"Fighting … is actually quite miserable." Ling Xuzi tried his best to improve everyone’s impression of him and showed off the image of a benevolent master. Others are either reserved or afraid to say anything, and they are laughing in succession, but they don’t pick up this conversation.

"It’s miserable that Tang Ye has seen it. It won’t scare you to death." The sigh lasted for a second, and Tang Qingma showed his true colors. Pointing to the picture that made him feel peaceful, he was ready to kill.
"I mean, this is our home. Who dares to move his mind? Tang Ye will destroy him with her door. "
After that, Tang Qingang held out his chest and looked around, looking like a hero in the world. According to his imagination, Tang Ye could not be awed by such a roar, and the world returned home, and the birds rejoiced and the fish sang, welcoming the birth of a generation of powerful men together.
The expected scene did not appear, but it was greeted with a cold hum.
"Arrogant, what a big breath."
In shock and confusion, Tang Qing became angry from embarrassment to almost the ceiling, and looked back with ferocious murder, only to see a group of more than ten people striding in. At first, a big fellow and an old woman snorted. It was the old woman who seemed to be the extinct teacher.
No matter who wants to meet Yungu, they will show their respect by walking, and they will not casually check out their thoughts. These people came from the former mountain and walked all the way around, just bumping into Tang Qing. First, the old woman heard a burst of disgusting flattery, and then she heard Tang Qing’s declaration of vigorous mountains and rivers. Although she knew that he was defending, she couldn’t help but teach a lesson.
At this time, seeing this group of people clearly, the old woman, although slightly remorseful, did not take it to heart. In her opinion, it is rare for this young man to cultivate, and it seems that he is still a guest of Tiandao Sect. But he, a Godsworn Dan, was so arrogant that he taught a few words as a senior, which was nothing at all.
Accompanied by the old woman’s reprimand, there was an exclamation.
"Brother Tang"
Among the monks behind the old woman, a young girl could not restrain her agitation and almost rushed forward. But the old woman looked back and woke up, and quickly told the master softly that he was Tang Qing, Tang Dage. "
The old woman looked a little slow, nodded slightly, and then prepared to say a few words with Tang Qing. It’s just that young people should not be too proud. It should be noted that there are people outside the world, and even if they win the title of a sacred biography, they should not be arrogant and so on. I think this Tang Qing will be ashamed and grateful if she is smart enough.
She died, and she died too far. When Tang Qing saw the old woman and heard Xiao Ye again, Ma guessed her identity, and there was no way to stop it.
"Old deathlessly stupid, you say?"
Because of Jing Xuan’s experience, Tang Qing was furious. In his view, Jing Yan is a completely extinct replica, with a proud temper and hard bones, but he doesn’t know how to be flexible at all, completely taking others seriously, a typical type of menopausal syndrome.
She did the battle of Kyoto? I did nothing but let my family die generously. Forget it if you have no strength at all, and confiscate the space of Jing Xuan. Jing Xuan doesn’t care, which doesn’t mean that Tang Qing doesn’t care. If he doesn’t get a chance to spit it out, he doesn’t feel like eating.
Now, when he is triumphant, he is being taught a dog by this old woman. As the saying goes, old hatred has not disappeared and new hatred has been added, where can he still hold himself back? Once Mao, Tang Qing is not afraid of emptiness, let alone static Yan.
She counts as a ball.
This binge drinking, the vast majority of people in the field are not listening, the expression is that wonderful. Dream nature was about to open his mouth to introduce the two sides to each other. When Tang Qing drank it, he smashed his breath together with his heart into the cecum at the same time, and his mouth was wide open and he couldn’t breathe a syllable.
On Tang Qing’s side, other people’s performance is basically normal, and they are used to the boss’s bullying and tough. I thought the old lady was really lucky and was hitting the gun. Yu shook his head with a wry smile, thinking that Dan can be so arrogant now. If he is pregnant or even deified in the future, I’m afraid God will stand in front of him and only drop a face of saliva.
When Ling Xuzi saw Jing Yan, he was going to shrink his head back. Hearing this drink from Tang Qing, he straightened his chest again. I thought maybe I did the right thing. If I hadn’t followed Tang Qing, I wouldn’t be so proud if I was like a rat running across the street all day.
Ou Yezi, the newest member, is quite special. He was very angry at first, and thought Jing Yan, an old product, had gone too far. At least Tang Qing was also a nominal apprentice. Although he doesn’t admit it, Jing Yan doesn’t do it at all, but the title of the master of refining device shines out, and anyone has to give some face.
The old man is indignant to think that Tang Qing has been one step ahead of him, and far beyond the degree of Ou Yezi’s preparation. The sharpness of the counterattack, the viciousness of the words and the disdain of the tone made Ou Yezi stay there directly, and he didn’t know what to say.
"So … isn’t it too much? But quite Japanese, the old disciple, is a little domineering. "The old man thought for a moment and thought it was no big deal. My heart is dark and cool, and I stand tall and straight, even my figure is high.
Jing Yan has been silly, so has the big fellow around her, and most of the people behind her are also silly. They simply can’t imagine that Tang Qing can be so crazy, and he dares to be so arrogant.
After the war in Kyoto, Tang Qing’s identity was known to them, but it was just a hollow reputation after all. Maybe he was really a saint? Even a saint can’t be so unreasonable and scold a group of leaders without any self-cultivation?
To be sure, Jing Yan is not a good character. It’s really a clank of iron. Even vernon didn’t want to deal with her at the beginning, but it was Yungu who opened her mouth.
Yungu didn’t specifically mention her attitude towards Tang Qing, and sending Jing Xuan to Jinxiu Valley was also done in secret. Now, at first glance, Tang Qing’s gang, everyone thinks that it’s based on the dream of nature and Ou Yezi, but where would they think of anything else?
Until now, Tang Qing with shelf such a roar, they realized that this group of strange combination of strength and terror, like ZhongXingPengYue, around Tang Qing. Even the dream is natural, although walking side by side with him, it is still in the second half.
Simple actions mean too much content. To be sure, apart from the dream, this group of monks with four yuan babies actually took Tang Qing as the young man in his early twenties.
What they can’t understand, in particular, is that no one shows dissatisfaction and no one has any incongruities.
As long as that person stands there, it is the focus of attention, the core, that is, not to be the leader they think.
Just … Chief.
Chapter four hundred and eighty: I was born a male.
Chapter four hundred and eighty: I was born a male.
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Chapter four hundred and eighty-one: The situation is to blame it!
Chapter four hundred and eighty-one: The situation is to blame it!
Some people are not stupid, at least two people, and their reaction to Tang Qing was expected.
One is naturally a little late; Another person, impressively is Simon Lei who has dealt with Tang Qing.
However, at this time, after they really saw Chu Tangqing, they were shocked to the point where they could not speak and make any response.
"Just one year. Is that possible?" No mistakes, no skipping. Ximenlei wailed from the bottom of his heart.
He had to go back to Zongmen to retreat and practice penance in order to recover. I didn’t expect not only to survive the Kyoto disaster, but also to save my life, and even to get rid of demons in every cloud has a silver lining.
However, when I saw Tang Qing again at this time, Simon Lei’s original restored Taoist mind began to waver again, and his mind was almost lost. Now Tang Qing, not only the improvement of cultivation is unbelievable, but also the momentum is far from that of previous years. All gestures show great confidence and dignity. Being among a group of Yuanying monks, there is no discomfort at all.
Looking at it from another angle, Tang Qing-chao’s static Yan gave a crazy scolding. On the one hand, it was due to his personality, so he was not conceited about his strength. He was not a fool. Can’t you see the identity of these people? Words after the battle of the temple, Simon ray may treat Tang Qing as a fool?
Stare blankly is a bit dull, but it is a sinister stare blankly, which is chilling. Extreme frustration made Ximenlei feel black at the moment, his body was trembling, and he couldn’t say a word, let alone leave the bodhi old zu.
Because of the heavy Xuanzi, the giant sword gate was not planted to feed the baby, although it made friends with Wan Lingzong. All souls are also very cautious in choosing the target. After all, Chongxuanzi is a big monk. If he is detected by it, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Fortunately, the giant sword gate stood in the right direction in the battle of Kyoto, and now it has become a pillar of Yihua country. Apart from Buddhism and Tiandao Sect, they are the strongest, and even the clan of protecting the country after the merger of Confucianism and Hidden Sect is not as good as it is.
Walking in front of the big fellow, it is the great sword door bodhi old zu Chongxuanzi. Its height can be compared with that of sunspots, which is 2.23 meters. As a bodhi old zu, Chong Xuanzi was naked, with long shawls and skins around his waist, showing his magnificent muscles. Such a manner is completely out of proportion to his name, and it is simply the Chinese version of Scorpion King.
At this time, when I heard that Tang Qing was so rude, Jing Yan’s withered face became purple with anger, trembling all over, completely speechless.
In heavy Xuanzi’s great anger, he pointed to Tang Qingda and shouted, "Ignorant child, who are you with?". What your elders taught you was so crazy. "
Not to mention, Chong Xuanzi looks rough, but he speaks politely. Although it was a lesson, I still broke out a set of elegant rhetoric, which really surprised Tang Qing.
Chong Xuanzi was quite measured and angry, but he didn’t release the coercion of the big monk. That’s disrespectful to Yungu. I dare not lend him courage.
"The appearance is straightforward, the heart is delicate, and it is a slap in the face. Typical rape ghost "Tang Qing instantly judge.
However, in front of Yungu’s house, he wouldn’t care about Chong Xuanzi’s words. Even if he changed places, Tang Qing still regarded him as a fart. Can the Sect of Heaven come for nothing? Killing firm but gentle fills a gap, stronger than before. After Yungu’s cultivation, the way of killing is close to perfection. Now this firm but gentle way is a dead end if there is no spiritual treasure to resist.
If it weren’t for his unbearable body, if it weren’t for Aunt Yun’s love, Tang Qingzhen really wanted to turn it into a jar of firm but gentle, and save a lot of things, that would be cruel enough.
Indoctrination is not equal to display. It may not cost you to make a divine blow in Brother Jiedan’s body. Otherwise, those rich second generation and rich third generation with deified ancestors may not walk sideways. In order to place this firm but gentle solution for Tang Qing, Yungu’s efforts are terrible, and it will take a while to recover.
Just this, or Tang Qing’s physical condition is strange, and he can barely accommodate it. If someone else comes, even if he is a brother Yuan Ying, it is absolutely unbearable.
If you have enough confidence, your waist will be hard. If you listen to the word "elder" mentioned by Chong Xuanzi again, where can Tang Qing hold back? Like a fighting rooster, Tang Qing stared at Chong Xuanzi coldly, with a full face of disdain and ridicule on his face, which was really a scolding.


