How did the European hegemon get to this point?

It really makes people shake their heads and sigh.
Perhaps this is the law of time?
Even a strong man like Chang Sheng, a prosperous empire like Lazio, could not resist the erosion of time and was defeated in the face of time …
Chapter seventy-three Sorry, I don’t understand.
There are many opinions about Lazio’s entry into the Italian Cup final. Some people praise it, while others question it.
There are all kinds of opinions.
Changsheng did not respond to these remarks.
On the one hand, he has no time; on the other hand, he doesn’t think it is necessary.
Everyone has the right to express their opinions, they can fully express their opinions, and it is impossible to silence them if they win.
Then, after they have expressed their opinions, Changsheng naturally has the right to swing his arms and slap them in the face.
This is the "natural right to hit the face."
They won’t listen to anything you say to them now. It takes a lot of saliva.
It’s really unnecessary to waste saliva with them, because they are always in such a position.
Anyway, after the final result comes out, just ignore their faces and beat them to death.
Easy and convenient.
Some people say that Lazio can only send him off with an Italian Cup champion?
They can say so, but they will never be satisfied with an Italian cup.
The Italian Cup champion, many people look down on it, and some people look down on it.
Take an Italian cup to see yourself off?
These people really want to come out, and they don’t want this kind of champion!
His eyes are still on the league and the Champions League, two more important champions.
Lazio are only one point behind Juventus in the league. There is still hope for the league title. Of course, after the start of the Champions League, fighting on two fronts will definitely affect Lazio’s performance in the league. At that time, it will depend on whether Lazio pursues the League title or the Champions League.
In the Champions League, Lazio’s top 16 opponents are Scottish Celts.
This is not a strong team, and Lazio should not be a problem in reaching the quarter-finals.
Such a lottery result surprised many people.
UEFA’s match against Lazio is nothing new in this group match. Why did UEFA suddenly turn around after the elimination stage?
This is definitely a problem, right?
But they scratched their heads and didn’t find anything wrong with it.
I can’t analyze the motivation of UEFA to do this.
Is it because the death group can’t get stuck in Lazio, so just give up?
How could UEFA be so timid?
This makes the media feel very boring. If UEFA keeps fighting Lazio to the end, it will be a good topic.
As a result, uefa was so timid …
The great stunt is gone.
In fact, they think of UEFA too simply.
UEFA did this just because it didn’t want to make things too obvious, even though the whole world knew about their relationship with Lazio. But as long as the enough paper doesn’t burst, they can still pretend to be that gentleman.
People are alive and trees are alive, and being a bitch needs to set up a chastity memorial arch.
UEFA wants to be bitches, and everyone says they are chaste and heroic women.
So we should talk about rhythm and methods.
It’s not dark now, it doesn’t mean later.
Maybe I want Lazio to let their guard down?

Scales like a sword Fei Biao came at the shadow on both sides of the front, left and right three directions at the same time to attack Yang Yelan demon chop behind nervous low call a while Long Xiao threw Long Lin chop when the face smile became more satisfied.

But then Long Xiaoxiao froze his face and froze his eyes. Staring eyes became full of surprise.
Rushed to Yang night unexpectedly can live at an amazing speed and then leap into the face of flying three pieces of Long Lin chop kicked three feet in a row!
These three feet are in the middle of three pieces of flying Long Lin’s chop. Two pieces were kicked and changed direction. They flew directly to the left and right two shadows. The last piece of Long Lin’s chop was kicked back by Yang night like an upside-down golden hook, spinning and flying to Long Xiao himself!
That’s impossible! !
Long Xiao secretly shouted in his heart, but that piece of Long Lin chop had come to his eyes. He was surprised and bent over to dodge that Long Lin chop flew over his cheek and drew a wound. Blood flowed out instantly.
The shadows on both sides of the hall were hit by Long Lin’s chop, and they all wailed a whole shadow and fell to the ground by Long Lin’s chop.
.. cn mobile phone. ㄧ support literature support 1ㄧ k! …
I can’t blame the scorching sun for being angry. I have already sent a signal, but Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan didn’t come, otherwise Furong Gen couldn’t run away!
Can’t blame Yang Ye, who is working with Lan Yao to cut the capital hall of an city. Where can Long Xiao, the family of scales, get away?
I can’t blame Nan Rong for illusion. He is in the west square of the city, fighting with more than a thousand Prometheans, and a red-haired woman who just hugged him and stabbed him with a black thorn …
Let’s talk about Nanrong Magic first.
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Facing the siege of more than 1000 Prometheans, Nan Ronghuan had to stretch out the knife bone, and for a long time before that, he tried his best to dodge and dodge the wave after wave of attacks by Prometheans, and also dodged the woman who kept stabbing his two black spiral thorns.
Shi Nanrong fantasized about running away, because it was the simplest and most direct solution for him, but he didn’t want to leave and told himself that he couldn’t leave. He had an intuition that the woman must have something with herself, but he couldn’t leave until he figured it out.
Nan Rong Huan watched this woman from different angles while hiding from the left and flashing from the right. The more she looked, the more she felt that she must be familiar with this woman, and she was very close and familiar.
But everything is vague in my mind, but I can’t remember it at last
The red-haired girl’s eyes are really fierce at the moment, and her hands are holding the spiral black thorn, and she is also stabbing at Nan Rong’s magic mouth quickly. She keeps cursing and her eyes are red, so she tries her best to control her back to normal, hold back her tears and then attack Nan Rong’s magic exhibition fiercely, but she is red again without stabbing a few eyes.
