Yang night saw that the prince of Wu was not a lecher. Why is there such a big gap with the original history? Looking at the prince’s face getting uglier and uglier, he was afraid that he would punish himself and two school sisters next to him in anger, so he quickly waved to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan to wait in the temple.

"The king proved to be a good leader! Oh, it’s diligent! " Relieved the embarrassing atmosphere, Yang Ye kowtowed.
The prince of Wu was silent for a while and smiled slightly again. "Okay, Dr. Fan, don’t talk about this. I want you to get drunk today!"
After the banquet, Yang Ye discovered that Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, really attached great importance to himself. Oh, he didn’t attach importance to Fan Li. Because there were two people at this banquet, Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, and Yang Ye, the minister of Wu, who didn’t call to accompany him to eat, drink and play. Yang Ye was suspicious. Is this guy Fu Cha plotting something?
Banquet Wu Wang Fu Cha Yang Ye frequently raised glasses to each other, and constantly said long and long compliments to each other, saying that Yang Ye was thirsty and ran out of food, but Wu Wang Fu Cha also praised the fact that Yang Ye Fan Li’s compliments were like endless rivers and the Yellow River flooding out of control.
Yang Ye nodded and smiled frequently, although he knew it was a compliment to others, but his heart was quite cool. This was a compliment from a monarch. However, Yang Ye had several reasons in his heart for coming to wuyue or making rice wine in the Spring and Autumn Period. After drinking more than a dozen cups, the prince became more and more sober. However, his face turned red and he was slightly drunk.
"It’s no lie for Dr. Fan to miss you when he was alone!" Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, put his arm around his wide sleeves and twisted his beard and said, "Since you returned to Vietnam with Gou Jian, I have been saddened for many days and I feel sorry for not being able to retain such a talented person as Dr. Fan!"
"The king YanChong! Where can I be called a handsome man? " Yang Ye smiled and raised his fist, but he muttered something in his heart. Isn’t it the time when historical Fan Li accompanied Gou Jian, the king of Yue, and Wu raised horses and guarded the tomb? That’s right Yang night suddenly remembered the history. Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, wanted to recruit Fan Li to himself more than once! These days, I am worried that Xi Shi has forgotten such an important bridge!
"no! In your eyes, you are a rare talent in a hundred years! " Fu Cha, the king of Wu, stretched out his big hand and paused with a serious expression. He lowered his tone again and said softly, "Doctor Fan, do you ever remember when I talked to you?"
Yang Yexin knows his belly and smiles. "Does your majesty want me to jump ship?"
"Job hopping?"
"Oh, just recruit me to contribute to the King Jiangshan State of Wu!"
"Oh, oh, it’s just this matter. I wonder if Dr. Fan can consider it now?" The prince Fu Cha looked forward to Yang night.
"Mm-hmm, I’m sorry about your majesty. I’ll give you a satisfactory answer after careful consideration!" Yang night so serious sample eyes also showed some gratitude.
Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, was so happy that he decided that Fan Li came to Wu this time to take refuge in himself in the name of sending tribute. The words and eyes just now have clearly said all this!
The prince was more interested in this joy, and Yang night pushed a cup for a change and drank it until he didn’t pay much attention to himself. The sitting posture of this jade sewing seat was also slightly loose
Yang Ye still didn’t feel drunk, but he was always thinking about what to do next. He didn’t come to drink with the prince of Wu, let alone submit! The main problem now is that the prince of Wu is really bad, so Xi Shi and Zheng Dan are safe, but there is nothing left! How can we make the prince of Wu weak? Do we have to sacrifice ourselves?
Thinking so much about Yang Ye, I was anxious to see the prince of Wu Fu Cha getting drunk. I hesitated for a long time and couldn’t help but carefully ask, "The king and the villain have something to ask, but I don’t know when to speak improperly!"
"Speaking! If Dr. Fan wants to come to Wu, he must be my confidant. There are still things to say! " The prince of Wu sat cross-legged with one hand holding the back seat and the other gesticulating wildly.
