A race’s highest ability is played by others! Is there anything more damaging than this?

The shadow family took two steps forward gently against the wind and looked at the crazy smile and said, "Ah, you are too impulsive, aren’t you? Are you highly excited? I’ll let you have a rest. "
I haven’t reacted when I was crazy for a while. What do you mean by headwind? My body has been leaning back and flying high, and it is a moment that he has been more than 100 meters off the ground. At the same time, one mouthful blood gushed out and rained down!
Fu Sheng and Hong Hua Dou Tai were stunned!
"Crazy!" Yang night slightly surprised has jumped up and went straight to the crazy.
At this time, a figure crossed a shining white line from the other side and felt that she had fallen into her arms.
The man is carrying a red hair behind his back, and the sunlight is particularly dazzling.
Yang night one leng also closely with south glory illusion fell to the ground.
Baby Long came from Nan Rong’s phantom back and asked hastily, "Isn’t this madness?" What happened to madness? "
Talking, staring at his big eyes, he looked up and saw the injured orchid demon chop. He immediately shouted one leng and ran quickly.
Baby Long leaned over the blue demon to cut the side one by one, and eagerly called the blue demon to cut it. He opened his eyes slightly and smiled softly, but his eyes signaled the baby to pay attention to the other side.
Baby long surprised once again looked up and saw Monsieur beaucaire Ling and Xiahou Chaojun, and his face was even more shocked. He also went white and jumped up and ran desperately, shouting "Oh, my God! Oh, my god Dad! Mom! "
South glory illusion still holding the crazy Xiang kneeling nervously looked down at Yang night and leaned over to gently call the crazy Xiang name.
Floating life and Hong Hua Dou Tai also gathered around and bowed their heads in succession.
Everything happened so suddenly that everyone was in a trance and couldn’t figure it out for a while.
Crazy Xiang has closed his eyes tightly, and there is blood pouring out of his mouth. There is a pit-shaped scar on his chest that has been hit by a heavy object. The sternum must have been broken and the flesh has been deeply trapped.
"What is this? Is that shadow family playing against the wind? " Yang Ye exclaimed in surprise, "But I didn’t see him shoot!"
Fu Sheng and Hong Hua Dou Tai looked at each other, but they didn’t see the headwind, but the mad coward did suffer a heavy blow. Although he didn’t die, he was seriously injured. The terrible thing is that he has got the high-powered mad coward of the orcs, but his opponent’s tricks are as weak as ants!
"It’s definitely not the headwind of the shadow clan, but …"
"But I can’t guess who he is." Hong Hua Dou Tai Ma answered the words and said, "You know and I know that the whole domain can’t have such a strong strength. You, I, Zang Blade, or protoss Sihao" hesitated and added, "At least there can’t be such a strong person before."
Here, Yang Ye and Nan Rong are talking, and no one has noticed that Muyangzheng has gone step by step towards the headwind of the shadow clan.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six "Stefanie"
Muyang is walking towards the headwind of the shadow clan step by step, which makes the headwind expression a little surprised.
"Are you the child who just said he would kill me?" With a slight stare, the headwind slowed him down and he smiled and added, "Are you going to kill me now?"
It is also very surprising to see Muyangzheng behind the headwind of the main shadow clan. Although he was always surprised by the unimaginable performance of the headwind of the shadow clan, he ignored some situations over there at Yang Night, but he already knew in his heart that his mentality became easier after the truth of the headwind.
When I looked up, I just saw Muyangzheng coming step by step and immediately raised my hand and said, "Ah! Isn’t this the one I killed? You’re still alive? It’s a miracle that you survived my microwave thunder? "
Talking big domain master has noticed MuYangZheng chest that still drop of blood scar laughed "ha ha how? Dying? Then let me give you a ride! "
As he said this, the big domain Lord pointed to Muyang’s forehand and became a fist. The edge of the fist seemed to be slightly turbulent.
"Stop it, Big Domain Master", the film family turned against the wind and took a cold look at Big Domain Master. "Don’t you think this kid’s courage is commendable?"
Big domain master one leng hesitated not to let go looking at the headwind low said "but tick.
"You told me but?" The headwind turned again, and this time the eyes were a little fierce.
The master of the big domain shut up and dared not speak again. He also quickly released the forehand pointing to Muyang.
The five twins behind and the orcs west of the male cat look at each other and feel that their heads are not enough. How dare a shadow family speak to the big domain Lord like this? And the big domain master still does what he says and never dares to refute it?
Facing the headwind, MuYangZheng came up and said with a low smile, "Xia Qi poison, isn’t it? I admire your courage to know that you have chosen to die heroically. I guess that’s right? "
Muyangzheng didn’t speak, continued to walk, and his eyes were firm, no doubt.
At this time, Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic and others behind him have raised their heads and seen that they have gone far. Muyang is suddenly stunned!
"Small is! Come back! " Yang night horse huanguo to god desperately shouted 1.
Muyangzheng heard a slight slow pace and turned to look at Yang night and smiled gently. "I’m sorry that the elder brothers Nan Ge and Dou Tai let you watch me die for the second time."
"Small is you come back! Are you crazy? " Yang night also cried out, but he had already come before. Although Muyangzheng slowed his steps, he didn’t stop. At this moment, he has reached the shadow family against the wind and others.
Finally, turning his head, Muyangzheng took a deep look at Yang Ye and others. The eyes made Yang Ye feel like a knife.
Turning around, Muyang is coldly looking at the shadow family and saying, "You guessed it, I will definitely pull you to death!"
Against the wind with surprise to laugh "is that so? But … you do it? "
"Hum, if I’m still a little timid or cowardly, I can’t do it, but now I give up myself, my original bet, and I decide to try!" Muyang has just put his arms tightly around his chest and tightened his face. You can see that he is trying his best to exert his strength.
"Original body do bet? Xia clan ….. "Against the wind, for a pretence, I raised my hand and touched Ba for thinking. Suddenly, my eyes lit up and I looked at Muyangzheng and said," Oh ~! I know the Xia people’s ability. There’s a trick to blow themselves up and add poison to turn themselves into a terrible venom bomb. Is that what you want? "
"That’s right!" Muyangzheng mercilessly replied