But Nan Rong Phantom is not stupid. Few of them feel that the red-haired girl doesn’t really want to hurt him at all. Every stab is to avoid Nan Rong Phantom. The speed is fast and the momentum is fierce. However, it’s thunder and rain, and no stab is really going to the south Rong Phantom. It seems that the woman knows that she must be hiding in these moves. It’s just to vent her anger.
This makes Nan Ronghuan even more strange. What’s the matter with this redhead? Isn’t she a major in Black Field? What are she and me? She said I was the enemy, but she didn’t want to hurt me. Who is she?
Doubt the south glory illusion while dodging constantly.
Those Prometheans are very quick to pounce on Nan Rong Illusion one by one like a wolf, but this speed is not difficult for Nan Rong Illusion to cope with. It is the constant attack on him. This redhead always distracts him, and he will be jumped by those Prometheans again and again, or he will be pushed away again and again.
This girl is not the enemy. This is what Nan Rong-huan thinks, and those Prometheans in Tang Dynasty don’t know how to deal with it.
You can’t fight or escape, which makes Nan Rong’s illusion really uncomfortable.
At this time, Nan Rong Magic suddenly saw that he felt the red print behind him. Of course, he knew that it was a signal from the red print of the scorching sun. This kind of red print and red print induction can understand the law, just like a heart, and you can know who the other person is as soon as you have induction.
As soon as Chiyin had an induction, Nan Rong Phantom was a little anxious. He knew that it was the scorching sun that found something, probably Long Xiao, the scaly family. But at this moment, he didn’t want to get away from it. This redhead made him have a strong curiosity. Strangely, he felt a sense of inexplicable guilt and self-blame in the face of this female Nan Rong Phantom. Although he didn’t know the reason, he seemed destined to have a sense of guilt about this redhead in front of him.
There’s nothing we can do! Nan Rong’s magic heart stretched out his right hand horizontally, and the knife bone stretched to more than a foot long. He hesitated and waved his hand and chopped at the Promethean who jumped on him.
They are not Datang people, but some unconscious bodies!
Nan Rong fantasized clearly about this, so he completely relieved himself. Now he is anxious and must solve things here as soon as possible, even if he means this woman before him! Then take her to the hot sun! If a person can’t cope with Long Xiao, the scaly clan in the scorching sun, he will be in danger. I wonder if Yang Yexian will make it there!
In the mind such a nasty manual also quickly up moment kung fu promethean has poured a large side.
Come to these Prometheans, they are not afraid of being hacked and their heads will not fall off. No matter what, they can still move forward or attack, but they are not facing ordinary swords at the moment, but Nanrong Magic Bone Knife.
The osteotome saw a gelatinous crystal around the wound of the living corpse, and the Promethean who was cut down immediately fell to the ground with his body twisted and growled, but if he couldn’t get up again, he wouldn’t move as if he were frozen until the gelatinous crystal spread to his body.
The osteotome Nanrong Phantom is roaring around with Prometheans one after another. In addition to those Japanese samurai who died before, they are now full of frozen Prometheans with different shapes. From a distance, this square in the west of the city seems to be a waste puppet model dump.
Although Nanrong Phantom danced anxiously with his right arm and stretched out his osteotome, he kept chopping at those Prometheans of Tang Dynasty, but he always avoided flashing that redhead didn’t want to hurt her at all.
The redhead is a little dull. I don’t know what caused Nan Rong’s illusion. She suddenly got excited and stretched out her osteotome, but when she fell into pieces before her eyes, she was a little anxious.
Carrying two spiral black thorns, he went straight to Nan Rong’s mouth and screamed "Yaya" and stabbed it constantly.
South glory magic while dodging twist a head to look at this red-haired female hand also chopping constantly rushed to many Prometheans.
Behind him came a Promethean, Nan Rong, who suddenly turned to jilt, and then his osteotome was chopped and kicked by another Promethean.
At this time, the red-haired girl screamed at Nan Rong’s back and stabbed her. The sound was so loud that it seemed to wake Nan Rong’s illusion.
There were three or five Prometheans in front of her, and she heard the woman shouting behind her, but she didn’t look back, and she didn’t go to avoid him. She expected that the redhead wouldn’t really stab herself, because she was hiding from stabbing before, but she stopped, and Nan Rong knew that this woman didn’t want to hurt him. This was also his most curious place.
The redhead didn’t stop, but kept coming, because when she went to stab Nan Rong Magic, although the speed was not very fast, Nan Rong Magic was dodging. This time, she shouted again, so she expected Nan Rong Magic would avoid it, but when she found that Nan Rong Magic Root didn’t avoid meaning and didn’t look back, it was too late …
So in this way, two spiral black thorns blink and have been inserted into the south magic back.
Generally, the sword can’t penetrate into Nan Rong’s phantom body, but this pair of spiral black thorns is also a weapon to cultivate officials. As soon as the blood seeps out from the wound behind, it instantly turns red.
Although the red-haired girl knew that she couldn’t avoid it and forced her to take some strength, she still couldn’t stop two spiral black thorns from sinking into Nan Rong’s magic body. The black thorns were inserted into the body sound so light, so short and so insignificant, but it was enough to make Nan Rong’s magic surprised and make the red-haired girl’s heart suddenly tremble!
Nan Rong’s illusion is that she feels a chill behind her, and then she turns white. She has a black thorn in her heart. I didn’t expect this jurchen to kill me! ?
Shout a south glory illusion fiercely turned around and the right hand osteotome split sideways to the red-haired girl behind him, and a white light flashed but suddenly stopped.
The osteotome stopped at the side of the red-haired girl’s neck, and the blade was almost posted on the neck.

