What’s more, Liu Yifei doesn’t even care about the men in the gang. One of them, Yang Kun, is not bad, but he is too mean to get into her eyes.

Liu Yifei is a principled woman, she thinks
-If you don’t sell it, you have to sell it at a good price. She sold herself to Shao Yifu, the leader of the Fulong Gang, and made a lot of money!
-If you don’t look for it, you must find a good lover’s office. She would rather be short of it than idle an acre of land, except Shao Yifu who occasionally cultivates a few people!
The waves are different. Although he is fierce and cruel, he looks more masculine. Although he is romantic and lewd, he makes women have a mysterious yearning and curiosity (men are not bad, women don’t love truth! ) He has the charm of a man who makes her move everywhere, which is even worse. He is unrestrained and dares to tease her face to face and seduce her, which makes her more interested in the waves!
-She Liu Yifei If it weren’t for eternity, she wanted a man who could satisfy her, and she wanted a thrill and a thrill that would make her swoon!
In this metropolis, I believe that no one can satisfy her more materially than Shao Yifu except the "Star Gang" Wang Lan Tianxing, but Lan Tianxing’s rich and strong women are beyond her control, and she has no chance to get to know Lan Tianxing. She can hold on to her old age and decline. Shao Yifu holds on to this woman who occasionally plays outside, but she is obedient to the old man.
Physical needs The waves are definitely her best and the only choice at present. The waves are as tall and straight as javelin, and the five senses are calm, comfortable, confident, deep and calm. The eyes and a hint of evil laughter at the corners of her mouth are all necessary courses for masturbation before going to sleep every night-fantasy and waves * *!
When Liu Yifei thought like this, the wave hand went to untie her blue and white silk scarf, and a white neck skin was exposed. The wave saw a bright green bra and a deep cleavage from the direction.
The sun shines from the floor-to-ceiling glass window, peeping at Liu Yifei’s cleavage surface, splashing a layer of shallow golden yellow, which has a morbid beauty
Looking at the deep cleavage, the waves can imagine that Liu Yifei and Yufeng are definitely a pair of * * and suddenly want to write a poem-ah! Whoa whoa! I have a heart to thank the sun for shining cleavage …
I heard a prostitute say that you can’t directly tear down the place with a woman. Today, let’s let the waves play something emotional and technical!
Guys, is it cool? Give me some flowers and collections when you are cool! If you want to know the waves and Liu Yifei, play with Yan Shuangfei and listen to the decomposition of the sky! Gege! Gege!
Chapter seventy-five Spring flowers facing the sea
Waves slender dry palm into Liu Yifei bra jade peak ravaged.
Liu Yifei’s face is flushed and breathless, and his hands are wrapped around the head and neck of the waves.
The waves are getting more and more presumptuous. Fingers are twisted around the small cherry on the peak of Yufeng Mountain and gently rubbed.
"melody nowadays!" Liu Yifei’s body ached, but he was sore and numb, and his breathing became heavier. His eyes were hazy and the spring was full, so he kissed the lips of the waves.
The waves took advantage of the opportunity to hold Liu Yifei’s lips in their mouths for azimuth search, exploration, occupation and attack, and kissed Liu Yifei like a storm.
The waves are not idle with both hands, holding Liu Yifei’s waist with one hand, and she unconsciously untied the bra with one hand. A pair of unwilling and lonely jade are alive and kicking in the sunshine, and the red eyes are like two rubies, and the sunshine is trembling and shining.
The waves disarmed Liu Yifei and stretched out the magic grasp over the skirt, lifted the skirt and stretched out Liu Yifei’s legs … from-buckle!
Liu Yifei’s hand suddenly clenched! Deeply immersed in the waves, my hair trembled convulsively
In the Peach Blossom Garden, the spring water is already surging like the Yellow River flooding out of control.
"Oh!" Liu Yifei uttered a kind of depressing hunger and thirst sound from his throat, which was as short, sad and touching as a wild cat calling spring on a spring night!
"Give it to me …" Liu Yifei couldn’t bear the spring tide any longer, whispering in the ear of the waves like talking, kissing and biting the earlobe of the waves gently.
The waves suddenly pushed Liu Yifei to the huge floor-to-ceiling glass window and lifted her dress behind her … Hands tightly clamped her slender waist and made a fierce and direct sprint …
Liu Yifei felt a red-hot steel sword melt into her body and went straight into the forbidden area.
-"Ah!" Liu Yifei gave a very miserable, short cold sweat and immediately came out of her body and trembled violently!
A brother said there was a mistake! It’s not * *. Why would there be such a big reaction?
Imagine, gentlemen, how big can a bad old man like Shao Yifu have? Liu Yifei, though not * *, is not much different from * *. Has the forbidden area in the depths of the palace been invaded so deeply? I can imagine that in the wave year, the strong and strong crotch pike is so destructive to her!
"Oh!" The waves looked up and closed their eyes, enjoying a woman’s first entry into peristalsis and closeness, warmth and wetness.