Los Sandy got up and looked down at Molin and Linghu Zi, holding hands and feeling everything. I didn’t know whether it was bitter or sour at the moment.

When I came near Linghu Purple, I saw Linghu Purple, and I couldn’t help slowing down.
Mo Lin noticed that Linghu Zi was uneasy and whispered, "No …"
"Did you … tell her?" Linghuzi asked
"Wait for the three of us to talk," Molin said. Although he felt a little headache, it was necessary.
He wants to tell them clearly that he loves them and is willing to give everything to them. In his life, if anyone is missing, he will suffer losses.
Came to the cliff Luo Sandy Wen Wan held out his hand to help Linghu Zi and said, "Thank you."
Linghu Zi stroked Luo Sandy’s white hair and said, "You are hard …"
At this moment, both women seem to feel each other’s affection. They share a deep love for men, which makes it easier for them to understand those feelings in each other’s hearts.
Bao is not a fool. Seeing the expressions of the three people are embarrassed, he knows that Molin’s emotional problems are going to break out. He makes a haha, "I’ll pick up some late firewood …" Then he makes a "good luck" look at Molin and slips into the forest.
The sky also said, "I’m leaving. You’d better get out of here quickly."
"Sister Blue Sky, where are you going?" Ink Lin and Sandy qi asked.
"I’m going to take revenge on Gong Yu." The sky says that she can’t go back to Mohist school. On what reason does she have? Since helping Mo Lin rob Mohist prison, it’s tantamount to violating Mohist’s biggest rule. Waiting for her is either life imprisonment or abolishing psionic powers to expel Mohist school.
The sky is not afraid of life imprisonment or loss of psychic powers. She still has unfinished wishes. She will forget the scene of Raizo’s tragic death. Now that Raizo is damaged, it is the best time to find Gong Yu’s revenge.
Ink Lin can guess the idea in the heart of the sky, but he still dissuades him. "Sister of the sky still has to take a long-term view. Although Raizo has a broken arm, you can’t deal with it."
The sky is cold and says, "I have my own discretion". The figure flashes before Mo Lin and Luo Sandy stop and have already gone into the forest.
Molin wanted to chase but was held by Los Sandy. "Forget it, you don’t know the temper of Sister Blue Sky. She decided to stop things."
Mo Lin scratched his head and said, "It seems that we should also hurry to get out of here and find Raizo before Sister Blue Sky, and kill Gong Yu, a villain, to pay homage to the dead."
He said the atmosphere was silent, and the two women looked at Molin’s eyes and met again. At that time, they didn’t know what to say.
Ink Lin leng a cough a clear throat, but also don’t know what to say, just got the nerve to grab Linghu purple hand with the other hand and hold Los Sandy three people so connected to stand side by side on a cliff.
Two women eyes flashing, although they are all psychologically prepared, but I didn’t expect ink Lin bravery so big.
"Sandy, I want to talk to you." Linghu Zi shook the ink forest hand gently and told Luo Sandy to pull her away and leave the ink forest.
Molin stared at the two of them hiding in the distance and whispering-or holding each other’s words quickly warmed up.
"No way …" Mo Lin was dumbfounded and really didn’t know that rival in love had become good sisters so soon.
Two women more say more close to ignore the ink Lin Luo Sandy face also appeared a smile from time to time by linghu purple talk.
Mo Lin hasn’t seen Luo Sandy for a long time. He smiled from a distance and shook his heart with emotion.
He looked up at the sky and swore, "I must protect my loved ones in my life, always smile and never cry again."
It was not until the afternoon when the subcontractor crept back to see Molin that he was annoyed that he was sitting on a cliff and fiddling with a grass stick.
Bao narrowed his eyes and leaned over to a face of a n experienced person and said, "You are not too sad. Women are so stingy and assured that if they don’t want you, I’ll introduce you to some beautiful girls."
Molin glared at him. "Who said they didn’t want me?"
"They are not …" Bao suspicious way.
Los Sandy and Linghu Zi came up with a smile when they saw the bag. Two women looked at Mo Lin and swept away Mo Lin, knowing that they must have reached an agreement on "dividing the spoils". Then they associated it with Yue Yao and Linghu Zi, and it was very harmonious. Mo Lin could almost imagine that lives of three women would isolate him as a smelly man in the future.
"Alas ….." Molin sighed but it was a sigh of happiness.
"It’s time for us to go. I’m worried about Sister Blue Sky," Luo Sandy said. She was radiant and didn’t feel sad when she just met Mo Lin.
Molin threw a straw stick and said, "Go to the Everglades World first and ask Wood Spirit to help us find Gongyu’s hiding place. He must have a way."
After saying his word, Molin stopped and turned his eyes to one side.
"What person?" Molin drink a way
A figure slowly walked out of the forest with a solemn face and heavy footsteps, and every step seemed to step on the ink forest.
"Giant …" Mo Lin was shocked. He guessed that there would be an ink pursuer, but I didn’t expect one and it was the most special one.
The newcomer was Mo Ren, who looked indifferent in his clothes and sandals until he came twenty paces in front of Mo Lin.
Los Sandy also unprepared salute way "giant …"
Linghu purple and Bao stared at the ink and couldn’t bear to know the situation.
"Very well ….." The ink who see ink Lin and see los Sandy cold way.