Kuching laughed. "It’s good to bring it here." Now, of course, the winner will declare to the loser that he will show his winner posture to satisfy his pleasure.

"You, you" Gu Kang obviously didn’t know what had happened, but he didn’t know when he saw Kuching wearing a dragon robe guard and calling him Huang?
Gu Weiran sighed that the second emperor was Zhang Tao Lamar, but he didn’t expect to become a big emperor, but it didn’t make sense even if the second emperor was still alive. The power behind the big emperor was too strong.
"Second brother, second brother, aren’t you glad that my brother is emperor now?" Kuching said with a smile
Gu Kang looked pale but didn’t speak. How many people died in this position? Gu Bin, the ancient king, the ghost emperor, and Tianshi Zun are just a position!
"Now I can generously tell you that Cologne Day was poisoned by me. That old deathlessly didn’t stand me too? I am long! He has repeatedly delayed that if he doesn’t die, I will become king. If he wants to live for ten years, won’t I have to wait for ten years? " Kuching’s face was ferocious. At this moment, he lost his humanity like a beast.
Gu Wei ran silently aside. He knew the reason long ago, but Gu Kang swore, "Kuching, how dare you poison your father? I must make this public and make you ruined!"
Isn’t it intimidating to say it in front of Gu Kang’s words that Gu Wei is contemptuous of you? I’ve never seen such an idiot.
"Ha ha? The public? OK! I see how you killed him in public! " Kuching said to the stone master that Kukang’s face changed. Did Kuching really dare to kill himself? Although he lost power and influence, he is still an emperor.
But it’s a pity that the stone master did not move. "Why don’t you start work? Don’t you want to resist? " Perhaps it was because of emotional Kuching that he lost his mind and yelled at the Stone Family.
"Kuching, you are alive and have an emperor addiction? If so, I can always let you a "stone elders at this time to open your eyes a face of cool.
Kuching suddenly woke up. "What shall I do?" The ultimate benefit of the throne is very easy to make people lose their minds. Kuching is the best example. "Elder Shi is not good for me. I am so excited. I am a little carried away. Your adult should not be knowledgeable with me." Kuching hurriedly explained regardless of the cold sweat on his forehead.
Tang Jiuwu Zun is so grovelling that he sneers at "Somebody!" After Kuching apologized, Elder Shi closed his eyes again. Kuching was relieved and immediately shouted to the outside.
Soon after, several guards carried out Kuching’s orders, and he was dragged to be beheaded. Although Kukang shouted all the way that Kuching was the murderer of Gu Longtian, everyone he heard turned a deaf ear and shouted that he was a psycho.
"Third brother, do you want to talk to me?" Kuching grinned.
"Will anyone believe it?" Guweiran light said
"Ha-ha, it’s good that you are really smart. No wonder you can move your second brother, but it’s a pity that you ended up missing a move. Don’t worry, you are my last brother. I won’t kill you easily. Just taste a prison first. This will show my kindness and love." Kuching laughed triumphantly.
Chapter 69 Seriously injured messenger
Chapter 69 Seriously injured messenger
Kuching proudly pretended not to see it, perhaps because he didn’t think it meant anything. Kuching waved his hand and let the guards take it with him. Then Kuching spoke respectfully to the stone elders and others 【
Listen to the cold Meng Hua, Zhong Kai, Zhao Daniu, and the killer got the first-hand information one day after another and immediately chose to take shelter! They knew that Kuching had ascended the throne, and they were the first people to be purged by Kuching.
Then Kuching will pull out the remnants of the Second Emperor Gukang and Guweiran from the two old generals and weaken them bit by bit.
Either buy it, or go up and down and deprive it, and slowly soften the wings of the two old generals. Finally, when they become army of one, they will be like toothless tigers without threat.
In Kuching, Zhang Tao, I’m not worried about the stone elders, Zhang Tao, who can’t afford to turn over the big waves, Meng Hua and others, and Kai Zhong arranged to hide in a private house. For the killer, concealment is the basic ability to avoid Kuching’s wanted arrest.
Unless a master comes to search in person, it is definitely a slightly gullible soldier. It is just a joke. "Our last hope now is Zhang Tao. Only with him can we make a comeback." This is Meng Hua’s dialect and Gu Weiran’s meaning. Although she is worried, she has never heard the news that Gu Weiran was executed. She is also relieved that Yu Gukang has already died.
In the palace, Kuching sat in the dragon chair, and Shi Changlao left. At this moment, he is the most adult. At this moment, he is the only country in the world. This hard-won pleasure has made him not fully awake. Now Kuching is not a qualified emperor, but a dreamer who is intoxicated.
When Kuching considered whether to enrich his harem, a shadow quietly appeared in the hall "believing in the emperor Kuching"
"Who are you?" Kuching was shocked. How did this man appear in front of himself? Are the guards outside eating porridge? Wouldn’t it be wrong to let an assassin sneak into himself and be killed just when he became emperor? Kuching was about to shout "I am a shadow" when Shadow knelt down on one knee.
See each other incredibly kneeling kuching slowly calm down to "shadow? What do you mean? "
"The shadow is the emperor who knows the secret. I am your shadow. I help you monitor people, assassinate people and do things you don’t want or are inconvenient to do. Now that you are the new emperor, my shadow will naturally come out to see you." Shadow said lightly.
"oh? Is there such a thing? " Kuching became interested.
"In fact, when the Stone Family returned to the scene, I always played. Although he is the pinnacle of Tianshi, he also found that I was like Qingyang who never knew me." The shadow said lightly, but I still heard a trace of pride in his tone.
"Oh?" Kuching is happy. If so, this picture is really great. He can help himself with too many things.
In fact, there are countless tactics of latent assassination in Dongyue mainland. A person gets a special collar just like Lu Ganhao’s latent collar is also very secret.
"Good, then you go first. If I need you?" Kuching asked
"Call me and I will always be around the emperor," the shadow said.
Kuching zheng has been by his side? Don’t you know everything you do? I feel uncomfortable when I think of myself and my beloved princess, when someone peeks at Kuching’s heart.
"You shouldn’t look at the emperor, but you can rest assured." Shadow immediately said when he saw Kuching’s face.
Kuching nodded his head and the shadow disappeared. Kuching couldn’t help but marvel. "I didn’t expect the emperor to have such a secret weapon. It’s really good." Of course, Kuching will also press the bottom of my heart.
Zhang Tao! A group of people rush to the imperial city and travel long distances from the imperial city in less than ten miles, but Zhang Tao’s every move is almost always monitored by Kuching, and Zhang Tao will fall into a trap if he steps into a certain range.
"Stop!" Walking at the front, Mo Ying suddenly said that the people behind him stopped driving. At this time, the forest path was quiet, and only the wind blew the leaves. Because of the late autumn, many leaves were flying, and the ground was full of fallen leaves. It was a beautiful scenery that the wind fluttered with the fallen leaves.
"Mr. Mo?" Zhang Tao didn’t feel anything, but he knew Mo Ying wouldn’t shoot at you. He must have sensed something was wrong to stop everyone.
"What people come out!" Moment MoYing folded a roar, although the wind slowly but MoYing sound like a thunderbolt.
Zhang Tao and others are all nervous. They all know that the imperial city crisis should be ambushed at any time, but coming out of this person makes Zhang Tao and others face a change.
"Qingyang predecessors?" Zhang Tao lost his words.
At this time, Qingyang was pale with blood, and he was so weak that his pupils were lax, but he had a clear "Zhang Zhang Tao"
Zhang Tao dare not hesitate to turn over to Qingyang’s side. "Qingyang predecessors, who are you?" Zhang Tao is more powerful than Qingyang in horror. Zhang Tao knows who can hurt him like this.
But soon Qingyang fainted. "What should I do?" Qin Huanran asked.

Ye Qing saw that she wanted to escape, immediately grabbed her arm and then pulled it back. On the strength of Da Mi, where is his opponent? He was pulled directly into his arms, leaning his hands on her shoulders and then bowed his head and kissed Da Mi’s rosy lips directly.

