvised.
At the same time
Mrs. Hua has suddenly opened her mouth slightly recently.
Amityville horror sounds like a number of sharp cones stabbing in the eardrum, and then first exploding in Wang Chonggu’s position.
Sonic work!
Zhou Yi raises eyebrows.
The alto technique of Wushu has always been rare, and there are even fewer people who practice sonic skills. It is almost impossible to learn anything.
This flower lady turned out to be a master of Chinese medicine.
The sound waves hit the shape and swayed layer by layer. This simple hut was teetering after the aftermath.
"When …"
Two spears appeared in Wang Chonggu’s hand to stop the machete.
The pike in his hand can be divided into two spears. No wonder the nickname is meteor double gun. So that’s it.
Kou Xu, the king of bats, opened his eyes and shook his cloak behind his back. The whole person was like flapping his wings and beating a bat machete to cut off the road.
The knife light is dark and ups and downs like a swirling vortex that wraps all the figures in it.
Behind Kong Yi, the face of the escort changed greatly. Even though they were separated by tens of feet, they still felt like a knife, which was even worse. Wang Chonggu?
"The bat king Kou Xuguo’s real name is true."
The girl whispered that her hands were even more worried.
Compared with killing the number of bat kings, she naturally prefers to be chivalrous Wang Chonggu, and even worse, she knows the Wu family.
"Don’t worry"
Eagle Eye God catches Wei Zhong and gently shakes his head.
"Kou Xu is strong, but he is no match for Wang Chonggu."
Facing the incoming knife light, Wang Chonggu stepped slightly and came out with two guns in his hand, like a dragon and snake hovering and holding on to himself.
No matter whether the incoming sound wave or the falling knife light is stopped by it.
"Jingle …"
The dragon and snake rose from the ground and turned upside down.
Double guns in Wang Chonggu’s hands, curious about the dragon’s breath, soaring and crashing, smashing and attacking the knife light, but also expanding crazily against the trend.
Half a piece of grass roof crashed and three figures suddenly separated.
The bat king Kouxu, the flower lady’s face flushed suddenly and violently, and Wang Chonggu also stumbled, his face became more and more brown, and his breath was even more chaotic.
"Do it!"

Shi Lei didn’t force Ye Qing to send them back to the hotel at this time. He is in a hurry to go back to a game called F and then practice it well before he can really make friends with Jiang Yuhan. His brain is much more active than Chen Han.

Chen Han and others didn’t talk to Jiang Yuhan today, but at least they got around to sending their business cards out with Ye Qing, which is also a big gain. They said goodbye to Shi Lei and drove away from Gu. The main reason for coming to the sea this time is to protect Jiang Yuhan. Others have been secretly guarding Jiang Yuhan. He doesn’t follow Jiang Yuhan at all. He just needs to sit in the hotel. Someone will report Jiang Yuhan’s movements at any time. He even knows when Jiang Yuhan enters to wash his hands and take a shower.
Chu Yunmeng told him to do things, but he didn’t dare to bother at all. Although Chu Yunmeng always respected him, he knew the weight of Jiang Yuhan in Chu Yunmeng’s heart, and Chu Yunmeng was really biting, which was quite frightening. When he was involved in the struggle of Chu’s Ministry, Chu Yunmeng cut the gordian knot with the help of Gu Gu, and directly expelled her stepmother, a half-sister from the company and the Chu family mansion, and didn’t care about her family at all, except that one who was still studying and always better than Chu Yunmeng. Chu Yunting was still studying normally at school.
If something happens to Jiang Yuhan, it is estimated that Chu Yunmeng will launch all the forces of the Chu clique to deal with the enemy. That force is very terrible. Gu has naturally understood how powerful the Chu clique is in Chu for many years.
When Chu’s family took root in the sea, the black and white of the sea should be given to Chu’s face, especially the mafia. In Chu’s hands, Gu Gu is the master of soil fertility, and he directly takes orders from Chu Nanzheng, who was definitely a hero when he was in Germany. Now, less than a month after his headquarters moved to Chengdu, the forces in Chengdu were still controlled by Gu. It is conceivable how awesome the Chu clique is. All this is planned by Chu Nanzheng behind his back. That is the really powerful old fox.