"As the saying goes, my fair lady is a gentleman, but the king is not close to women. Is it to concentrate on failure? Do you want to govern the country with one heart? " Yang night heavy sigh light ask out.
"This matter … this matter is not worth mentioning!" Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, just closed his eyes and continued to wave his arms and prevaricate when he heard the expression embarrassed.
"But the king didn’t think" Yang night in the mind this nasty! How can the prince of Wu go home if he is not lustful? So I simply thought about it and prepared to provoke King Wu. "Didn’t your majesty ever think that if you don’t put your mind on the country … and don’t be close to women, then even if your majesty plays a big role in unifying the country, there will be no descendants to inherit the great rivers and mountains that you have worked hard to call after a hundred years!"
When the prince heard the silence, he sat up slowly, stretched out his hand and patted the front table. Yang night jumped and stared at the prince Fu Cha and felt that he was talking.
"Doctor Fan, are you … are you willing to come to my Wu Guocheng confidant and become the first political minister in the future?"
Yang night a premonition that Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, might have something to say, so Ma said, "I really want to work for the king, but …"
"all right! Not much to say! I am willing to take you as my confidant! " The prince Fu Cha interrupted Yang night took a table and was silent for a while. Slowly, his face was full of sorrow and he looked up at Yang night. "Dr. Fan, don’t you think about what you said? But I have a room … "
Sorry, it’s a little late to update, and I just came back after another wine game. Let’s go lie down for a while in dizziness. Some readers in Northeast China should know where drinking is for friends here. It’s a life-threatening thing! Three or two cups to four …
◎ Xi Shi and Zheng Dan eventually became charming.
◎ Set out for Wu.
◎ Yang Ye can’t bear beauty.
The mood of meeting the prince of Wu in the palace of Wu was not high, but Fu Cha, the king of Wu, was glad to see the night, that is, Fan Li came. He always thought that Fan Li was a talented person. He had been lobbying for the years when Gou Jian, the king of Yue, raised horses and guarded the tomb here, and Fan Li, the king of Wu, abandoned Wu and went to Wu Nai. Fan Li was determined to follow the king of Yue and let Fu Cha, the king of Wu, be disappointed this time.
Sadly, where did Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, know that Fan Li was no longer Fan Li, but regarded him as a rival in love, another grand duke of Yang’s family.
Yang Ye’s Palace Hall met the Queen of Wu, and the King of Wu was surprised to walk up to Yang Ye, smiling and saying, "Dr. Fan, I miss you so much for so many days!"
Yang Ye was startled and thought, What do you want me for? But on the surface, there was an excited gesture of bowing with his fist and saying, "It’s very kind of your majesty. Fan also often misses your majesty."
Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, heard it? Fan Li, who doesn’t eat hard or soft, can talk like this. There should be hope for surrender this time! So he went on to say, "Please, Dr. Fan came to give me tribute in person. If I can really have such loyalty as Dr. Fan, then it is just around the corner for me to unify the whole day. Hahahahaha …"
Yang night also "ha ha ha ha ….." Ha ha scold you unify the day in my heart? It’s because you really unify the whole country that the old man has come all this way to destroy you!
The prince of Wu smiled so much when he saw Yang night, and he felt that this time Yue Guo’s luck was exhausted. This fan Li was a show of kindness to me! So with a wave of his hand, he ordered the handmaiden of the side guard to "prepare the banquet quickly. I want Dr. Fan to have a few drinks and catch up!"
After the guards went to prepare the banquet, Yang Ye also waved his arm to let his followers carry the tributes to the hall one by one, so that the prince Fu Cha could have a look. Finally, he called Xi Shi and Zheng Dan to the prince and said with a smile, "Your majesty, these two are extremely beautiful women from Yue State. Today, they are specially sent to the king, hoping to have a big smile."
Fu Cha, the prince of Wu, saw two stunning beauties in front of him and his figure was graceful. His eyes were full of eyes and his lips were slightly open, and his breath was like a diaphragm. Suddenly, his eyes brightened and his face was surprised, but his eyes quickly dimmed and his face sank. He said, "Dr. Fan should know that I am a diligent and good gentleman who is interested in prostitution and has never been close to women!"