Big honey’s eyes are round and her expression looks a little frightened, like a frightened rabbit. She clutched Ye with both hands and dumped her clothes, and then her mouth clumsily responded, apparently never taking a kiss.
Ye Qing’s kissing skills are not much better. When I was in college, I kissed his girlfriend just like a dragonfly. I rarely kissed him emotionally like this. At this time, he was also very aggressive. He resisted Da Mi and closed two rows of white teeth. Da Mi closed his eyes shyly and his teeth were weak all over. Ye Qing’s tongue was attacked and Ye Qing broke in.
The big honey sweet tongue is small and flexible, and if the sandalwood leaves break through, it immediately finds the big honey sweet tongue. It suddenly feels smoother than it may be because of the true feelings. It feels that this kiss is a thousand times better than his ex-girlfriend’s kiss. The whole person has fallen into the arms of Ye Qing, and the tongue responds to Ye Qing’s every tease.
"Uh-huh ….." Big honey felt a little difficult to breathe and uttered a few groans, which could not help but stimulate Yuzryha to hug her back tightly and let her stick to her body and feel that the girl’s body trembled slightly in her arms. That kind of shyness naturally emanated.
He sucked the big honey flexibly, covered the small honey mouth with his tongue and lips, felt her shortness of breath, and felt a strong possessiveness in his heart. He wanted to push the big honey to the bed at once, but reason told him not to do so. If he did that, he would definitely get a loud slap in the face from the big honey.
At this time, big honey lost all her white body in her brain, and she felt that Ye Qing’s tongue was moving in her mouth. Because Ye Qing had been blocking her mouth, her face was flushed with shortness of breath, and she could not help but try to push Ye Qing.
Where Ye Qing was willing to let her go, she immediately put her on the bed, and she fell on her back and fell on the bed. Ye Qing’s mouth never left her lips, holding her head in one hand and touching it directly from the big honey coat in the other.
Big honey woke up immediately, and quickly reached out and held down the leaf tilting hand. At this time, the leaf tilting just reached the belly of big honey, and when she pressed the whole palm, it covered her flat belly. It felt warm and jade, and it felt very good. At that time, he no longer moved his finger and rubbed it in the belly of big honey, feeling that the skin of big honey was very delicate.
The two kissed for ten minutes before Songyeqing and Daimi took a deep breath almost at the same time, and then looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing. Daimi’s face was red as if she were drunk. She smiled happily at Yeqing and said, "You almost suffocated me."
"I’m so excited, I’m sure it will be much better." Ye Qing was also very embarrassed. The tunnel honey cocked her mouth and complained, "What did you want with that thief just now?"
"I didn’t want to do it. My hands are too cold outside and I want to reach in to keep warm!" Ye Qing now also cheeky cheekily looked at big honey.
"Bah! Why are you reaching for warmth? "
"Don’t should stretch? You said it earlier! "
"Go to hell! Smelly rascal! Get up and go to the club! Don’t make me late, too. How can I lead you when those guys have something to say? " Big honey is very bitterness tunnel
"Yes, yes, yes, my horse will get up and lead you first!" Ye Qing immediately said honestly that he grabbed the chair coat and put it on, and then he would be paved before he hit the door and went out with Big Honey.
At this time, Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu were already waiting for them in the living room. When they came out, Dong Laoer immediately said, "Boss, boss, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?" Ye Qing saw this guy’s eyes and knew that he was asking himself if he got it last night.
Chapter 1 Real Giants Club
Ye Qing looked at Dong Laoer with a crooked eye, while Da Mi smiled and said, "Did you sleep well? Did you have breakfast?" When Dong Laoer saw Ye Qing’s expression, he knew that he definitely didn’t succeed. He could not help sighing, but said, "We haven’t eaten yet. We are going out to eat last night. It rained heavily. Today, we didn’t want to make breakfast or go out to buy anything. We just went out to eat and went directly to the club."
"It’s also time-saving, so let’s go out to eat together. After eating, you go to the club first, and I have to pick up the car. Don’t be lazy if I don’t come. Practice hard!" Big honey smiled and said to Dong Laoer and Ye Qing
Ye Qing made an ok gesture and said, "Don’t worry, they dare not be lazy when I watch those monkeys!" Big honey nodded and then went to the health wash first. Dong Laoer immediately took Ye Qing to the window and mysteriously asked, "Eldest brother, you shouldn’t have slept honestly last night, right? Didn’t you catch anything? "
Ye Qing sighed, "You don’t see that she usually seems to be very fashionable and avant-garde. In fact, her heart is very unified. Last night, I slept with her and squeezed my arm. However, after getting up early, I grabbed her and chewed it, which is a bit of welfare. The progress has been very good."
Dong Laoer heard the words and smiled. "Haha … that’s faster than your progress with Su Yanbing. Surely you haven’t had a chance to kiss Fang Ze?"
"Ah, you don’t want me to be sad. The past is over. Now I’m with Honey and I’ve really found that feeling of falling in love. I found that I have loved her hopelessly." Ye Qing said with a face showing tenderness. Dong Laoer couldn’t help but laugh. "It seems that the hard work and persistence of the big boss have finally paid off. This is called keeping the clouds and seeing the moon! I think even if Su Yanbing is willing to change everything about yourself, you won’t look back, will you? "
"It also says that I won’t fail Honey. She is very affectionate to me and I will love her well." Ye Qing solemnly nodded his head and asked again, "Boss, you really didn’t do anything last night?"
"Really!" Leaf tilt very sure tunnel
"Shit, don’t lie to me. I’m your brother. You have to tell me the truth!"
"Your sister, I came to tell the truth!"
"Then you have no touch here and there? It’ s good to have a hand addiction! " Dong Laoer very obscene tunnel Ye Qing immediately white his one eye, "I’m not as obscene as you! Brother is an upright man, understand? " Then he added in his mind, "Don’t you and I really want to touch around? She held my hand … "
Ye Qing also ran into the sanitary bathroom after Da Mi finished washing. After finishing washing, the four of them went out together. Because of the heavy rain all night, the air outside was fresh and the ground was still a little wet. Dong Laoer came over and Ye Qing stopped a taxi for Da Mi and asked her to go to the Italian restaurant parking lot to pick up the car.
Ye Qing, Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu went to the club for their daily work. Today, Ye Qing is in a very good mood because he got a little benefit early. He can’t help laughing when he plays the game, which makes meteor and others feel puzzled. I don’t know what Ye Qing is laughing at.
Big honey came back from the car and went to the training room specially to have a look at everyone’s training. Ye Qing made eye contact many times during this period. The relationship between the two was growing day by day. To see each other feel very good, Ye Qing felt from the bottom of his heart that being with big honey was much more relaxed and happy than being with Su Yanbing.
After the completion of the training in these two days, the China-Korea Masters Invitational Tournament was finally held in Chengdu. Almost all the professional teams in Chengdu went to watch the game that day. So most of the large-scale events will be chosen in Chengdu because of Jiang Yuhan, or rather, because of the S team. This team array is luxurious and has a large number of fans in Chengdu, and Jiang Yuhan once defeated South Korea’s sniper Wang Li Qianxiu in the China-Korea Masters Invitational Tournament. It is more conducive for Jiang Yuhan to play and let him occupy the home advantage.
Club I people arrived at the competition site early, and they saw that there was already a sea of people outside the competition site and a long queue at the entrance. This competition has become the largest event in Chengdu except wg, and it is a visual feast for fer. Many star players will compete here for the final championship.
There are also five invited teams in China, namely, S Team, Tiger Brothers League, Liaoning Qingcheng Competition, ig Athletic Club and agpepsi Time Line. These five top professional teams in China are worth it. First, the flag of ig Athletic Club includes doa, F, The lol team has taken the initiative very quickly recently, especially after the reorganization of the S team, which wantonly poached people from the major teams, resulting in a great change in the pattern of the F world, and the front line was also reorganized during the ag parade. It can be seen from the name of the team that when the team is called agpepsi, the front line is supposed to be sponsored by Pepsi, and they have obtained the title. This team array has also changed recently, and even and kwo have become the pillars of the team, lsn, Dono can also support the team with strong firepower, and the strength of the team has been greatly enhanced. From the ranking of the team, they also surpassed the Qingcheng in Liaoning and the Han Palace lan and ranked third in prehistoric cases.
Ig Athletic Club became the biggest dark horse and quickly rose to the second place. If the S team had not been reorganized, there is no doubt that they would be the first. This club can be said to be the first truly rich club in China, because they are the richest man in the world, and Grandpa Wanda Group is definitely a truly rich club.
Ig Athletic Club has recently carried out a series of corner-digging operations involving doa, StarCraft II, F, lol and other projects. ig is probably the only one that can dig people in such a big way. Now the members of the F team of ig Club include 7kg, the top sniper Ma Zhe, who is equally famous as White Shark, and four top gunners, n1e, 4me, 1 and bes. Except for the S team, they are in the limelight for a while.
It is said that ig Athletic Club once offered 1 million yuan to Jiang Yuhan, a sniper, hoping that he could transfer to the past, but Jiang Yuhan refused. He really said that his comeback was not to make money, but to attack wg champion again. Although ig Club also had the strength to attack the champion, Jiang Yuhan would not leave those friends who followed him.
Not to mention that there are 7kg in Liaoning Qingcheng, and they are strong enough to win everyone’s recognition, and they also have the strength of the impact champion with the assistance of Lincoln and others. It can be said that the three teams ig, ag and Qingcheng are strong because of the former Dongjia ab member base, except for the gold medal commander sir who chose to retire, the other four people were divided up by these three teams.