Shi Lei originally wanted to invite Gu to his home, but Gu refused. He wanted to go to Shi Lei to talk to Shi Lei’s father about something, so the two of them parted ways. Teddy boy naturally left with Gu. Although he was the leader of the Eagle Club, Gu returned to the sea and he became a pawn of Gu without any complaints.
Shi Lei drove home alone and then played the game F. He was eager to learn how to play F. His home network speed was 2m fiber-optic dedicated line, and he found that he could really ensure that the speed with 2m bandwidth could easily reach 4 to 5m per second. It won’t take long for an F client.
It didn’t take long for Shi Lei to successfully enter the game after the good F was installed. It was very convenient for him to develop this game and log in directly on qq number. After entering the game, he needed to take a nickname, so he randomly took a stone and three stones, which actually means Shi Lei.
When a new account enters the game, it will be trained as a novice first. Shi Lei successfully completed the training, which is still a little talent. But when he quickly matched the game and entered the game, he found that he was shaking badly after the gun was finished, and even a bullet could not hit the enemy.
The most serious thing is that he found that he had a strong feeling of vomiting after only playing for a few minutes, and at the same time he was accompanied by a burst of dizziness. He ate something bad at noon today and rushed to pour a glass of water and felt much better for a moment.
When he sat back to his brain and played for a few minutes, the feeling came again. He ran to drink water again, and so on and so on. He finally found that he wanted to play F, and in a few minutes he would feel dizzy and want to vomit. He couldn’t help but feel very annoyed. Isn’t he suitable for playing F?
If you don’t learn to play F, you can’t get close to Jiang Yuhan, and you can’t pull that floor. He is a little unwilling because he wants to help his father. His father has always said that he is very angry when he succeeds. If he takes Jiang Yuhan this time, it will be very helpful for their family business and the promotion of the pro in the central government. His father will definitely think highly of him then.
Chapter 42 Wonderful Interview
“fireinhehole!” Shi Lei’s room throws grenades out of F from time to time. Although he has overcome the symptoms of dizziness and vomiting, he can’t kill anyone. He is very nai and angry at his level, and he is afraid that Jiang Yu’s cold roots can’t see.
He lost his mouse in annoyance and then picked up the desk phone to call the company. The first thing he said was to call his assistant. Generally speaking, the secret is female assistant or male office. After Shi Lei called his assistant first, his assistant respectfully asked, "Does manager Shi have any orders?"
"Do you know the game Crossing the Line of Fire?" Shi Lei asked his assistant directly, and he was very surprised. He didn’t expect Shi Lei to ask him such a question. He is too busy wiping Shi Lei’s ass all day, and sometimes he plays games.
Shi Lei, the assistant, is very puzzled. "I don’t know if I haven’t heard of it, and I don’t have time to play."
Shi Lei smell speech immediately cold tone tunnel "don’t even know that you don’t come to class! Go to the finance department today to settle the salary! "
With that, Shi Lei hung up without giving his assistant a chance to defend himself. The assistant was crying with a mobile phone, and your sister was directly fired because she didn’t know how to cross the line of fire? Such a ridiculous thing has never happened to him!
Shi Lei hung up and immediately called his deputy manager to ask the same question. As a result, the deputy manager was fired without knowing what to do. In just one minute, two employees were fired, and one of them was Shi Lei, an executive. This practice is indeed a bit child’s play.
The assistant manager is at least an executive and a VIP, and he can’t figure out that he didn’t do anything wrong, so he was fired because he didn’t know the game of crossing the line of fire. He was dreaming himself. He immediately called the chairman, that is, called Shi Lei’s father
Shi Lei’s father was furious when he heard the news, and immediately called Shi Lei. In the past, who knew that Shi Lei’s mobile phone was on the phone, his father finally got through after several consecutive calls. At this time, four people in the company had been fired.
"Lei, are you crazy? Do you dare to fire Manager Wei? You are away from the company all day. Manager Wei helped you with your work and your assistant helped you a lot. You fired them without credit or hard work. Who will help you with your work? " Shi Lei father is very angry tunnel
Shi Lei is so-called tunnel "there are many people who can do things now, so just recruit again. Besides, I fired them on purpose. They don’t even know how to cross the line of fire, so they are ignorant." Dad, don’t worry about me. I’m going to do a big thing this time. It will not only help the company, but also help my uncle’s career! "
"Ridiculous! What great things can you do? Don’t I know how important you are? If you mess around like this, you will bring down the company sooner or later! " Shi Lei’s father is simply speechless.