Lin Tian-xie rushed past with a knife and ended the life of this wizard player. Both of these shows show the prefix of professional killer, one is called professional killer Xiaomo and the other is called professional killer Xiaofeng.
"Nima has the guts to fight against the old!"
Seeing that their companions were killed in less than twenty seconds, three people finally got angry. This person immediately rushed to Lin Tianxiao just in the middle and shouted again, "Brutal collision!"
It’s not over yet. The three remaining players have actually displayed their barbaric collision skills in different directions. Lin Tianxiao was surprised, not to mention that this professional killer guild player is really strong.
First, display the savage collision warrior. Let’s not say that the other three players display the savage collision. Although they didn’t hit Lin Tianxie, they blocked Lin Tianxie’s retreat. Lin Tianxie could retreat in one direction, but this direction shot a dozen spells and arrows in an instant!
"Ma De, you are so cruel that you let the old man use his unique skill to move Gankun!" Lin Tian-xie is really avoidable, and he can display the skill of moving Gankun.
More than a dozen spells and arrows attack one or two thousand lives at a time, and then you will die in a brutal collision. Of course, you dare not try. If you really get dizzy, it is no different from death. Lin Tianxie can exert his skill and move greatly. After all, the pace of Dragon and Youlong needs ten minutes to cool down.
"Made let him get away!" One of them scold a way
"Hum, it’s no wonder that the employer will pay a reward of one billion yuan. It’s really not easy to be the first person!"
"So what do we do now? Should we keep looking for him or go back first!"
"Why don’t you look for him? He has killed three people. Killing him will also drop three levels, and his strength will also be reduced. He can wait until once!"
So a line of thirty-five people chased in the same direction, and Lin Tianxiao appeared at a corner and took a look at where they left!
Employer? Are they hired to kill me? Who could it be?
But Lin Tianxiao didn’t think much about chasing the thirty men at this time, so he rushed over, regardless of whether they came to assassinate himself or not, and he had to report this revenge to Wang Youliang!
At this time, invisibility is the most suitable. Following all the way, I finally came to the player at the back, followed by reaching out my right hand and covering this person’s mouth. The dragon sword in this person’s neck brushed three times in a row and directly killed this player!
Very quickly, Lin Tianxiao rushed to kill a player again, and then everyone reacted and shouted, "Damn you, bunny!" "
Chapter 1 Mystery Killer Team ()
Everyone reacted, and the professional players immediately rushed forward to break away from Lin Tianxiao, and those soldiers and players once again rushed to Lin Tianxiao, one by one, waving weapons and cutting at Lin Tianxiao’s key!
That’s what Lin Tianxiao wants. When he saw those wizards gathered together, he immediately shouted "God punish!"
A big hand directly appeared on their heads and gave them a hard grip. Immediately, the thin blood wizard was directly killed by Lin Tian’s Baal punishment skill.
At this time, they didn’t react. Lin Tianxie is not a warrior profession but a fairy profession!
"Bastard, I will kill you!"
"Hum people come out to pay back one day, and now it’s time for you to pay off your debts!" Lin Tian evil roar loud a dragon sword in one hand towards the roar loud people a finger three soul fire operator immediately MAO.
Suddenly, the root of the man didn’t react, so he was directly blown to the top of his head by three soul fire operators.
There is no doubt that this warrior player was killed by seconds, and Lin Tianxiao also heard the unified indication.
"There are five words floating in the player’s sky to maliciously kill the player’s professional killer Black Dragon. The evil value is increased by 1 point!"
It turned out that his name was Black Dragon, Lin Tianxiao, and he remembered the names of these people with a smile. At the same time, Lin Tianxiao had rushed to the remaining three soldiers, and the archers behind him didn’t worry because he had called the little skeleton brother out, and the little skeleton brother could definitely destroy them!
Lin Tianxiao quickly rushed to the three soldiers in the blink of an eye. The dragon sword in his hand rushed to the three men’s chest, but it was blocked by their weapons.
If it is this effect, Lin Tianxiao immediately shoots three soul fire characters and shoots at a player. There is no doubt that this player will die.
The remaining two players were shocked and immediately pulled back and shouted, "Get out of the battle and return to the city!" "

"I also play ak47 headshots, but I am a stream of consciousness!" A dozen people scrambling tunnel