Hand-written novels

Chapter six hundred and four One-time solution
Welcome you to come.
After letting go of the four people who died from grief and sorrow, the wind rose and returned to Juxian Pavilion.
The wind Yang was forced to stay in Downing’s room and just pushed the door and the wind Yang was startled by the room situation.
Michelle, Yunrou, Liuman, Xiyu, Downing, Han Lei, etc. All the girls in this room comforted Michelle. I didn’t expect the wind to suddenly break in. I looked at Yang suspiciously and looked at Downing strangely, making Downing feel ashamed and want to find a hole to drill in.
Who’s Brother Feng Yang? That’s a man of God who will make great progress every time he surges. How can this scene scare him? When he saw Brother Yang enter the room, he staggered a few steps and held the door. His eyes were confused. "What are you doing in my room?" He also burped with colored wine.
Then he stupidly pointed to a group of girls across the street. "One is two, three, four, three, one and five."
"You are crazy, you have nothing to drink so drunk." Yunrou scolded "Your room is next door."
"Bullshit, this is my room." When Feng Yang held the door and shook his head, his expression and stuttering frequency were no different from those of being really drunk. Acting was a master.
"Mom, there are always so many things that go wrong, even the rooms have to be robbed." Feng Yang staggered out of the room while cursing as if his heart was full of resentment.
Several girls in the room couldn’t help feeling sad and sympathetic by the wind.
Looking at the swaying out of the lonely back of the room, Han Lei’s tears came out, and the cloud was soft and a little sad. He said, "Brother Yang is really tired and has been carrying so much pressure. His appearance is so strong that we always see him slack, but when he helps, he can anesthetize himself with wine. Sometimes I really think that a man like him needs a lot of women to warm him up and give him a sense of security."
Liu Man also nodded. "Yes, after knowing him for so long, he has been carrying so many things that we don’t know. In front of outsiders, he is so ruthless and cold-blooded, but he can still drink quietly in the dead of night to vent his depression. After that, we must be nice to Brother Yang. You just went too far. Why should you say that about him? We should go over there and help him get a good sleep. Now it feels cruel to think about it."
Several girls have expressed their sympathy and sympathy for Feng Yang, and made a profound review of themselves. Downing has been silent, annoyed and funny in his heart.
Xi Yu didn’t speak. He just looked at the door calmly and then glanced at it with meaning. Downing felt a pain in his heart for no reason.
Feng Yang went to his room and hurriedly slammed the door and exhaled a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, my IQ and reaction are ordinary people’s understanding, otherwise I would have been embarrassed just now."
This incident also made Feng Yang conclude that acting is sometimes more important than force.
Lying in bed tossing and turning has always been a way to sleep. My mind is full of Tang Ningchi lu charming body and those two need two slaps to cover the white jade rabbit. It’s a little overwhelming and hot, and then I can’t help but feel a little sad when I think about my’ efficiency’.
I waited until the early hours of the morning before I heard a noisy footstep coming from the next room. Obviously, the girls were all away from the wind. Brother Yang has always been a careful boat, and waited for a moment without hearing footsteps again. Then I crept to the door and looked at the probe. There was no figure.
Suddenly Fengyang felt something was wrong. Fuck, I’m the boss. If someone finds out that I’m so sneaky and it’s not in my style, it seems that being a thief really makes me feel guilty.
Came to the door the wind Yang also don’t forget yuan soul force detection found that there is a breath that openly pushed the door and went in.
Downing just washed up and was about to go to bed when he saw Feng Yang suddenly push the door and came in. He couldn’t help rolling his eyes. "You can’t, can you?"
"What? No, you’re my daughter-in-law. I’m here to exchange feelings in my daughter-in-law’s room." The wind is serious, and then I’m impatient and take myself off.
Although Tang Ningnai was teased for several nights in a row, it was not very uncomfortable, but in order to satisfy the wind, she would rather suffer a little by herself.
And then cater to the wind.
I have to say that Tang Ning is really a stunner with fair skin, delicate and soft bones, and a pair of gigantic twin peaks that men can’t put down, and the bed groans are extremely attractive. Perhaps it should be said that the quieter the day, the simpler the girl’s bed, but this unrestrained is limited to the man they love.
After Fengyang surrendered, Tang Ning yu looked at Fengyang tenderly and said, "Let’s find Hu Die’s sister and have a look. Can’t we go like this?"
"Try again"
"all right"
This night is still surging with limits.
The next morning, it was the same step and the same result.
Feng Yang finally got up the courage and felt that he really wanted to ask Hu Die for help in diagnosis and treatment.
But during the day, there are still some things that the wind blows and I didn’t care to get out of Downing’s room, so I called everyone to the hall.
Renyi Ge, Peng Shuai, Hua Tian, Luo Lin and so on all gathered together to wait for the call of the wind.
"How are the Renyi brothers and girls?" The wind Yang asked.
Renyi said, "Everything is arranged, and they are all ready to act at any time."
"Good Renyi Brother Pongo Pony, come here." Feng Yang brought Renyi and Peng Shuai Pony into the room, and then several people came out again soon.
Rowling was curious and quietly asked what Renyi and Peng Shuai Fengyang said. Renyi and Peng Shuai also smiled and said, "We’ll see."
Rowling went to the pony again and winked and smiled, "Mark."
Pony hurriedly waved his hand. "I was scared when I heard this name floating out of your mouth."
"Panic, will your uncle say it?" Rowling is angry.
"Don’t tell me unless you ask your daughter-in-law to play a honey trap."
"I went to your uncle to hit my daughter-in-law. Pay attention to what I said. You always stare at my daughter-in-law with bedroom eyes. I also appreciate your art. The Institute of Fine Arts has never been anxious with you. I didn’t expect you to be up to your neck today." Yun Rou has always been Luo Lin’s lamella, so he jumped at the pony. Where is Luo Lin’s opponent? If you divide by three, you will be cleaned up and rode by Luo Lin.
"Better die than surrender" Pony gritted his teeth.
"Hands claw oblique sixty-five degrees to grasp" Liu Zhe next to the pony to make a battle plan.
Pony in accordance with the instructions of Liu Zhe hands instantaneous caught rollin two ru~ head and then pull.
"Whoa, whoa, let go" Rowling’s piercing screams rang all over Juxian Pavilion. The atmosphere was very relaxed and harmonious. Looking at Rowling riding a pony with one hand, he grabbed the pony’s nostrils and pulled it hard. The backhand grabbed Rowling ru~ The head force pulled out two people and screamed constantly. Everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter. The mood became happier gradually.

Yang night saw that the prince of Wu was not a lecher. Why is there such a big gap with the original history? Looking at the prince’s face getting uglier and uglier, he was afraid that he would punish himself and two school sisters next to him in anger, so he quickly waved to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan to wait in the temple.