"Absolutely not! You have to believe that since I was a child, you have said that I have achieved everything. This is the first time I have done something seriously. I hope you will support me and you will know that I have not messed around. "Shi Lei is very determined and tunnel.
After that, he hung up without waiting for his father to speak. Then he called the personnel department and asked the personnel department to release the recruitment information. The first condition for recruiting assistant managers and assistants is to be able to play F, but not F, and pass directly.
This wonderful prerequisite puzzled Zhang Er, a personnel officer, and was even more shocked that the company had to re-recruit the deputy manager and assistant general manager, that is to say, manager Wei and assistant general manager had been fired, which was a huge event and shocked the top management of the company. They didn’t even know what had happened.
Shi Lei’s father had to call a high-level meeting of the company to stabilize the morale, and at the same time, he called back Manager Wei to continue his post as assistant manager Shi Lei, which was a tragedy. After all, Shi Lei’s father still had to give Shi Lei a little face and could not reject all his decisions, otherwise it would affect Shi Lei’s prestige in the company.
After Shi Lei finished his speech, he lost his mind in frustration, and then drove from home to the company. Only after he arrived at the company did he know that his father had called a high-level meeting to recruit Vice President Wei. He returned to his office in frustration and called the personnel department to find someone to interview as soon as possible. Whoever plays F well can double his salary as an assistant!
This decision made the whole personnel department stunned. If you can play F, you can be an assistant to the general manager and your salary will double. Where can you find them? Call those unemployed young people in your family or relatives who are in a normal unit class immediately to ask if they can play F.
Nowadays, many young people can play F, and some primary school students can play as masters. The general rate of F is still very high. It is still very reasonable for them to call young people at home. Immediately, someone asked their relatives who can play F, so they asked the other party to come to Malay for an interview and asked for a mouse and keyboard headset.
Shi Lei was sitting in his office worrying when the personnel department suddenly called and said that a dozen people would come for an interview later. Shi Lei immediately smiled and praised the personnel department for its efficiency. He didn’t know that the personnel department recommended his family to come for an interview.
Shi Lei’s company is a big company in the sea. It is very famous and rich. There are many people who want to enter, but they all sharpen their heads and want to get in. Shi Lei hangs up happily, and then they have an F in the office.
This guy is a real dude who rarely comes to the company to play games. He is capable of such absurd things. Even if he comes to the company, the beautiful female secretary doesn’t know how many passionate dramas have been played in his office. It is normal for absurd things to happen to him.
After he finished F, he was beating the transport ship and was so sad that someone knocked at his office door. He immediately cheered up and said, "Come in!"
His beautiful female secretary walked in with graceful steps, wearing a pair of ultra-short miniskirts and slender legs, swaying and hooking people. Shi Lei couldn’t help but swallow saliva. The female secretary walked to the desk very gently, and the voice was very tunnel. "Brother Lei, the personnel department brought some interviewers to ask you to go to the conference room!"
Shi Lei couldn’t help but feel crisp all over. She immediately left the seat and hugged the female secret directly on her delicate and charming lips. She took a sip of the female secret and shyly pushed Shi Lei’s eyes. "Brother Lei didn’t pull the curtains. It’s not good to be seen!"
"Ha ha ha ….. see see who dare to blather I will fire him! Come on, kiss Brother Lei. Brother Lei is going to do business! " Shi Lei is very wretched and will be the female secret delicate waist around, and then pull her into his arms violently kissed a few mouth and hand to hand addiction that * * * * laughed and left the office to make the female secret flooding in Chun Qing, looked at his back and cursed the bad guys.
When I got to the meeting room, Shi Lei saw that it was full. Two managers of the personnel department were sitting at the table and saw Shi Lei come in. Both of them respectfully got up and shouted a stone. General Shi Lei nodded and said, "Sit down. Let me ask you some questions!"
The people who came to interview immediately sat down. They didn’t expect that the general manager would come to interview in person. Aren’t these things supposed to be the affairs of the personnel department? The two managers of the personnel department actually went through the motions. They didn’t speak at all, waiting for Shi Lei to speak.