Shi Lei with the wave, "come on! The third question is who knows Jiang Yuhan? "
This question immediately made most people dumbfounded. They didn’t know what Shi Lei meant by asking this question, and they didn’t know who Jiang Yuhan was and what he was doing. They thought this interview question was so weird that it was not normal. Where could ordinary people answer it?
"Know don’t say first! I don’t know if I can leave now. Thank you! " There is no doubt that Shi Lei’s tone is humane to the interview
As soon as he said this sentence, he left a dozen people one after another, and finally there were three people left. Shi Lei was relieved, but it was a good thing that there were three people left. If all the departments left, it would be in vain.
"Well, there is a note in front of each of you. Now you write Jiang Yuhan’s identity on paper and wait for me to see it!" Shi Lei again to the remaining three humanitarian.
These three people can’t help but feel that things are getting weirder and weirder. When recruiting for such a big company, they have to be able to play F and know who Jiang Yuhan is. Although these three people are surprised, they still didn’t hesitate to enter the company class and immediately wrote it on paper.
Chapter 421st s war IG
After the three interviewers finished writing, they handed the notes to Shi Lei and Shi Lei, and took one look at them in turn. The most unified words written by these three people are the words of being a sniper and a professional player. After reading them, Shi Lei realized that Jiang Yuhan was so famous and had such a high status in the F world!
"Yes, you all know that Jiang Yuhan said that you are still very passionate about F. Have you ever played professional games?" Shi Lei looked at three interviewers and asked.
"Never played …" Three people are almost different from each other. Shi Lei couldn’t help secretly laughing at himself. This question is a little retarded. Where is the professional player so good? And if these three people are professional players, how could they run to their company for an interview!
"Let’s tell you what. The one who is the best in a game will stay as my assistant. The salary for assisting is 20,000 yuan a month. If one of you becomes my assistant, the salary will double to 40,000 yuan a month. Come on!" Shi Lei smiled at three people.
Two personnel managers simply said what a fucking wonderful interview this is. When they have never seen an interview in the company for many years, they directly asked the interviewer to play games to decide the outcome. Isn’t this too ridiculous? Assistant to the general manager, what an important position this is. Is it for two people who can play games?
The most important thing is that the relatives introduced by these two managers have been eliminated, so both of them are very unhappy. Shi Lei doesn’t know how to take care of others’ emotions. He immediately arranged for three people to play F, adjusted three computers in the network technology department and installed F on the spot to compete.
These three men took the position of assistant general manager and tried their best to compete. The map of the game is that Shi Lei played the first map. Two people in front of the transport ship played first. One of them, m4, played well and abused the other badly, which quickly solved the battle.
The man who lost left the game dejectedly, and the remaining two people continued to play the game. Shi Lei looked on with a boiling passion. He couldn’t wait to play two games by himself. He finally realized that people with backgrounds like Jiang Yuhan had to play F. It turned out that this game was so fun, and the charm of this game was also very strong, which was fatal to militant men.
The remaining two people quickly decided the outcome. In the end, the man who played m4 well won the final victory. Shi Lei was very happy to appoint his own assistant at once. The salary standard was 40,000, and the man almost jumped up with excitement. He didn’t expect that he could get a well-paid job even if he played games every day for two years at home.
Who says playing games has no future? Didn’t I fucking become an assistant to the general manager? The average white-collar worker with a monthly income of 40 thousand is not as high as my salary, even the most popular professional player is not as high as my salary. The annual salary is 400 thousand, plus bonuses and year-end awards, and it is steadily over 500 thousand a year
The new assistant was so happy that he wanted to make a phone call back and taunt his parents. He wanted to tell them that it took you more than ten years to earn money every year, and you always earned this salary by playing games. Do you dare to say that I have no future in playing games?
Shi Lei ignored the excitement of the new assistant and immediately said to the humanitarian, "Congratulations, I don’t know your name yet!"
"General manager, my name is Li Jie!" The man is very excited tunnel
"Good li jie, now you work is to teach me to play f must turn me into a master! And can you do it in a month? If you can’t, I’ll ask for another job! " Shi Lei very seriously tunnel
Li Jie was shocked. It turns out that the assistant general manager is to teach the general manager to play F. Isn’t this company engaged in real estate and energy? Why do you recruit an assistant to teach F? He was puzzled to see Shi Lei looking at himself and patting his chest and saying, "I’m sure it can be done!"
Li Jie won’t say that he can’t do it even if he is not sure. In fact, he is not a master strictly. It can be said that he can barely rank in the top three to the master camp every game, and he will be abused!
"Very well, I like people who have confidence, so now! I have a few questions to ask you! " Shi Lei forced not to wait for the tunnel.
"Shi Zong, you ask!"
"Why do I feel the screen jumping when I shoot? When I miss, people are flying around."
"That’s because you didn’t hold down the trajectory. You may be shooting and your aim is higher. You just learned that you should shoot!"
"What is some shooting?"
"Just shoot every other time, don’t always press the advanced game rhythmically. Let me show you again!"
After two people entered the game, Li Jie showed Shi Lei a Shi Lei suddenly realized that there was still this skill. He asked curiously, "What can those people throw grenades and I can’t throw them?" Which key do you want to press? "
Li Jie suddenly said that this stone manager is really a new novice who can’t even switch grenades.
"The keyboard is not a row of numeric keys? Key 4 is to switch between the flash of grenades and smoke bombs. I will show you again. "Li Jie then explained all keys 1 to 5 and told Shi Lei the rules of human beings by the way.
Shi Lei is actually a very clever person, and Li Jie is not so energetic to speak. Shi Lei asked a lot of questions that drove the old bird crazy, but Li Jie patiently explained it to him. Shi Lei was roughly familiar with the game and Li Jie led him to play.
Just as Shi Lei was studying hard to play F, the S team competition was also won. Their opponent was a powerful ig team. This game was widely noted as the century war. Both teams had several fans, and most of the audience at the scene were also their fans.
Loli and her partner also explained the game, but neither of them has warmed up very excitedly. Both of them called Jiang Yuhan their idol network to watch the game, and the audience also had a heated discussion. The support rate of the two sides was almost the same. The support rate of the S team was 51%, and the support rate of the ig team was 49%
Ye Qing, after they returned to the hotel, was going to take their luggage and return to Chengdu, but Ye Qing suddenly changed his mind, because he felt that Jiang Yuhan had helped him too much. He always felt embarrassed to go back like this, so he decided to go to the scene to watch the game in the afternoon and support Jiang Yuhan to invite Jiang Yuhan to dinner later, so that he could deepen his feelings.
Anyway, Ye Qing is determined to make friends with Jiang Yuhan and have a heart-to-heart relationship, because he thinks Jiang Yuhan is a very good friend, and he is very kind to his friends, so it is difficult for people to be brothers and friends.
Meteor and others have always listened to Ye Qing. Since Ye Qing and the big boss both said that they would stay in the sea for one more afternoon, what else do they have to say? Anyway, they are all in charge of food and accommodation, and they don’t worry about it. A group of people took a taxi to the competition venue. They are owned by the participating teams and have admission documents. They don’t need to buy tickets.
Before the seats in Club I were revoked, honey, they immediately sat in their team position. The game between Team S and Team ig has been going on at half-time. In the fourth round, Team S temporarily leads by one point, and the score is two to one.
At half time, when The Infiltrator led them to attack under the sniper’s command, it was quite sharp, but the ig club actually won a point. It can be seen that they are powerful. Jiang Yuhan could not help but sigh that times have changed. In his time, he could defeat a team by himself, but now the strength of the ig team has made him feel the pressure. The overall strength of the other side is very even, there is no loophole, and the defense line is very solid.
"Fortunately, it’s not too late to play the fourth round!" Ye Qing breathed a sigh of relief. Dong Laoer was a little surprised to see the score. "The ig team is really awesome. In the face of such a luxurious array as S, they can still get back a point, and it seems that they still have the wind in the fourth round."
Dong Laoer is right. In the fourth round, the ig team occupied Feng Yanyue and Yu Youhe, both of whom were killed by the other team. The situation of the S team left K and Jiang Yuhan is worse. If you can’t attack a point to cover them, there is no chance of winning. It is difficult to kill all the other team members. After all, the ig team members are first-class masters.
In the attack just now, Jiang Yuhan didn’t even hit the other person with two shots. This situation is very rare. Even Jiang Yuhan couldn’t help laughing at his opponent’s posture. It’s really very good. In the past two years, F has changed many times. After Jiang Yuhan’s comeback, he still can’t completely adapt to it. It’s not as bad as his peak. Before, he claimed that he made a false shot and someone died. Two shots in a row didn’t kill him. It happened two or three times at most in his career.
"The ig team really deserves its reputation. I have to try my best!" Jiang Yu cold take a deep breath of relief way k chuckle "as if you hide a lot of strength! So I’m going to try my best to blow my head off. I can do this with my eyes closed. I haven’t done much today, captain. Do it? "
"fuck!" Jiang Yuhan firmly tunnel, and then the two men rushed out again. They played the map. At this time, they were in the middle of the road, guarded by the other sniper and four machine gunners. In the first charge, they paid a painful price. What will happen to them this time?
Chapter 422 The strongest sniper
S Team ig Team Century War is a big competition * * * boiling point, but this is not the final but the semi-final. The four teams entering the semi-final are S Team, ig Team, Liaoning Qingcheng Competition and Han Gong lan.
In fact, these four teams have been recognized as four teams that are bound to enter the semi-finals before the first round of competition. After all, these four teams are too strong and unlikely to lose the game unexpectedly. The game between Liaoning Qingcheng and Han Palace is actually very popular. After all, there is also a sniper expert in Qingcheng competition, that is, 7kg.
Team s, Team ig, the fourth round of the half-court, has reached the end. Jiang Yuhan, the sniper god, and K, the ak gun god, rushed to the middle of the road. The lethality of the two of them is quite strong, but the ig team is not weak, and there are five people in the ig team who account for the absolute number advantage.
Jiang Yu’s cold mirror covered K and rushed to the ig team. People appeared in the middle again, but they didn’t completely expose themselves to the air. Half of their bodies were behind the wall. Others kept flashing before Jiang Yu’s cold. Now he really threw himself into the game and entered the ecstasy realm. His sniper rifle will not be played again.
"Tututu … tututu …" Ig team fire is very fierce. Although the posture of K is extremely flexible after the exhibition, it seems a little difficult to kill the enemy by self-protection in the dense barrage. If he wants to kill the enemy, he has to pay his own name. After all, the other five are experts!
"Bang!" No more than a second after two consecutive gunshots, K heard that the guns were coming from behind him. He didn’t dare to be distracted to look at the right corner of the screen, but the corner of his eyes was able to aim at the right corner and brush out the death message, and the opponent’s firepower suddenly dropped a lot. Naturally, his pressure was greatly reduced. He thought that Jiang Yuhan should have killed the other two people. He couldn’t help laughing excitedly. "That’s awesome!"
K has always given people the impression of being cold and silent, and seems to be not interested in anything. He is a little indifferent, but he is very active when he is with Jiang Yuhan, and he talks more. Maybe only when he is with real friends will he open his heart and be a more true self.
Jiang Yu’s cold face smiled with confidence. Just now, those two shots showed great strength, and their hands were sharp to the extreme. These two shots were perfect in timing and gun speed, and they were also quite rhythmic.
K’s morale is also a boost. He rushed at once. With Jiang Yuhan’s strong support, the other person dared not show up again, or he would surely die in the sniper’s rifle. No one wanted to take that risk.