"The king proved to be a good leader! Oh, it’s diligent! " Relieved the embarrassing atmosphere, Yang Ye kowtowed.
The prince of Wu was silent for a while and smiled slightly again. "Okay, Dr. Fan, don’t talk about this. I want you to get drunk today!"
After the banquet, Yang Ye discovered that Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, really attached great importance to himself. Oh, he didn’t attach importance to Fan Li. Because there were two people at this banquet, Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, and Yang Ye, the minister of Wu, who didn’t call to accompany him to eat, drink and play. Yang Ye was suspicious. Is this guy Fu Cha plotting something?
Banquet Wu Wang Fu Cha Yang Ye frequently raised glasses to each other, and constantly said long and long compliments to each other, saying that Yang Ye was thirsty and ran out of food, but Wu Wang Fu Cha also praised the fact that Yang Ye Fan Li’s compliments were like endless rivers and the Yellow River flooding out of control.
Yang Ye nodded and smiled frequently, although he knew it was a compliment to others, but his heart was quite cool. This was a compliment from a monarch. However, Yang Ye had several reasons in his heart for coming to wuyue or making rice wine in the Spring and Autumn Period. After drinking more than a dozen cups, the prince became more and more sober. However, his face turned red and he was slightly drunk.
"It’s no lie for Dr. Fan to miss you when he was alone!" Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, put his arm around his wide sleeves and twisted his beard and said, "Since you returned to Vietnam with Gou Jian, I have been saddened for many days and I feel sorry for not being able to retain such a talented person as Dr. Fan!"
"The king YanChong! Where can I be called a handsome man? " Yang Ye smiled and raised his fist, but he muttered something in his heart. Isn’t it the time when historical Fan Li accompanied Gou Jian, the king of Yue, and Wu raised horses and guarded the tomb? That’s right Yang night suddenly remembered the history. Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, wanted to recruit Fan Li to himself more than once! These days, I am worried that Xi Shi has forgotten such an important bridge!
"no! In your eyes, you are a rare talent in a hundred years! " Fu Cha, the king of Wu, stretched out his big hand and paused with a serious expression. He lowered his tone again and said softly, "Doctor Fan, do you ever remember when I talked to you?"
Yang Yexin knows his belly and smiles. "Does your majesty want me to jump ship?"
"Job hopping?"
"Oh, just recruit me to contribute to the King Jiangshan State of Wu!"
"Oh, oh, it’s just this matter. I wonder if Dr. Fan can consider it now?" The prince Fu Cha looked forward to Yang night.
"Mm-hmm, I’m sorry about your majesty. I’ll give you a satisfactory answer after careful consideration!" Yang night so serious sample eyes also showed some gratitude.
Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, was so happy that he decided that Fan Li came to Wu this time to take refuge in himself in the name of sending tribute. The words and eyes just now have clearly said all this!
The prince was more interested in this joy, and Yang night pushed a cup for a change and drank it until he didn’t pay much attention to himself. The sitting posture of this jade sewing seat was also slightly loose
Yang Ye still didn’t feel drunk, but he was always thinking about what to do next. He didn’t come to drink with the prince of Wu, let alone submit! The main problem now is that the prince of Wu is really bad, so Xi Shi and Zheng Dan are safe, but there is nothing left! How can we make the prince of Wu weak? Do we have to sacrifice ourselves?
Thinking so much about Yang Ye, I was anxious to see the prince of Wu Fu Cha getting drunk. I hesitated for a long time and couldn’t help but carefully ask, "The king and the villain have something to ask, but I don’t know when to speak improperly!"
"Speaking! If Dr. Fan wants to come to Wu, he must be my confidant. There are still things to say! " The prince of Wu sat cross-legged with one hand holding the back seat and the other gesticulating wildly.
"As the saying goes, my fair lady is a gentleman, but the king is not close to women. Is it to concentrate on failure? Do you want to govern the country with one heart? " Yang night heavy sigh light ask out.
"This matter … this matter is not worth mentioning!" Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, just closed his eyes and continued to wave his arms and prevaricate when he heard the expression embarrassed.
"But the king didn’t think" Yang night in the mind this nasty! How can the prince of Wu go home if he is not lustful? So I simply thought about it and prepared to provoke King Wu. "Didn’t your majesty ever think that if you don’t put your mind on the country … and don’t be close to women, then even if your majesty plays a big role in unifying the country, there will be no descendants to inherit the great rivers and mountains that you have worked hard to call after a hundred years!"
When the prince heard the silence, he sat up slowly, stretched out his hand and patted the front table. Yang night jumped and stared at the prince Fu Cha and felt that he was talking.
"Doctor Fan, are you … are you willing to come to my Wu Guocheng confidant and become the first political minister in the future?"
Yang night a premonition that Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, might have something to say, so Ma said, "I really want to work for the king, but …"
"all right! Not much to say! I am willing to take you as my confidant! " The prince Fu Cha interrupted Yang night took a table and was silent for a while. Slowly, his face was full of sorrow and he looked up at Yang night. "Dr. Fan, don’t you think about what you said? But I have a room … "
Sorry, it’s a little late to update, and I just came back after another wine game. Let’s go lie down for a while in dizziness. Some readers in Northeast China should know where drinking is for friends here. It’s a life-threatening thing! Three or two cups to four …
◎ Xi Shi and Zheng Dan eventually became charming.
◎ Set out for Wu.
◎ Yang Ye can’t bear beauty.
The mood of meeting the prince of Wu in the palace of Wu was not high, but Fu Cha, the king of Wu, was glad to see the night, that is, Fan Li came. He always thought that Fan Li was a talented person. He had been lobbying for the years when Gou Jian, the king of Yue, raised horses and guarded the tomb here, and Fan Li, the king of Wu, abandoned Wu and went to Wu Nai. Fan Li was determined to follow the king of Yue and let Fu Cha, the king of Wu, be disappointed this time.
Sadly, where did Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, know that Fan Li was no longer Fan Li, but regarded him as a rival in love, another grand duke of Yang’s family.
Yang Ye’s Palace Hall met the Queen of Wu, and the King of Wu was surprised to walk up to Yang Ye, smiling and saying, "Dr. Fan, I miss you so much for so many days!"
Yang Ye was startled and thought, What do you want me for? But on the surface, there was an excited gesture of bowing with his fist and saying, "It’s very kind of your majesty. Fan also often misses your majesty."
Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, heard it? Fan Li, who doesn’t eat hard or soft, can talk like this. There should be hope for surrender this time! So he went on to say, "Please, Dr. Fan came to give me tribute in person. If I can really have such loyalty as Dr. Fan, then it is just around the corner for me to unify the whole day. Hahahahaha …"
Yang night also "ha ha ha ha ….." Ha ha scold you unify the day in my heart? It’s because you really unify the whole country that the old man has come all this way to destroy you!
The prince of Wu smiled so much when he saw Yang night, and he felt that this time Yue Guo’s luck was exhausted. This fan Li was a show of kindness to me! So with a wave of his hand, he ordered the handmaiden of the side guard to "prepare the banquet quickly. I want Dr. Fan to have a few drinks and catch up!"
After the guards went to prepare the banquet, Yang Ye also waved his arm to let his followers carry the tributes to the hall one by one, so that the prince Fu Cha could have a look. Finally, he called Xi Shi and Zheng Dan to the prince and said with a smile, "Your majesty, these two are extremely beautiful women from Yue State. Today, they are specially sent to the king, hoping to have a big smile."
Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, saw two stunning beauties in front of him and his figure was graceful. His eyes were full of eyes and his lips were slightly open, and his breath was like a diaphragm. Suddenly, his eyes brightened and his face was surprised, but his eyes quickly dimmed and his face sank. He said, "Dr. Fan should know that I am a diligent and good gentleman who is interested in prostitution and has never been close to women!"

However, the situation of others in the Long Yun was completely different. When they saw what was on the screen, they also exclaimed. In an instant, the command room was in chaos.

