It’s not surprising that there are many orphans in this world, but it’s strange that this girl and her grandfather can’t name her, and they have to meet a brother who can name her.

I don’t know if it was because I felt the same way as an orphan or because I was curious. Yanglingtian finally turned her head and looked at this strange girl.
Little one seems to suddenly remind of something, like hope in his eyes. "By the way, brother Ling Tian, will you take a name?" Can you get one for me? "
Yanglingtian suddenly wanted to say no when he stayed, but in the face of it, he seemed very familiar with it, and his cheeks were full of expectations. He didn’t know how to refuse the words, but he couldn’t say anything.
"I’m sorry, I won’t wait until I grow up." It seems that the chirping of mosquitoes is almost hard to hear even in Yanglingtian.
"Oh ~ ~ ~" Xiao Yi’s eyes first went dark and then lit up immediately.
After all, he didn’t say he wouldn’t help himself, but he is really young and can’t name himself, and he should grow up soon.
"By the way, Brother Ling Tian, when I helped you heal at first, I found that your body seemed very strange."
"How strange?" Yanglingtian gently responded without much expression on her face.
"I don’t know. It’s just a feeling." Xiaoyi shook his head
"I feel that your body is different from that of ordinary people. It seems that the purple pole body is said to have the purple pole body. It is said that it must be combined with the most pure ghost gas to extract a trace of purple pole vitality and then condense it to cast it. Because this body is the most pure vitality of heaven and earth, everyone has a very high talent and has the most keen feeling affinity for all kinds of reiki in heaven and earth, but the speed of cultivation is several times that of ordinary people. At first glance, martial arts and lighter will be.
In addition, the soul will also be baptized by the purple pole when it is merged with the purple pole, and its memory and understanding will be extraordinary. The writing is also unforgettable, and even the gods and demons should envy the body. "
Yanglingtian’s face was calm and unresponsive. If he had heard people talk about the purple pole before today, he would have linked himself to the sudden change of "child prodigy" after crossing. He just arrived at the dark cave after his death and then kept asking questions.
It’s a pity that today, after all, is the Yang family’s genocide. Today, he suddenly heard about the purple pole, but he didn’t say too much. He just sat so quietly.
Xiao Yi shrugged his shoulders with his hands lightly, revealing a little nai look.
Strangely, at the age of six, she didn’t get angry and didn’t say anything, but took a deep breath and smiled, showing gentleness like motherhood.
"But if you want to cast this purple pole body, you must have purple pole vitality and purple pole vitality, and you must absorb the most pure spirit of heaven and earth in the forbidden area of the furnace tripod. In the smelting project, the furnace tripod body must be corroded by the spirit and spirit day and night, and it is miserable.
This is not only the most frightening thing, but if someone is really cast into a purple pole, the furnace tripod person behind him will stay in the forbidden area for ever and ever to suffer from the physical pain of the devil’s gas erosion.
In addition, because Zi Yuan Yuan’s breath and her breath are closely related to each other, if Zi Yuan Yuan’s achievements are not higher, his pain will be aggravated.
If the bearer cultivates a realm, the supernatural spirit will give birth to a black thorn that will never melt. If the bearer learns the same martial arts, the supernatural spirit will fuse with the soul-melting flame and burn his body and soul, but he will not die. With the supernatural spirit, he has become unable to bear the pain there forever. "
Xiaoyi murmured softly, and slowly her body could not help but tremble gently.
She was scare by that pain she told.
Yangling, as well as a pain in my heart, didn’t speak.
There was a silence in the field for a long time, and Xiaoyi finally recovered from the panic, pale and replied with a little blush, but then frowned.
"But for your body, I’m not sure whether it’s true or not. Although it’s very similar to the purple body and has purple vitality, it’s strange that your body is mottled and impure. Many strange smells seem to have not been perfected, but as far as I know, the purple body is either perfected or the bearer and the person who smelted the purple body are lost at the same time."
Then she took a deep breath as if she had said herself. "Maybe I misread that your body is similar to Zi Yuan’s."
Yanglingtian is not a good speaker. He is silent from beginning to end and only answers a few sentences with a straight face when the other party asks.
However, although a narrator is unqualified, the audience Yanglingtian is absolutely excellent, but it happens to be small and seems to be very short of confidants. Generally, when you are free, Yanglingtian tells such a strange combination as Oriole, which constitutes a strange harmony.
Two days passed quickly, and when the sun shone through the window lattice, Yanglingtian finally got out of bed slowly, but it seemed that he had already gone out abnormally.
Looking at the white wall covered with drugs all around, it was just two days. Yang Lingtian’s eyes actually showed some reluctance, but in a blink of an eye, the reluctance had disappeared and replaced it. These two days were as calm as ever, as quiet and cold as a Millennium pool, and then slowly lifted their feet out.
"Who are you?" The moment Yanglingtian walked out of the door, pride came from behind.
Look back and meet five young boys not far away, their eyes full of resentment and jealousy.