But then suddenly "boom!" A sudden earthquake shook the ground, making people look back involuntarily.

It was only when those Qin terracotta warriors and horses were resurrected that I remembered that Tong Shi still had this.
And just now the earth shook because they all stamped their feet. "Touch!" All the terracotta warriors and horses stamped again, which made people’s feet tremble because there were too many, which was too scary.
Even the players are stunned.
But when they were ready, they shouted, "Hold on, hold on. Those indigenous lambs will hold on at the first line."
Now our formation is between Scylla and Charybdis. It’s not fun, so we’re going to rush because those Qin terracotta warriors and horses seem to be ready to attack.
But at this moment, four carriages suddenly ran out of the camp, all of which were horses, with archers and throwers, and a tall and powerful general in charge of driving.
The front of each regiment was divided into four regiments, each of which looked like 10 thousand terracotta warriors and horses. They shouted "Break!"
It’s chilling
At this time, the four men also spoke. The first one was that Zhong Wei was unusually holding a waist sword and shouted, "Daqin Wu ‘an Jun Leitian is here. How can you endure your stepping into the tomb of Emperor Daqin?"
When I die, the wind blows and the yellow sand blows over my eyes all over the sky.
And the other one also said, "Wang Jian, a famous Daqin star, is here to punish the children quickly" and also held his sword.
And the other two don’t say it.
Also directly a left a right mouth "I’m daqin ji surname montessori Meng Tian was ordered to guard my tomb of emperor qin dare intruders die".
"I’m Zhang Han, a great Qin star, and I’ve been ordered to guard the mausoleum of Emperor Qin. Come and die quickly."
The sound is so frightening.
Wearing armor in a carriage, eyes are as bright as fire.
We were stunned to see them there. They were very strong, and the terracotta warriors and horses in the back were also very strong, so we knew what it would take more than 20 hours.
Shout "withdraw"
I didn’t expect that the four famous players of the Qin Dynasty would suddenly come out and stop, and there were players in front, so there was only one word left to run away.
Chapter 16 Find another way
Fortunately, I haven’t rushed forward and Lin Weiwei, Zhu Yeqing and Ning Xi are still very close to each other. I immediately leaned together while our car was still there and shouted "Car, car, car, run".
People are running at full speed. Attack from front to back.
I immediately made the special effect of Lingbao boots "swish!" Jumped over and said, "Get on the bus."
They are all confused, even though they have experienced many big scenes, they are still at a loss in the face of the appearance of the four famous Qin dynasties.
I had to wave "run and run" again and again
They didn’t react until those players who were close to the car wanted to come in. I immediately took out the Xuanwu shield and blocked "I’m sorry for my destiny."
Ning Xi stealth first took control of a car and Zhu Yeqing quickly caught fire.
I’m going to shout to make people angry and have no money, but I’m still coming.
Suddenly, all the Qin terracotta warriors and horses stamped their feet again and shook the mountains and rivers, causing several crossbowmen in the team to pull their bows "Om!" A bowstring sounded.
Shoot out
Along with the players and awakens in the attack range, all the players shouted "Withdraw first, evacuate first, it’s not as easy as it was supposed to be."
Players step back.
The awakened people ran to the left and right, but the bolt was made of iron. "Whoosh!" "whoosh!" Straight shot. I had to take out the Xuanwu shield to stop it
Fire falling, Lin Weiwei also hurriedly ran to come over and was lucky to be blocked behind me.
Pang Bo was a big man and was shot in the calf. "Ah!" One call fell to the ground and shouted, "Brother Xiaofan, give me a hand."
I looked for a roll and shouted, "You cart."
Lin Weiwei, fire falling hurried to the car, but no one went to shoot the car, and the car target, the big crossbow, was also powerful, and many places were shot through.
I shouted there, "Brother Cai and Brother Qi come back, come back."
Two people have run this way, but they belong to the middle position, and too many arrows are blocked, so I can drag Pang Bo to the side of the car with a Xuanwu shield and say, "Pull to pull."
This is not a counterattack that can solve the problem, but you have to run for your life. The other side is too strong, and it is not enough to see the four famous players before they can fight with thousands of troops.
At this time, the fire fell on the bamboo leaves and Ye Qing hurriedly dragged Pang Bo, but it didn’t last long.
A wave of arrows just after the second wave and then said
"Hum!" As soon as the attack comes again, there is not enough to attack them, and people will shoot at all points, and that is to escape.
Are also running away.
Zuo Zhanzhihong is taking people to run, and there is a fierce right-door strategist who evaluates the "I fuck you to death".
Zhou Jiayu raised his hand even more fiercely, that is, he shot a gun, and other wooden cows and horses also shot and became the only counterattack.
The British also ran away and stayed there.
I shouted, "Don’t be silly and run. You people are fierce, and so are you."
The result is "broken!" "break!" Another round of our car was about to break, and I immediately shouted, "Hurry up and I’ll stop it."
The more you get to the back of the car, you pick up the seven stars and tangdao waves to block it.
The arrows were all knocked off, but at this time, in the ten generals, Leitian suddenly waved his long sword and said, "Go!"
One, he controlled the regiment and directly rushed out. At least twenty or thirty cars and cavalry rushed in my direction.
"I have to run."
I immediately ran to the driveway for a walk.
I don’t care about Zhou Jiayu’s fierce goods anymore
Zhu Yeqing was already ready to step on the gas pedal and immediately rushed out, followed by Ning Xi. We were lucky not to die.
But Zhu Yeqing still asked, "What about Brother Cai and Brother Qi? They didn’t follow."
It’s too messy. Waiting may lead to problems.
I shouted, "Three elder brothers and four elder brothers, the old place will be the same as the old place" and played hard and shouted in their direction.
In their direction, other legions also rushed to kill each other, which was very chaotic. The two of them didn’t die and hid back and said, "I know, I know."
It was a mess, and I didn’t listen well. I was short of breath and urged "hurry up"
The situation is very chaotic. It is the last word to run out first. The speed of the car is still faster than that of us ordinary awakened people. Many awakened people are out of the most chaotic area.
However, the terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Dynasty still came with a lot of "Ah!" "ah!" It’s killing a lot, so let’s sigh. "How can we play this? We haven’t entered the underground palace yet, so we can go in and get it."