"Is this a good thing?" Zhuo Qiang knows that although many people don’t have any real life experience, they are all well-informed. Generally, things can’t make them behave like this.
"It’s a good thing that the boss has made a fortune. It’s made a fortune." Liu Xiaolei shouted hopefully and kept patting Zhuo Qiang’s shoulder and forgetting Zhuo Qiang. But his boss and the boss’s shoulder can he beat around?
Zhuo Qiang gave his palm back with one hand. "Give me a good talk and shoot."
Liu Xiaolei laughed and said, "Okay, I’ll talk about it. I’ll talk about it. With this thing, all our problems will be solved."
At this time, Christie seems to have calmed down, but still staring at the diamond-shaped object on the screen tightly seems to be estimating something.
Zhuo Qiang saw that Liu Xiaolei didn’t say anything, so he went from the noisy crowd to Christie’s side and pointed to the screen and asked, "What on earth is this that makes you all so excited?"
Christie suddenly put his hand in one fell swoop. "Let’s all be quiet and we’ll celebrate when we get something."
After listening to her words, everyone returned to their seats again, but they still whispered from time to time, full of excitement and expectation.
Zhuo Qiang is very unhappy at this time. It seems that everyone knows what this blue-emitting thing is, but he, the captain, knows nothing about it, which makes him feel isolated by everyone.
"Are all these robots bought by this hateful guy Christie?" ZhuoJiang bitterly lamented in my heart.
But since this thing may be a treasure, you have to find a way to get it in your hand, and you must never leave it to Tang Jinguang.
Fortunately, this thing is not as big as a goose egg. Tang Qiuhe and Zhu Xiaoqian can easily bring it back with them.
It is better to leave this beautiful metal ball to Tang Jinguang for him to study slowly.
"Your horse must not let Tang Jinguang find this thing hiding out." Zhuo Qiang gave Tang Qiuhe two personal orders.
After hearing Zhuo Qiang’s command, Hà Thu Zhuxiaoqian in the later Tang Dynasty flashed a trace of hesitation. It seems that this is not an easy task.
"What’s the matter? Is there any difficulty? " Zhuo Qiang raised his eyebrows to hide such a little thing, which seems to be a piece of cake for them. Why do they look like this?
Christie turned to Zhuo Qiang and said, "This thing is extremely destructive to all substances. If you really want them to get it back, you must stop as soon as possible."
"destructive power? You won’t tell me this is something like a nuclear? If so, what do we want it for? " Zhuojiang just surges excitement and like being poured a bucket of cold water without a trace of enthusiasm.
"How can I tell you this? This thing is very important to us, but if we want to get it back, we must meet them as soon as possible, or we will be afraid that it will be gone before they get the Long Yun. "Christie’s tone is quite heavy.
As soon as Zhuo Qiang tightened his brow, it sounded a bit like taking chestnuts from fire. It is a good thing, but it must be extremely fast.
If they are late, they may go up in smoke, which sounds a little too dangerous.
Christie suddenly accelerated her speech and said, "You can’t hesitate any longer. The longer it takes, the more dangerous they will be."
"You mean they have been hurt continuously since they hit that metal ball?" Zhuojiang quickly asked
See Christie nodded heavily Zhuo Qiangma ordered "No.1 fighter horse quickly dispatched to fly directly to the target mountain peak to meet them 50 meters away from the exit"
Then he quickly said to Tang Qiuhe’s two orders, "You two immediately take that thing and arrive outside the cave, where our fighter plane is meeting you."
After receiving the order, Tang Qiuhe quickly reached out and took the blue luminous body and stretched out his hand and pulled the zipper on his chest to put the diamond luminous body in.
Zhuo Qiang discovered at this time that she had just taken the luminous body, and the palm of her hand was already blackened. It seemed that she was still risking a smoke.
"My god, what does this thing do? How can it have such great destructive power?" Zhuo Qiang was horrified and tunnel.
At the same time, he also remembered one thing, such a destructive thing, if you get the Long Yun, will it do harm to these people? Will it affect the Long Yun?
But at this time, it seems that I have come to ignore these things. Since it is a good thing, the Long Yun naturally has a way to deal with it after it is brought back.

"Queen, do you think this is a disposal?" The queen mother is too big.

"Male and female servants … this thing is really too many murders of concubines, and it’s also a big thing to be demoted." The queen also knows that the queen mother can’t crush the princess at this time of the four emperors’ hearts.
"How to downgrade? What position is appropriate? " The queen mother followed closely and asked
"Afraid of the first two levels can’t be demoted to four nobles? Still can get up after what old four is good "Li queen’s way.
The queen mother doesn’t talk, and she agrees with it in her heart, but she can’t say that to the outside world. If there is a vicious mother, it will be ruined.
"As you say, Princess De was degraded by taking care of Yu Zhaoyi’s disadvantage. Don’t cover up the past for her, but your wife is too low. Let’s practice three times," said the queen mother.
"It’s the male and female servants. This is the purpose." Queen Li should go back to Fengzao Palace and make an imperial decree. Poor care of Yu Zhaoyi led to premature death. De Fei was demoted and was still living in Fangcao Palace for three months.
This imperial decree has made many people laugh and many people sneer.
This is a demotion, but the residence is still the same as before. After three months of closed-door thinking, it seems to be punishment, but how much right and wrong is blocked?
When he left the palace, the Four Emperors were still furious, and he became more determined about what he wanted to do.
"The main bodyguard is back," said the handmaiden outside.
"Call in!" Yanchu some uneasy way
Four guards came in and said, "It’s also a blessing that the temple has become. I’m also living in a concubine room with his son. The clause has been controlled by us and the child has settled down."
"good! Come with me to Qi Changshou Mansion! Get ready for everything. Success or failure is tonight! " Yanchu avenue
"I wish the main horse success!" Four guards knelt down to say
"All right, get up!" Yanchu heroic dry clouds marched out of the house.
Qi Changshou mansion didn’t notice anything wrong until Yanchu arrived.
"Four emperors don’t know anything when they come to my humble abode?" Qi Changshou’s four emperors didn’t pay it. Accurately speaking, the infantry in Beijing and the emperors didn’t pay anything.
"The temple naturally has something to ask for." Yanchu glanced at the humanity in the room. "Please ask Qi’s adult to leave or so."
Qi Changshou was slightly stunned, but he did it anyway.
"The temple has something to say." Qi Changshou personally poured tea for Yanchu.
"Let’s get this straight in the temple. After the temple is completed, the adult’s credit will of course come first." Yanchu said.
Qi Changshou didn’t speak, didn’t satirize and abuse people who had been immersed in officialdom for many years. At this time, he knew very well that Yan Chu dared to say that it was not as simple as making a promise.
As the saying goes, coercion and inducement are not inducements, then coercion is.
"If I refuse to know what the temple will do?" Qi Changshou Shen Dao
"To tell you the truth, it is difficult for adults to ride a tiger in the temple today, and it is difficult to live and die. As soon as they read it, they refused to die." Yanchu light way
Qi Changshou had a meal and all kinds of thoughts flashed through his only child. He has hidden diseases. It is a pity to have a son and a daughter. Besides, he is the only one in the family. If something happens to a child, it is to cut off his grandson. As the saying goes, unfilial has three sons.
But to rebel … How many years has he been a loyal minister? He can’t do it.
"Qi’s Adult Hall promises that you won’t be bad for your father." Yanchu added in time.
Qi Changshou still doesn’t talk, but his expression is slightly loose
"It’s good for you that you can go after your adult’s job is done, and your son doesn’t have to worry about not having a title to inherit it." Yanchu said.
"When things start?" Qi Changshou swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said that these promises are all empty. He loves his son and wants to be safe.
"Adults can take the capital safely tonight, and they will call your son back to the temple without taking risks." If you don’t return his son’s soldiers by then, Yanchu can’t afford his revenge.
"Good minister … agreed." Qi Changshou said dryly, "The sense of honor and the parents chose him."
"That’s good. The gentleman’s fame and fortune is also worth your son’s peace of mind." Yanchu patted him on the shoulder
"Since it’s going to start tonight, the minister of the Four Emperors Hall said to deploy it. Should I do it?" Qi Changshou doesn’t want to listen to those nonsense. Ask 36. Chapter 36
There is nothing more convenient than the rebellion of the infantry in Beijing.
They are guarding all the doors of Vientiane Palace, so it is not necessary to control them too much. By the way, even the four main gates and five partial gates in Beijing are well guarded. At that time, the military forces outside can’t enter the city if they want to help.
Do a good job of returning to the house at the beginning of the unfamiliar Yan, waiting for the opportunity to attack Vientiane Palace on time at night. There are 20 thousand body guards in the palace, and the capital is like a bag.
Yanchu didn’t have more than 30 bodyguards, but there were more than 1,000 Qinbing in the Beijing Suburb. When this department was transferred to the middle of the government, these Qinbing were life-saving charms.
Yan Guifu Su Mian’s front yard is somewhat absent-minded after eating dinner.
After all, she has never experienced such a big event, and she is a little worried about Wan Yibo’s arrival in the house.