"Do you all play F for the first question?" Shi Lei asked very seriously. It seems that this question is very important, much more important than the ability to work. It is like recruiting people for professional teams.
"Yes!" That a dozen people have different mouths and tunnels.
"Very well! The second question is what guns do you play with? "
"I play m4! But I also played well in qbz95 and an94. "
"I play ak47, but I’m also good at sniper rifle, which is awm. Of course, cannons are also very sharp."

Five hundred meters away from the office building, I just saw a short message, Wen Shao, jumping out of the window directly, jumping up and down in a virtual step, and then crossing a distance of tens of meters.

500 meters away from Wenshao, hurry quickly!
Chapter one hundred and sixty Let’s go on
Wen Shao, at the window of the office building 500 meters away, leaps like a big bird. After flying for 50 or 60 meters, he leaps again at a very fast speed.
The distance of 500 meters was less than seven seconds.
Several times faster than the average person’s 100-meter speed.
Xu back is calmly watching Wen Shao hurry to come, but in Wen Shao’s eyes, Xu back this smile is more like a sneer.
Wen Shao gently fell to the ground and stared coldly at Xu’s retreat, then turned to look at the situation of Xiang Baisi.
Look at the injury is not serious.
Yes, there is a penetrating wound in the thigh, and there is no injury to the artery.
Is a hundred four people fall on the ground at the same time looking at some shock.
In the absence of close physical contact, Wen Shao’s spirit, no matter how strong, can also judge the injuries of four students
But no fatal wound is for sure.
"Did you call the emergency center medical team?" Wen Shao asked at the teaching assistant
A teaching assistant replied, "It will be there in two minutes."
Compared with Wen Shao’s gloomy face, several teaching assistants are nothing.
It’s only normal for students to get hurt in actual combat.
Recently, the list of freshmen is just around the corner, and the number of students who enter the emergency center every day due to actual combat training has increased exponentially
It’s not a big deal if you don’t kill yourself or cause serious disability in actual combat.
This is normal and easy to cut!
The moment he saw the text message from the teaching assistant, he said that Xu tui was giving a one-on-four fight to the mysterious student and asked him if he wanted to come and see it.
A pair of four?
Wen Shao’s first reaction was that Xu might have to do something.
If the disability incident like Deng Wei is repeated again, even if it is very troublesome, he, the chief professor of the actual combat course, will also bear part of the responsibility.
It looks good, but the injury is not serious.
It doesn’t seem as serious as Wen Shao thought before.
"Xu tui, what are you doing here?" Wen Shao looked at Xu tui consciousness and asked 1
But as soon as the words were exported, Wen Shao knew that he had put his foot in his mouth.
Of course, this is not Wen Shao’s careless idea. In fact, in the cognition of all first-year teachers, it is not necessary to come to the first-year actual combat class of Mystery College to retire.
Including remoteness.
Everyone agrees that no one will go to Xu tui for lack of a class that doesn’t need actual combat.
But that’s how Wen Shao found it and became an attack point.
"Of course I’m here for a practical class!"
Xu back face hung faint smile "before I didn’t come to actual combat text teacher you directly gave me a warning.
If I don’t come again, who will I talk to if you expel me from school? "
There is a thorn in Xu tui’s words
Wen Shao’s face is even more gloomy. He has already heard Xu’s retreat. This is a complaint.

It can even be said that Real Madrid has played the best five minutes so far.

The only regret may be that they didn’t score in these five minutes and equalized the score.
Because they won’t have another five-minute chance like this.
Five minutes later, Ba Laha appeared on the sidelines, and Ferreira made an awkward tackle, shoveling Roberto Carlos’ football out of the sideline.
Foul ball!
"Valencia during this time is really embarrassing! Real Madrid’s momentum is like a rainbow, and they are almost unable to hold on! "
The commentator on radio Marca gloated.
Then he noticed that there was a substitution on the sidelines.
"Ah … Valencia is going to be replaced, with No.8 Ba Laha and No.21 aimar?" Radio Marca’s commentator had some surprises.
Equally unexpected are other commentators.