However, it is obvious that the third-grade Lin Yin is the second senior sister, so it is reasonable to guess that the strength and grade of the senior sister are definitely not in the second senior sister.

What is this concept?
Multi-level is probably a level 9 expert.
Don’t say sunny days and 1v3. Even Yan Yuhua and Qu Zhiyan feel that their breathing is almost stagnant. Although these two women are very polite with a smile, they are really high up and rich.
Han Xinyi said, "Cucumber, I know that your Eastern Dynasty may be going to fight in a few days, so I won’t bother you. Sister Lin will help you anyway. It’s up to you to make arrangements. Our two headquarters buildings are so close that at least they are neighbors. If I don’t help you, Brother Sao always complains that I’m not enough friends. I’ll accompany Brother Sao to visit Loulan these days. If you know his hobby, I won’t hinder your department from leaving first. Sister Lin will stay with you."
She has always been a power-driven personality, and she always comes and goes.
It’s inconvenient for her to stay for a long time because of her love crime. His mind is the most numerous. Han Xinyi is definitely not looking at the face of the Eastern Dynasty, but selling cucumber’s favor. This Lin Yin is definitely not able to direct how to cooperate or arrange cucumber’s own.
No mad dog, Long Anpai, has pulled this great beauty aside because of Yan Yuhua, Qu Zhiyan and sunny days. There are always many topics about beautiful women, and the beauty pile is easy to blend in.
Jiang Hua nai said, "Alas, there is going to be a war. Let’s get ready! You have too much junk to improve. "
"hmm!" Mad dog Longli nodded.
In fact, he is a little depressed, so he can’t wait to be online all the time.
But this is unrealistic, because now he has to report to the public welfare center every afternoon and then go to work.
He is a fierce volunteer. Others have to work hard for a day. He can finish it in less than one afternoon. After verifying the amount of work, he will call it a day and go home at noon, noon and evening.
Now the guild war is coming, buddy, I cann’t believe I can’t go online at noon. This is a damn sad reminder!
So the next day, he got up early and rushed to the lobby of the public welfare center to find his former hair-pressing comb sister who sympathized with him.
Now he knows his sister’s name, too. It’s Li Mei! Sounds like "your sister!"
It is because everyone has the same surname Li Meicai that he sympathizes with him and takes care of him.
Li Mei felt very surprised after listening to his request. "There is no rule saying that this is not possible. Can you do it if you finish three days’ work a day?"
Li Dalong said, "I’ll try my best, sir. If I finish three days’ work today, can I take all three days’ dry food?"
Li Mei sighed, "Tai Long, I’m sorry. Because of your special status, according to the regulations, you are not allowed to report on time every day."
"This …" Li Dalong is depressed again. Now he has money in the game, but he just can’t get it out. It’s very simple because he doesn’t have a personal information card.
The former forged card was confiscated by uncle Xiao Zhou. This is a typical case of looking at money but not spending it-there are stalls selling food in slums.
"What can I do for you? Working in such a hurry? " Li mei Hao qi Dao
Li Dalong can lie. "I want to rest for a few days. It’s hot and my leg wound is a little inflamed."
"so!" Li Mei nodded thoughtfully. "Then you go to work first. If there are more days, you can report for duty every afternoon and get the rations directly, so you can go back."
"Sir, thank you so much!" Li Dalong happily walked into the city, dragging a lot of tools.
Looking at his back, Li Mei also seemed a little worried, but she didn’t find that the local dog dragon was lying. This cargo slipped so fast that it didn’t look like an inflamed wound.
After one o’clock, the public welfare center gradually became lively. All kinds of volunteers came to report for duty and were assigned to work in various regions. Li Mei was also very busy.
Soon a strange young man came to the front desk. "Hello, miss. I want to inquire about a volunteer named Li Dalong."
Li Meidao "Sir, please show me your personal information card for verification."
The young horse handed the card to Li Mei, who put the card in the sensing area, and the identity information immediately appeared on the screen.
"Vicke Wang gender male age 25 is located at No.433, j2 District, Guanghui City, where the employees of Xianyin Media Group Company have a bad record. Federal second-class citizens have won the Media Creation Award …"
This is a very persuasive message, which proves that there is no impure motive for people to find someone.
Li Mei couldn’t help divining, "Mr. Wang used to be a member of Xianyin Group. Hehe, what can I do for you?"
"It’s very kind of you, Sir!" Vicke Wang said, "I just want to know where that Li Dalong is going to work today?"
Li mei is checking again "huh? He is going to Tulip Street in f13 today! "
"Well, thank you, sir!" Vicke Wang asked and left.
Li Mei is not surprised by this. On the contrary, she thinks it is a good thing.
Star volunteer criminals are usually class D, which is very low. Generally, they are sentenced to fighting and fighting. In the process of labor, normal citizen contact will gradually be influenced and eventually repent.
Li Mei is happier when she thinks that someone in her family is in contact with him.
But she didn’t notice that Vicke Wang walked out of the hall and turned several corners to an obscure and remote intersection on the street where a black crystal power luxury car was parked.
The window was shaken to reveal a woman’s face, which was covered by a pair of wide sunglasses for the most part.
This woman was in Oak Street that day. "Miss Qu!"

It’s her stupidity that has been trying and still can’t feel it!