Su Ling primly looked at Shinohara Snow and asked her words and expressions without any banter, but more seriously!

Xiao Xue sighed with a bitter smile. "If Ling had no words, I wouldn’t have come all the way here this time!"
"That’s not married! You have him in your heart, and he just turns around. On the contrary, I think it’s better for you to accept him and let you go to the harem of Nanxia Kingdom. If you don’t like it one day, just take a break! "
See Su Ling and not serious Shinohara snow gouged out her one eye!
"Let’s get down to business, can you stop fooling around!"
Su Ling eyebrows "ok ok! But after hearing you say that, I feel that Huang Yin-li’s IQ has dropped recently!
If he wants to be a body, he should be a body if he doesn’t want to be! What is the virtue of Qi and Chu now? If he is too impulsive, will the old man burn with anger? "
Just as Su Ling’s voice fell, a light cough came unexpectedly behind the screen!
Shinohara snow a surprised and Su Ling looked at her nifty vomitted to stick out the tongue suddenly shook his head!
"Shinohara snow this matter I think you should think it over!
After all, you two are really different now!
Maybe you don’t know the truth. I think Huang Yin-li should have had you in her heart from a long time ago!
But at that time, when you were young and you were all proud, you didn’t say anything!
Shinohara, if you really want to share the frontier with him, you should be careful!
Regardless of those women in the East Palace, the most important thing is that you two are personally responsible! "
Su Ling solemnly looked at Shinohara’s suggestion and every word she said was pertinent to express her views on the two!
As Shinohara Snow thinks, Su Ling’s idea coincides with her own!
It is not difficult for them to fall in love, but it is difficult to be together!
Maybe something really needs to be sacrificed to create opportunities for each other!
"Ling that I …"
"Shinohara snow I temporarily into the palace, but I think the first step is to find out what you two think is the most important thing!
Do you want to be together? How to solve the problem of women in the East Palace is what you need to consider now!
Don’t tell me those women in his East Palace that you can stand to serve with them! "
Su Ling raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiao Xue. Sure enough, when she finished speaking, Xiao Xue’s face was radiant with a faint coldness. "I can accept it!"
"That will do! Since the law accepts it, find a way to solve it!
I don’t think Huang Yin-li will hurt you so much this time!
But you should also be prepared. After all, the old man is still the emperor!
If he has a different view of your affairs, you will be very passive!
I think it’s better for you to take the initiative to cook raw rice into mature rice, even if he doesn’t agree, you have to agree! "
"Su Ling you … a shady! I won’t tell you, you continue to be busy, I am back to the palace! "
Xiao Yu Xue Su Ling’s playful expression is in distress situation!
When Xiao Xue got up to leave, Su Ling couldn’t help joking behind her, "Hey, leave so soon and play again!"

DuGuYu suddenly like an sobering general so that’s it …

If the emperor is cruel, then the father, he and the mother are still very good
Shen Er Xiao La Du Guyu sleeve "Brother Yu, what’s wrong with you?"
"It’s okay. You love this." Duguyu smiled and put a piece of milk cake on Shen Er. "Don’t be angry with that woman. No one dares to say what you know?"
"Know seven uncle very fierce! Let’s go to the seventh uncle’s house, shall we? I haven’t been there for a long time. "Shen Er laughed.
"If you really want to go, eat quickly and don’t always get distracted." As soon as this girl arrives at this party, she will look here and there to see if she refuses to eat.
Heavy son wrinkled nose "know! I know! "
"If you know it, just eat this and drink it." Give her a bowl of soup. The girl who doesn’t like water can also drink more soup.
Sink-erh drinks well despite her dislike.
The queen of the palace looked at them and couldn’t help laughing. That’s good. That’s good. Just stay close.
The left hand of the table was suddenly caught.
Turned to see DuGuYin don’t look at her is another hand holding the glass minister to talk.
Suddenly, the Palace Queen’s eyes were sour. Perhaps it was because she thought too much about the young couple. He really looked at her well. Not far away, the nurse held the child and thought that she should be lenient and well-educated. Chapter 97 A prosperous time outside the world.
After the banquet, Duguyu sent Shen Er out of the palace.
"Brother Yu, don’t be angry with my uncle. Isn’t that person already demoted? After the child is raised by his aunt, it is your own brother." Shen Er saw that his face was not very good and laughed.
"Silly girl, Brother Yu is worried about not going back in advance. Brother Yu will pick you up and tell you in detail, okay?" Du Guyu has something to do or is willing to say.
She can know everything she wants except those important things that she doesn’t care about in court.
After all, this is the wife he wants to get along with, not a beautiful woman in his golden house.
"Well, then I’m leaving. Brother Yu, don’t pull a face and look bad." Shen Er smiled and walked over to Princess Heyu’s carriage.
Duguyu smiled and nodded and turned back to the palace.
Queen’s Palace The queen and the child sitting in the palace were put to sleep by the nurse and went back to the temple.
"I don’t want me to be old when I am bent on Li Zhaoyi." Although the queen of the palace is white in her heart, she also has complaints about her mouth.
"Ah … that child is still young. I told him to have a dependence and call your mother wronged." Duguyin laughed.
"You … you’re still hiding it from the male and female servants. If it weren’t for today, I’d be ruined!" Palace queen nu way
"Hu said when I had this idea? Even if it is an occasional re-beauty, how can it be abolished after the abolition? " Duguyin’s black face
"It’s positions don’t think so. What do you think? I’ve been with you for twenty years, but you don’t know your position. Why don’t you just say it when you’re in poor health? Are you afraid that you have taken the opportunity to do something? " Palace queen suddenly sad way
DuGuYin surprised a wry smile "you still see me … even it won’t be long before somehow looking at yu’s wedding … is can’t see his grandson, I would have given too much interest in his hand. What did he do? Just be good. "
"Pursuit …" The queen of the palace suddenly got up. What do you mean, she can’t see her grandson …
"You also know that I broke down when I was a child, and it’s not easy to live for so many years. No one knows this except my seventh brother. Don’t tell Yu Er to get married," Duguyin said.
Outside the temple, Duguyu deliberately forbade the handmaiden to leave, which would make me feel cold with blood after listening to these words. So that’s it …
It’s not that his father doesn’t like their mother, it’s that child who arranges the posterior route.