"Ba Laha, it is understandable, because albelda is obviously struggling to prevent Zidane, so he added a lower back to help, but what is aimar doing? Aimar has become a very important part of Valencia’s attack this season. He scored four goals and eight assists in the league, and one goal and two assists in the UEFA Cup. His breakthrough and shooting can be an important member to solve the problem finally … Replacing aimar will increase the distance between Guardiola and Ibrahimovic, which is not conducive to the team’s attack … Is this often intended to give up the attack and concentrate on defense? But the problem is that it’s only 60 minutes, and there are still 30 minutes to play. Do you often think that his Valencia can last that long in the face of Real Madrid, which is determined to win? "
"It’s only five minutes, which makes Valencia’s goal in danger. Now it’s six five minutes. It’s only a matter of time before Real Madrid breaks Valencia’s goal! Now put on Ba Laha and replace aimar, it seems that they have strengthened their defense, which is actually a waste of martial arts … When Valencia concedes another goal and wants to fight back, they will find that their team has no’ creator’ to connect the midfield and the striker. Aimar can always do this job before, and do a good job … "
"There is nothing to discuss. Obviously, he was often frightened by the momentum of the Bernabeu Stadium, and then made a wrong judgment. He thought he could hold on. Obviously, he was too confident in himself and Valencia …"
"This substitution of coach Chang may become a turning point in this game. Valencia has turned from an advantage to a disadvantage, while Real Madrid has regained the initiative and completed the reversal at one go!"
Valencia fans watched the game on TV. They were worried about the game a few minutes ago, and now they are upset by the commentator.
Some people scold the commentator for talking nonsense, while others are really worried that the constant substitution will be the failure of the game …
Neither Ba Laha nor Chang Sheng knows how others see them.
After high-fiving aimar on the sidelines, Ba Laha hurried to the court and ran all the way to albelda’s position, and then smiled at albelda: "The coach said that Zidane couldn’t get up on the court, so let me help you."
Albelda eyes a stare: "I’m not afraid of Zidane!"
Guardiola, next to him, saw Ba Laha playing or playing in the lower back, which meant that Changsheng had any latest instructions for him. He asked Ba Laha, "What about me?"
Ba Laha shook his head: "The coach said you were in the position of the lower back."
Guardiola was taken aback: "Three waists?"
"Yes." Ba Laha nodded.
"Then the distance between us and Geratan is too far …" Guardiola frowned, which does not meet the requirements of mad dog tactics. "Haven’t you often been asked to give a message to Geratan?"
"No, I think he will talk to the Swede himself … here." Ba Laha just then, toward the sidelines’s make signal with the lips.
Guardiola, look over.
Sure enough, Ibrahimovic just turned and ran back to the stadium from the sidelines, while Changsheng turned and walked back. Obviously, the two had just had some communication.
The players in Valencia are more concerned about how their head coach will adjust to this terrible situation.
So they didn’t see anything more.
The news media, on the other hand, saw something that interested them more, which was more interesting than the constant adjustment.
That is, aimar, who was replaced after 60 minutes, is not very happy. He thinks that the team needs to contribute itself in this situation, and he is confident to lead the team to victory.
But Chang Sheng replaced him directly!
It cost him the chance to be a hero.
So he gave Ba Laha a perfunctory high-five, and went straight to the bench, without shaking hands with Chang Sheng.
What about winning? Is pulling ibrahimovic in the face-to-face lecture, naturally there is no luxury to appease aimar who was replaced in advance. At this time, all he could think about was how to turn things around in the last 30 minutes or less and let Valencia regain the initiative.
As for aimar, who hung his head, his face was a little unprepared and passed by himself, he didn’t enter his vision and heart at all …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Doubt, or doubt
When the reporters on the media stand and the commentators on the commentary stand saw this scene, they were all excited.
This picture is so meaningful!
They can read a lot from it.
The reporters began to memorize the manuscript they wanted to write in their minds, while the commentator said it directly.