Looking at Chang Xiang’s white face, since it has come to this, I am not afraid to say it from the bottom of my heart
"Don’t have a burden on your heart, because one day you will be my wife and my queen. Stay by my side and you will never escape from my palm!"
Seeing that her life was locked by Nangong Sui, she often got together again. In her lips, she kissed her hand and gently caressed her little face. Love could no longer be hidden and revealed.
"You are very beautiful temperament also let me appreciate lovesickness. I have long wanted to take you for myself. No matter who you are, you can’t take you away from me! Bei Xuanyu, Xiao Mu, or the royal family are all out of the question! "
"Take it!"
Nangong nodded "Yes!"
Chang Xiangsi felt that she had goose bumps all over her body at this time, and she was kissed by her father twice in a row!
But also want her to be his wife and his queen!
Her eyes were full of anger. When Chang Xiang let go of her hand, I didn’t know where I got the strength to suddenly raise my hand and violently fan Chang Xiang’s face.
It’s a loud slap, and I often miss her because she is under the control of Nangong, and she has such sudden strength, so I often didn’t expect to be beaten by a woman!
Nangong Sushi Petrochemical always admired the Lord in situ and was beaten by such a small woman in his own hands!
Chang Xiang looked at Chang Xiang and slowly raised his hand and touched her face. When he touched his left face near his ear, there were some small bumps and his look changed slightly.
And lovesickness also caught his look. His eyes fell on his fingertips and he saw that her nails actually scratched his face, but it was not a bloody mark, but a small corner.
Acacia was once again shocked to the point that …
Is that a human skin mask?
She asked in a trembling voice, "You … Who are you? You are not always the same! "
When she saw Chang Xiang’s hand, she had to slap her face to get a red mark, but his face didn’t change at all, just put on a human skin mask!
She suddenly felt a chill, and everything became complicated and confusing.
Chang Xiang sighed in his heart. I didn’t expect this slap to even scratch his face mask by her nails, so I glanced at her fingers and saw that she held her fist tightly.
"I have always been not your father, so you are white? Ah Su will stay with Huei-fang and keep an eye on her! "
Then, often, "Come!"
Immediately, a black shadow flashed in front of them, wearing a dark shirt and a mask, which was consistent with the assassination of Feng Jiang’s clothes just now.
I often miss this, and how much I often have is not clear to her!
I often look at a face of unyielding lovesickness, and my warm smile becomes cold as frost.
"Come and catch the clouds and tread the snow. If Huei-fang is restless, break the clouds and tread the snow with one finger. If Huei-fang walks out of Qingyun Pavilion privately, break the clouds and tread the snow with one leg!"
"Yes!" The man came in a hurry and left quickly.
Chang Xiangsi didn’t expect Chang Xiang to threaten her with clouds and snow. She stared at Chang Xiang straight.
"You mean shame! It turns out that you are not my father. If I had known you were not my father, I would have personally exposed all your crimes before the emperor. I don’t care who you are, one day I will often miss you and make you pay a heavy price! "
So where’s the real normal phase?
"Huei-fang has offended!" Nangong Suikaikou
Chang Xiangsi glared at him bitterly and straightened his back. "Let me go and I will go myself!"
"I don’t believe Huei-fang!"
The nangongshan Su indifference should be a simply point her acupuncture points hug her waist and leave quickly.
Chang Xiang sighed after seeing Chang Xiang leave. It seems that Chang Xiang’s father and daughter have been relieved, but they are facing more serious things.
If Feng Jiang’s clothes were not dead, it would be revealed that he was almost laid out now. However, it is not yet time for both sides to fight, and it is not clear who will win.
I often miss him today, and I can’t estimate how much I hate him. Those hurtful words when she left were enough to show her determination.
Be cautious for many years, and then an acacia will appear. If it is not done well, it will ruin his hard work for so many years.
If he goes there, he won’t always miss her, but now he doesn’t think so. If he always misses her and obediently stays by his side, he can make her prosperous all her life, otherwise …
Die or be imprisoned forever!
How can he bear to waste his efforts after all these years of planning?
I hope I don’t let him down in the end!
I often miss looking at the dark outside, and the sky is as heavy as the night.
It’s also strange that he is too conceited to let Acacia dig out so many secrets, but he is a little smarter than the average woman, but he didn’t expect that she could meet such a secret machine.
Everything in the secret room was arranged by him personally, and he knew clearly that he didn’t touch anything, so he found that list.
But I don’t know his secret. How much else does she know?
Raise my hand and caress that mask. I often miss it and tear it gently. It seems that it can be repaired again.
Candlelight color is very warm and falls on that young face. Seeing that the skin is white and jade-like, and the thin lips are like honey, it is very attractive to sip gently at this time.
Acacia is locked up. Outside the room, besides Nangong Su, there are two male guards wearing black masks. From the breath of those two people, she knows that their abilities are not much different from those of Nangong Su.
These men in black don’t know how many forces there are, such as Chang Xiang, and worry about whether the clouds are caught by people sent by Chang Xiang and the safety of Feng Jiang’s clothes.
That kind of worry haunted her heart and made her feel that her heart was so torn up.
I don’t know what I can do to help him.
She seldom regrets being banned here, but now she regrets it.
She shouldn’t have thought it was her father’s job to keep him alive and persuade him to leave. Now karma has finally come.
This normal image is obviously not as true as her father’s. Where is the normal image?
At this time, the Nangong Sui pushed the door and four maids brought the food, and then they left the Nangong Sui and immediately gave the door to him.
I often miss staring at that rich meal, but I have lost my appetite.
I can’t think of a way to escape, but I’m worried about the safety of Feng Jiang’s clothes. I often miss you and lie on the bed with my clothes.
This night may be because of peace of mind, irritability and anxiety, and it is extremely difficult to find a long night.
Chang Xiangsi didn’t hear the movement of the opposite door until after the night. At this time, he just returned to Qingyun Pavilion and often saw Nangong Tong outside the door. He asked, "What’s wrong with Miss A Si after she returned to her room?"
"Don’t cry, don’t make trouble, as usual. It’s dinner tonight. Huei-fang hasn’t moved and has been on the bed."
Chang Xiang nodded and turned back to his room without saying anything.

Wang Haidong walked over and said, "Actually, this investment is also quite necessary on our side. If it is said that the investment falls to the provincial capital city at this time, what kind of things will it mean to the provincial capital city at this time? Such a situation just means adding flowers. The economy of the provincial capital city is already quite developed.

