Although not sure whether Zhang Tao went to see this mysterious master, he didn’t dare to take risks. If so, I’m afraid Sun Yueqing will die.

"ah? Grandpa can’t be a god? " Sun yueqing is very talkative
"No" Dong Daoban’s face and Sun Yueqing saw that Zhang Tao had disappeared, so Nai promised.
Zhang Tao at this time but with Zhao Daniu went out and came to the south of the city forest to see; The fastest kanShu) has been waiting for a long time for nine days. "Come?"
"It’s Master Gong"
"Are you Zhao Daniu?" Nine days less insipid asked, but eyes have a little appreciation.
"I am who you are?" Zhao Daniu asked for nine days and one less
"I heard that you have great strength?"
"My strength is the first in the village." Zhao Daniu patted his chest and said a face of elation.
"I don’t think so. I don’t think you are even as good as my finger." Zhang Tao smiled for nine days and raised his index finger.
Zhao Daniu’s strength is a kind of brute strength. Even if Zhang Tao leads heaven and earth to reach the ninth grade, he won’t compete with him for strength. But Kung Fu has a finger? Isn’t that too exaggerated? However, after nine days of experience, Zhang Tao seems very calm. For Zhang Tao, Kung Fu can’t do anything.
"I don’t believe it." Zhao Daniu is a little angry. He has great strength since childhood. His own strength seems to have helped many people in the village. Now this strange man actually says that it is absolutely impossible to beat himself with one finger.
"Then you try it." Nine days and one little smile. Obviously, he knew Zhao Daniu would say this.
"Good I’ll try" Zhao Daniu a face not to walk past.
"Wait a minute. What if you really lose?" Nine days is a little like an evil man leading a young girl into the dark abyss step by step.
Zhao Daniu was stunned, but he didn’t think of the consequences. "If you lose, then you will become my apprentice’s personal bodyguard. If he tells you to go east, you will go east. If he tells you to go west, you will go west." Nine days and one less said
"Your apprentice? It’s him? That won’t do. What if you let me stop eating? " Zhao Daniu hurriedly bob a reluctant to say
I didn’t expect that he actually thought of eating noodles. Zhang Tao’s forehead was covered with black lines at once, but nine days and one little smiled. "Don’t worry, it won’t be ready?"
Zhao Daniu nodded his head and immediately grabbed the index finger for nine days without a fan. If others dare not look at it, it is too obvious that the finger must be broken. But I didn’t expect that the index finger would not move for nine days without a move, and Zhao Daniu had already stretched out his hands and kept pulling!
"ahhh!" Zhao Daniu’s feet have sunk. Obviously, he has tried his best to break his clothes, but after nine days, he still smiles and his fingers are like Optimus Prime. It seems that nothing in this world can move him.
"such as? Did Daniel admit defeat? " Nine days a little see Zhao Daniu is a spent force can not help but ask.
Zhao Daniu wheezed and gasped as if he had broken the bellows. "I lost your strength." Actually, nine days and one less is definitely not to make strength. Although Zhang Tao can’t see it, Zhang Tao knows that it is definitely not.
"since you lost, you must remember what you promised me and don’t tell anyone about it, including your parents. Can you promise me?" Nine days and one less said
"I promise that I am someone who has something like this." Zhao Daniu patted his chest and said that although he is still breathing heavily, he is still not breathing.
I smiled for nine days, but Zhang Tao was moved by the fact that everything the master did was his own. "Daniel, what do you think this is?" Take out a Zhang Tao in nine days and see clearly by moonlight that it says Huntian Mang Niu Jin! Five big characters
"What is this? Stubborn? It seems that it is not human cultivation? " Zhang Tao felt strange but didn’t say it.
"See?" It seems proudly that this secret book has a long history because Zhang Tao is not suitable for cultivation. "I saw it, but I can’t read."
"Shit!" This time, it’s not just Zhang Tao who can’t help it for nine days.
"Ahem, this is a kind of, er, monster beast cultivation achievement method. Although it is not as good as my Sunday’s natural work, it is also the ultimate achievement method." Nine days and one less said
"Master monster beast and animals? But Daniel, he is human? " Zhang Tao asked in surprise.
Nine days gave Zhang Tao a little white "I don’t know? Zhao Daniu’s natural divine power is a waste of time if he is allowed to practice his achievement method, even if he is lucky on Sunday, do you understand? And this is the right achievement method for him, which can expand his whole body strength to the extreme. This is his! Pendulum Dongyue mainland is absolutely worthy of unique achievement method. "
"Strengthen the power? Yeah! What a master! Why didn’t I think of this? "Zhang Tao suddenly realized that it was true that his practice was really infuriating for a long time, and Zhao Daniu’s strength would decline for a long time. This is indeed putting the cart before the horse.
"Nonsense" is a matter of course. "You don’t need to get through any acupuncture points in a rough day, and you don’t need to remember what acupuncture points are so troublesome. Daniel is not suitable for you. You need to remember a little exercise and self-cultivation to maximize your strength. Strength is everything to you."
"Well, it’s the best. The teacher didn’t understand Daniel at all." Zhao Daniu was a little happy. I didn’t expect that today I could not only eat delicious food, but also learn such a good skill. There was a breakthrough in the inside, and there was no need to introduce acupuncture points. It is a single and simple way to practice.
"But Daniel’s practice is bound to be doubted by the teacher." Zhang Tao hesitated
"I’ll solve these little things" for nine days, it’s nothing at all.
"All right, Daniel, you go home, Daniel, and you don’t need to go to class." After nine days, I didn’t care about Zhang Tao’s confused eyes and directly disappeared into the night.
"Ah, okay, Daniel, let’s go." Zhang Taonai said that his master has always been like this
Zhao Daniu couldn’t put it down, tossing and turning it around like he was going to engrave it in his mind, but Zhang Tao was curious about what it would be like if the monster beast practiced the way people practiced. I heard that Master Gong is confident, but it seems that Daniel will become a shocking figure in Dongyue mainland in the future.
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46 Zhangtianyue Gang
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Chapter 47 Trap
Zhang Tao, etc. is an excellent opportunity. At this time, there are many guards around. If you act rashly, I am afraid there will be trouble when the time comes.
The sky and the moon are gradually moving. When the light of the moon is completely covered by the shadow of the main house, the moment is the darkest moment of the Intermediate People’s Court and the best time for Zhang Tao to explode
"Right now!" Zhang Tao’s eyes flashed off, even if the other party was a level 9 master, his raid would surely achieve amazing results, so the master granted himself a unique skill to collapse his fist!