Su Ling primly looked at Shinohara Snow and asked her words and expressions without any banter, but more seriously!

Xiao Xue sighed with a bitter smile. "If Ling had no words, I wouldn’t have come all the way here this time!"
"That’s not married! You have him in your heart, and he just turns around. On the contrary, I think it’s better for you to accept him and let you go to the harem of Nanxia Kingdom. If you don’t like it one day, just take a break! "
See Su Ling and not serious Shinohara snow gouged out her one eye!
"Let’s get down to business, can you stop fooling around!"
Su Ling eyebrows "ok ok! But after hearing you say that, I feel that Huang Yin-li’s IQ has dropped recently!
If he wants to be a body, he should be a body if he doesn’t want to be! What is the virtue of Qi and Chu now? If he is too impulsive, will the old man burn with anger? "
Just as Su Ling’s voice fell, a light cough came unexpectedly behind the screen!
Shinohara snow a surprised and Su Ling looked at her nifty vomitted to stick out the tongue suddenly shook his head!
"Shinohara snow this matter I think you should think it over!
After all, you two are really different now!
Maybe you don’t know the truth. I think Huang Yin-li should have had you in her heart from a long time ago!
But at that time, when you were young and you were all proud, you didn’t say anything!
Shinohara, if you really want to share the frontier with him, you should be careful!
Regardless of those women in the East Palace, the most important thing is that you two are personally responsible! "
Su Ling solemnly looked at Shinohara’s suggestion and every word she said was pertinent to express her views on the two!
As Shinohara Snow thinks, Su Ling’s idea coincides with her own!
It is not difficult for them to fall in love, but it is difficult to be together!
Maybe something really needs to be sacrificed to create opportunities for each other!
"Ling that I …"
"Shinohara snow I temporarily into the palace, but I think the first step is to find out what you two think is the most important thing!
Do you want to be together? How to solve the problem of women in the East Palace is what you need to consider now!
Don’t tell me those women in his East Palace that you can stand to serve with them! "
Su Ling raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiao Xue. Sure enough, when she finished speaking, Xiao Xue’s face was radiant with a faint coldness. "I can accept it!"
"That will do! Since the law accepts it, find a way to solve it!
I don’t think Huang Yin-li will hurt you so much this time!
But you should also be prepared. After all, the old man is still the emperor!
If he has a different view of your affairs, you will be very passive!
I think it’s better for you to take the initiative to cook raw rice into mature rice, even if he doesn’t agree, you have to agree! "
"Su Ling you … a shady! I won’t tell you, you continue to be busy, I am back to the palace! "
Xiao Yu Xue Su Ling’s playful expression is in distress situation!
When Xiao Xue got up to leave, Su Ling couldn’t help joking behind her, "Hey, leave so soon and play again!"