After all, it is said that it is a provincial capital at this time, and their economy will not be said. But if it is said that it falls to our river city at this time, it will be a timely help to our river city economy. No, I said that you can be clear, and it is simply embarrassing.
If we want to turn things around, we must have investment, and it must be a large amount of investment and long-term investment. At this time, the urgency of our need is quite great
At this time, this kind of thing is also a good thing for the leaders in the province. If the economy of our river city has always been unable to develop, then the leaders in such a situation have no glory, and it is said that such a situation is just a bottom city competing for them, and the leaders in these provinces generally will not intervene.
If they want to intervene, it is likely to make Sue half unhappy. What does this swallow mean? I think provincial leaders should know better than people like me. They don’t care about the overall situation, and they don’t care about the gains and losses of one city and one place. What they need is to consider the province. "
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Chapter four hundred and fifteen Jealousy
If I am the leader in the province, it is really time to choose, just like Wang Haidong said that it is the same. At this time, they all want to command the bureau, not to say that the economy in the provincial capital is prosperous, but at this time it is not as good as it is. If it is not good for your provincial capital city to do a good job in local economy, then it is not good at this time no matter what.
It is not a good provincial leader to talk about such a thing at such a time and such a situation.
Therefore, if the river city economy is not so good, then at this time, the real provincial leadership face is also not very glorious
So this situation Wang Haidong assumed that even if such a thing really happened, the leaders in the province would not be angry. On the contrary, the river city’s economy has developed. Isn’t this the result of provincial leadership? It is impossible
If the economy of the river city develops, it will be the achievement of provincial leaders at this time. Therefore, no matter how it is said at this time, even if the leaders of the provincial capital are angry to death, what’s the big deal?
Anyway, the provincial leaders mean to turn a blind eye to such things, so Wang Haidong is absolutely sure at this time. At this time, once Su Bancheng has invested in the river city, it is impossible for the provincial capital to retaliate regardless of their revenge.
And Sue half a guy like this is also intentionally hinted at one thing, that is to say, since there is no such thing as selling tangdao to imps, he should be suspicious and give some compensation, which is naturally no big deal.
At this time, no matter how to talk about such a thing, it’s the same thing. It’s no big deal to lose money in Sang Yu. Anyway, if a guy like Su Bancheng has money and what kind of place to invest, it’s all the same to make money, and the investment environment in the river city is still quite good
Therefore, such a situation, such a thing, this aspect is still quite good, so when and where to invest, that is to say, how does he look at it himself
If Su Bancheng says where to invest, it is what kind of place to invest at this time, and it is said that this is very good in terms of such a time and such a thing, and it is said that Su Bancheng promised to compensate the river city at this time, so it is certain that he will invest in the river city base.
Such a situation, of course, Wang Haidong will not give such a thing to rest assured.
Because such things are under Wang Haidong’s own control in any case, and I don’t know how many people are so busy trying to attract delegation members to visit and invest in their own places.
But all this is under the control of Wang Haidong, and there is nothing like him. If you invest in any place you like in Su Bancheng, forget it. What is Wang Haidong like with me?
But at this time, there is really such a situation with Wang Haidong. He always remembers this city, so things are with him.
Shihan this guy is also very nai to say, "It is true that others can’t learn such things, and it is only in our river city that we can do so. It is indeed possible for people in the province to turn a blind eye to such things, but that is to say, because our river city is really poor, it is a drag on the province, so there is nothing wrong with this time. That is to say, there is a little bit of scruple in your Wang family.
Otherwise, even the main leaders in the province can turn a blind eye to this matter, but some people just don’t feel comfortable. Therefore, such a situation is real. At this time, if I say that it is impossible for us to learn from there, it means that it is also possible for us to find investors of this level in Su Bancheng. The river city has somehow entered their eyes in Su Bancheng.
However, the root of our place is that it can’t attract the attention of Su Bancheng, and it is said that such a situation is actually a good thing to attract Su Bancheng’s attention and let him visit such a place. "
This thing is really the same as a guy like Shihan at this time, and it means that no matter how to speak at this time, Su Bancheng has indeed come to the river city no matter how to speak at this time
Such a situation, such a thing, such a thing and such a thing is a small success for the local government.
This place has attracted the attention of billionaires like Su Bancheng, which proves that this is more than what kind of achievements you can make, but it can attract Su Bancheng’s attention and prove that you are quite good at local governance, otherwise it is impossible to attract Su Bancheng’s attention.
What will the average person do to attract the attention of Su Bancheng? It is not a good investment environment, but at this time, in addition to a good investment environment, there is another thing about the river city, that is to say, there are antiques and ghost jade. With these things, it is of course more attractive to these rich people in Su Bancheng.
And this time, Su Bancheng and Shan can come to the river city in person. Will Su Bancheng come in person for such a small plan at this time? That’s impossible, but they did come at this time.
It’s not that they have mental problems, but what kind of people choose to come here at this time, that is, they have their own ghost-faced jadeite, whether it’s Su Bancheng or Shan.
A piece of jade is definitely a rare treasure. If it is in the store for a short time, then there will definitely be no third piece of jade with ghost face at this time.
If it is such a thing, then at this time, no matter how it is said, it is very attractive to those rich people and billionaires. Are they more valuable than each other?
The ghost face jade is such a thing, and no one knows where the first ghost face jade went. It seems that its owner is determined not to expose the ghost face jade, and it is not that all people can have such an ability at this time.
Only when they have money can they reflect the value of ghost face jade. There are few treasures in the world, and that’s why things can reflect the value of billionaires. Otherwise, anyone can buy things at this time. Can you still reflect the value of rough billionaires at this time? It is impossible
Moreover, there is absolutely no important question about money in such a matter. Whether they are themselves or not is glorious. If it is glorious, then at this time, no matter how I am, no matter how much I spend, these people will not rest assured. Moreover, this is a matter of showing their strength. If it is said that they can get the ghost face jade, it will also show how much their financial resources have reached.
This is also a considerable boost to their future business, because they have such a treasure to show that they are not short of money, so it is absolutely reassuring to do business with such a rich man, let alone a billionaire like Su Bancheng. At this time, even if it is said that those millionaires are talking about it, it is the same at this time. Do those millionaires really want to buy millions of famous cars?
This is not necessarily the case, but if you have a Ferrari, it will definitely be a status symbol when you go out at this time, so even if you are talking about business, it will increase your chances.
Therefore, in such a situation, sometimes the rich spend money, which is not necessarily to say that it is really showing off, which is a status symbol.
Everyone is in the circle, everyone is a billionaire, everyone is a multimillionaire, so it’s not so bad at this time. Others have Ferraris. If you get a field, are you in the same class or in the same circle?
One is that ordinary people can afford Volkswagen models, and the other is a nobleman in a car, which is the identity difference; If someone else wants a Ferrari, you want a BMW Bentley anyway. This is a circle. It is impossible for Tian Tian and Ferrari to get into a circle.
Of course, this is the level of millions of ordinary rich people, so that rich people can show off such a top rich person as Su Bancheng. At this time, no matter what, people in such a circle will no longer be able to show off their identity by car.
Do billionaires like Su Bancheng need expensive cars to show off their identity? Don’t say anything about expensive cars. Even if it’s a private jet, it’s not that there is no such thing as Su Bancheng.
This time, Su Bancheng came to visit the land by private jet. This is the level of people fighting in their circle. If Su Bancheng rides a bicycle, it will be a billionaire. No one dares to look down on Su Bancheng.
This is the strong place in Su Bancheng. He simply doesn’t need to prove that he is strong. Such a person can come to a place like River City at this time, of course, because there is something in it that can impress him.
One is to say that in such a situation, these things are for investment at this time, that is to say, to make money. If they can come to the river city, that is to say, what can impress them in such a place?
Although it is said that such a situation is such a thing that the river city is still quite poor, it does not mean that the river city is in one place, so such a situation is that if they come here, it is to make money.
In order to make money, they can really be interested in coming here, and the ghost face jade is of course one of the conditions. Such a rare treasure is also a good thing in Su Bancheng, and the rich like to pay attention to the object. That is, the world is scarce or only treasures can really attract the attention of the rich in Su Bancheng, and it is said that such a situation is actually such a thing to talk about, which is absolutely incomparable to other cities.
Don’t talk about such things in person. It is impossible for a guy like Shihan and a city like them to make such a move no matter what.

There was a burst of laughter in the village, which was also mixed with sudden deafness, and I laughed after I didn’t hear the question and got the answer.