"aimar seems very dissatisfied with being replaced in advance. Just now, when the fourth official raised the substitution sign on the sidelines, he was very surprised to see his number, which was unbelievable … "
"aimar has reason to think so, because he is an indispensable role when Valencia needs to attack. But he was replaced, and any player who is eager to contribute to the team will not be satisfied with being replaced in advance … "
"Chang is too timid. His actions may not only cost Valencia a King’s Cup title, but also offend an excellent player. This more than half a season, aimar’s performance is obvious to all … "
"I think of one thing. In the first half of the season, aimar was said to have been sent to Team B for three weeks because he broke the rules and disclosed the news inside the team to reporters. Maybe an issue between two people has been forged since then … Will this be a frequent retaliation? If he loses in the final of the King’s Cup, he can pass the buck to aimar … "
These commentators are all extremely excited about the picture of aimar passing by Chang Sheng and ignoring each other, but they ignore the scene of Chang Sheng pulling Ibrahimovic to give lectures.
Guardiola is still asking Ba Laha that he wants to know as much as possible about the intention of winning the game, which will also help him to help winning the game.
"What else did he say besides the three waists?"
"He said you don’t have to defend, Pepe, you can concentrate on organizing the attack. Connect the team’s midfield, backcourt and frontcourt in series … Oh, he also said that we should score a goal as soon as possible and completely beat the arrogance of Real Madrid! "
Guardiola fell silent. He chewed all the words that Changsheng gave to Ba Laha.
Goal as soon as possible …
This is the focus of this adjustment.
But if you want to score goals as soon as possible, why did he replace aimar?
Because I often discuss tactics with Chang Sheng and learn from each other, Guardiola knows several important roles of midfield in this tactic.
Changsheng classified them into three categories and named them.
They are "destroyer", "transmitter" and "creator" respectively.
"Destroyer" knows what it means by its name, that is, defensive midfielder, who is mainly in charge of defense. This job is currently in the charge of albelda in Valencia.
The "passer" is responsible for passing the ball. He is a transit station. All the balls from the back to the front pass through him. Of course, if you encounter obstacles in the attack, you have to pass it back and the football will fall to his feet. This man must be the player who passes the ball the most times in the whole game. At present, the "passer" of Valencia is Guardiola.
The "creator" may be responsible for the last pass. His passing is more subtle and imaginative. At the same time, he must have excellent personal breakthrough ability and be able to break the deadlock by himself. Such a person is aimar at present. So why did 442 actually play very well? The team won again and again, and in the end, it would still use 4231. Because these three people are indispensable in midfield.
The saboteur is responsible for the defense. After breaking the football, he will never play any fancy and pass it directly to the passer. The passer controls the offensive rhythm and direction of the team. He passes the football to the creator. Create here and use your talent and talent to send the last pass to help the team score goals.
But now that the creator is down, how do you score?

So I got ready early.

Except for them, this event is almost a powerful one from the Lich War.
After hundreds of years of fighting and witchcraft, the body is good at fighting.
When several wizards appeared, they were almost rivals.
But those saints who have already repaired the Great God of the Great State of Luo came to the scene in person because of their identity and the fact that the Queen Mother of the West did not tear her face.
Of course, fear Lingqing’s sword array is also one of them.
Although Lingqing is still closed at this time.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventeen The Law of War
As the battles ended, the banquet slowly came to an end.
The Queen Mother of the West presented an elixir to the ultimate winner, the Terran Warriors.
This medicine can not only live and die, but also make people immortal.
Others don’t know that this medicine is refined by Zhu Guang, and many people are jealous because of its magic.
But you can’t beat it, can you?
I can watch you guys hold it in your hands and show off.
With this victory, Dong Wanggong, the Queen Mother of the West, secretly supported the Terran to step back to the pre-war situation.
After the Yaochi Festival, not only the big embarrassing gradually recovered, but also the big nest woke up.
With the revival of the two men, the Terran’s position became more and more stable.
And that tianjiao born by various tribes are gradually emer.
Many tianjiao have been promoted to the rank of wizard in just a few hundred years.
And strong combat experience, not lost to those wizards who were killed in the Lich War.
It is with the Terran’s recovery that the cloud of destiny has almost turned blue, but there is still a trace of red that has not faded.
Seeing this, the two ancestors summoned all the tribal leaders of Dawu to discuss why?
The leaders of various ministries have expounded their ideas one after another, but none of them can be affirmed by everyone.
Zhu Guang and others looked at each other and said, "Maybe we should focus on the whole world."
"What do you mean?" Big nest big embarrassing asked.
"that Di Jun need let’s minister its purpose is to get a glimpse of the yuan door of heaven and earth.