However, the situation of others in the Long Yun was completely different. When they saw what was on the screen, they also exclaimed. In an instant, the command room was in chaos.

"Is this a good thing?" Zhuo Qiang knows that although many people don’t have any real life experience, they are all well-informed. Generally, things can’t make them behave like this.
"It’s a good thing that the boss has made a fortune. It’s made a fortune." Liu Xiaolei shouted hopefully and kept patting Zhuo Qiang’s shoulder and forgetting Zhuo Qiang. But his boss and the boss’s shoulder can he beat around?
Zhuo Qiang gave his palm back with one hand. "Give me a good talk and shoot."
Liu Xiaolei laughed and said, "Okay, I’ll talk about it. I’ll talk about it. With this thing, all our problems will be solved."
At this time, Christie seems to have calmed down, but still staring at the diamond-shaped object on the screen tightly seems to be estimating something.
Zhuo Qiang saw that Liu Xiaolei didn’t say anything, so he went from the noisy crowd to Christie’s side and pointed to the screen and asked, "What on earth is this that makes you all so excited?"
Christie suddenly put his hand in one fell swoop. "Let’s all be quiet and we’ll celebrate when we get something."
After listening to her words, everyone returned to their seats again, but they still whispered from time to time, full of excitement and expectation.
Zhuo Qiang is very unhappy at this time. It seems that everyone knows what this blue-emitting thing is, but he, the captain, knows nothing about it, which makes him feel isolated by everyone.
"Are all these robots bought by this hateful guy Christie?" ZhuoJiang bitterly lamented in my heart.
But since this thing may be a treasure, you have to find a way to get it in your hand, and you must never leave it to Tang Jinguang.
Fortunately, this thing is not as big as a goose egg. Tang Qiuhe and Zhu Xiaoqian can easily bring it back with them.
It is better to leave this beautiful metal ball to Tang Jinguang for him to study slowly.
"Your horse must not let Tang Jinguang find this thing hiding out." Zhuo Qiang gave Tang Qiuhe two personal orders.
After hearing Zhuo Qiang’s command, Hà Thu Zhuxiaoqian in the later Tang Dynasty flashed a trace of hesitation. It seems that this is not an easy task.
"What’s the matter? Is there any difficulty? " Zhuo Qiang raised his eyebrows to hide such a little thing, which seems to be a piece of cake for them. Why do they look like this?
Christie turned to Zhuo Qiang and said, "This thing is extremely destructive to all substances. If you really want them to get it back, you must stop as soon as possible."
"destructive power? You won’t tell me this is something like a nuclear? If so, what do we want it for? " Zhuojiang just surges excitement and like being poured a bucket of cold water without a trace of enthusiasm.
"How can I tell you this? This thing is very important to us, but if we want to get it back, we must meet them as soon as possible, or we will be afraid that it will be gone before they get the Long Yun. "Christie’s tone is quite heavy.
As soon as Zhuo Qiang tightened his brow, it sounded a bit like taking chestnuts from fire. It is a good thing, but it must be extremely fast.
If they are late, they may go up in smoke, which sounds a little too dangerous.
Christie suddenly accelerated her speech and said, "You can’t hesitate any longer. The longer it takes, the more dangerous they will be."
"You mean they have been hurt continuously since they hit that metal ball?" Zhuojiang quickly asked
See Christie nodded heavily Zhuo Qiangma ordered "No.1 fighter horse quickly dispatched to fly directly to the target mountain peak to meet them 50 meters away from the exit"
Then he quickly said to Tang Qiuhe’s two orders, "You two immediately take that thing and arrive outside the cave, where our fighter plane is meeting you."
After receiving the order, Tang Qiuhe quickly reached out and took the blue luminous body and stretched out his hand and pulled the zipper on his chest to put the diamond luminous body in.
Zhuo Qiang discovered at this time that she had just taken the luminous body, and the palm of her hand was already blackened. It seemed that she was still risking a smoke.
"My god, what does this thing do? How can it have such great destructive power?" Zhuo Qiang was horrified and tunnel.
At the same time, he also remembered one thing, such a destructive thing, if you get the Long Yun, will it do harm to these people? Will it affect the Long Yun?
But at this time, it seems that I have come to ignore these things. Since it is a good thing, the Long Yun naturally has a way to deal with it after it is brought back.