In the imperial court power, it often happens that "returning home with clothes on", while in the benevolent king power, it happens again and again that "coming back from the dead"
Walking in the street, walking by the door, accidentally passing by a place, passers-by can always hear crying inside, then laughing and then enjoying the scene.
Lao Zheng carefully pumped water out of the well because he was too old to carry a full bucket and dare to carry half a bucket back and forth several times to pour it into the big wooden bucket beside the well.
Just as he poured the last small bucket of water and was going to walk into the house with the big bucket, the outside suddenly knocked on the door.
"LaoZheng, LaoZheng are you at home? Open the door! ! ! Lao Zheng! ! !”
"What’s the hurry?" Lao Zheng slowly walked to the door, pulled open the door bolt and frowned when he saw the people outside. "Khufu, you usually have nothing to find me. Why are you in such a hurry this time?"
"Oh LaoZheng why don’t you try so hard? Did you go to the army before your son? " Khufu hurriedly said
LaoZheng leng is a moment in tears, burying his face in a low hand, "how do you which pot doesn’t open which pot? It’s not that you don’t know he’s gone? "
"It’s not that your son didn’t die." Khufu grabbed Laozheng’s hand and released it
"What to say? My son’s comrades saw him die with their own eyes. What are you talking about? I don’t talk to you, you go and you go. "There are tears in Lao Zheng’s eyes and he will go to the door."
"Don’t wait for me to tell you the truth," Khufu immediately said. "Now the gods are coming, saying that others are dead and soldiers are not dead. Now they are waiting in front of the county government to say that they can’t come back for the time being, but this year they earned some money from their work and asked them to send money. Come with me quickly. If they don’t leave, they won’t hear from you."
"really?" Lao Zheng still can’t believe it.
"True, of course, is true. Are you going or not? I’m leaving without you? " Khufu saw that he wavered and stopped persuading him to start playing as before.
LaoZheng stare big eyes suddenly smiled "go I’ll go"
LaoZheng back when you want to go "you wait … wife …"
Soon after, Lao Zheng and his wife looked at the county government and suddenly became lively. The county government clasped hands with each other.
After they arrived here, they learned more about the truth of "soldier’s death", and every one of them seemed true, but even so, the parties and the two of them still couldn’t believe it so quickly.
After all, it has been a long time since the news of son’s death, and they have gradually adapted to life now after suffering. Now I hear that son may still be alive, and there are doubts mixed with joy, fearing that all this is false.
After another, people came over and looked almost exactly like them. They were happy, suspicious, surprised, worried and nervous about wanting to know the truth.
After a while, a few people came out of the county government and pushed a cart behind them.
When these people entered the crowd, the original bustling crowd suddenly became quiet.
"You believe that you have all heard what we asked people to bring you, and now I can tell you that those words are true. Maybe some of you will ask what they can’t come back. You should know that this is a sacred city and they were originally soldiers of Renwangdi. They need to be punished until they are sure that they will not pose threats and harm to ordinary people."
"But they have been working in prison now, and their salary is lower than that of ordinary people. They know that we are coming, and they hope that when we come, they will bring the saved salary home for them. I will report the names and addresses of the soldiers one by one, so that they can collect money from their families themselves."
"Zheng Feng lives in the county lane …"
"I, I, I, my family Zheng Feng, my family name is Zheng Feng." Old Zheng Yi heard the name and quickly raised his hand and carefully took the purse from the other hand. He asked, "Is my family Zheng Feng really alive?"
"Alive" The other party nodded. "Your Zheng Feng has done a good job and people have done well. If he can do well later, I believe he will come back soon."
Old Zheng Yi held the purse in his heart and bowed down to thank him. "Thank you, my Lord, thank you, my Lord!"
After walking out of the crowd, Lao Zheng and his wife hugged each other tightly
Behind him, one name and address were reported, and the actual situation was that laughter and crying overlapped from the crowd.
Living is the most important thing.
Chapter four hundred and forty-three Save money to build roads
After Renwang’s forces and the imperial court’s forces were transferred to the spirit city, the people’s hearts were very uneasy and almost overflowed their chests.
It used to be three minutes for the people or in the original dynasty. They had to wait for who won and who lost in clash royale in the end. Although there may still be war casualties in the end, no matter who won, they ordinary people can settle down somewhat.
But now the situation is that the power of the prince of Zhao was completely pushed to the south of Changhe River, and the power of the benevolent king and the imperial court was completely dissipated. All the officials in the DPRK were arrested, and the person who won this power was once the imperial court.
Such a change, even if the city of gods has not officially announced it, is actually equivalent to a regime change.
Every time the regime changes in history, even if the people live in peace, it will inevitably usher in some gods that are more serious and may bring about slaughter. After the forces of Renwang and the imperial court are completely gathered, the people will be afraid of whether there will be some problems in the future.
It was also at this time that the people who had been rejected came back, and the soldiers who had died in the battlefield also brought back the news. The former did not have a hard life as everyone imagined, and the news of the latter made the relatives of these soldiers feel new and hopeful.
It seems that everything is moving in the right direction since the appearance of the God City in front of them. One good news comes one after another, which makes the nervous people finally feel what is real stability.
Stability is not something others talk about, but a little infiltration in real life.

Liu Moliang pulled An An.

Damn it, Liu Ximo! !
"Back to where?"
Ask in an evil way
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Better father than mother arrives
Ask in an evil way
Didn’t Mo Er leave her?
She hasn’t come home yet.
"Is it Ningjia?"
Watching Liu Moliang in peace.
That look …
As if to say again
Sister Liang is not, is she? Definitely not! !
Liu Moliang nodded.
Since that son of a bitch Liu Ximo didn’t come to pick them up.
She let him see Ann.
That’s enough! !
See if he’s still disobedient
used to express displeasure or annoyance
Now I don’t even listen to my sister.
"I heard wrong. I heard wrong."
Ann said and squatted down.
Now Ning’s family should be in chaos! !
I heard that my parents are coming back.
Her father is so fierce.
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Harmonious family
Her father is so fierce.

Such a high injury is really shocking. Two people are in a cold sweat. Is this still Xia Ge? Eddie, this attack will add double damage for the second time. If you hit it, it will be more than 35 damage!

How many more Yang Ye have to kneel in Xia Ge? In front of Eddie
Two people glances from each other’s eyes to see the deep concern-this boss is not good to play!
But if it’s not easy to fight, you must fight!
"Blue-and-white back some blood and come back when it is full. You must listen carefully to my command boss to skills. I will wake you up. You remember to leave a displacement skill for the fastest escape! Be sure to leave when I wake you up! " Yang Ye couldn’t help it. How much can he wake up so that blue and white can bury snow or avoid Xia Ge? Aidi skill
Yang Ye doesn’t care so much.
But the blue and white snow didn’t seem to want to look at Yang Ye and then at the boss-Xia Ge? Eddie nodded heavily. "Got it!" to be continued
Chapter 177 Wind incarnation
It was an attack that crippled the blue and white buried snow. Not only did Yang Yeqing bury the snow, but he also realized Xia Ge? Eddie’s abnormal. Does he know about Xia Ge? Eddie, there are five skills in this fairy boss. If you know that you are afraid of it, it is another idea.
A blow will repel a hateful little Xia Ge? Eddie looked a little smug, and his eyes swept around him, and his mouth pulled up a faint smile, showing his sarcasm.
Hatred must be stabilized as soon as possible, otherwise it will be as dangerous as before. Is it very dangerous for Yang Ye to this summer pavilion? Eddie’s heart is also a straight crime. If he is not careful, he will die. Except for the displacement and hiding skills, all the other skills will be thrown out to increase the output-
"Cut the emperor type? Break! "
"general attack!"
"evil eye!"
Throw a bunch of skills to Xiage? Eddie eyes to lock Yang Ye mouth way "when it’s not afraid of dead worms so give me-die! !”
[attention! Sa Feng Feng Xia Ge? Eddie unleashed his skills [choke the throat! Please be careful]
Xiage? Eddie’s left hand stretched out to Yang Ye, and a small whirlwind quickly formed in his palm. The whirlwind turned clockwise and quickly formed a small tornado. Soon the blink of an eye reached Yang Ye and rolled toward Yang Ye’s neck.
Despite the miner’s hat, this skill is really unavoidable. Yang Ye still won-
The tornado circled around Yang Ye’s neck and then slammed into the Xia Ge? Eddie dragged it to …
The promise is to bury the snow in blue and white and shout that he doesn’t understand Xia Ge? Eddie’s skills, but after playing too many games, you can guess a little, which can pull people over. Is skills pulling people? Then it must be like a storm, and with Yang Ye dead, the boss can’t fight! Dagger turned an angle, blue and white buried snow, eyes narrowed towards Xia Ge? Eddie rushed over-people want to save!
Two "brothers" are Lilina and Lina calling Lilina. Looking at his brother being caught, the little dreams are fluttering and jumping, without saying that the metal wings are rapidly moving towards Yang Ye …
Lena can be anxious, but she can’t fight. Seeing her big brother caught by the bad guys makes her feel uncomfortable, but she can help her …
People in the middle school, Yang Ye can still see that he has the skills to avoid the next attack for several people, but if they come over, it may be combined with suffering and saving lives, but instead of sending himself-
"Don’t come and wait! I’m fine "Yang Ye shouted.
Yang Ye dialect or some Lilina and blue-and-white buried snow are stopped and retreated to Xia Ge? Eddie didn’t let Yang Ye down, so he picked up other skills behind the choke throat-
"Uh ha ha ha since I’m here, then don’t go! Wind trace! " Xiage? Eddie’s right-hand sword pointed to the air and the whole body wind stirred up quickly and buzzed, followed by several cyan wind blades forming in an area and trembling slightly-
"Go!" Xiage? Eddie shouted and pointed a sword at Yang Ye, who was still in the middle school.
All the wind blades are like soldiers who have been ordered. When the blade front turns, the sharpest part of the arc is toward Yang Ye, and then-