Lin Chong didn’t keep the magic field at all. When the world shook in all directions, it suddenly became dark. Lin Chong, an aura from all directions, mobilized into a huge field, hanging over a half-step fairy godsworn.

"The mantis arm blocks the car!" The monk’s face was slightly dignified, and a first-order monk next to him looked suddenly cold after seeing Lin Chong take the lead in launching the attack, and at the same time disdained to glance at Lin Chong.
The big sleeve of the first-order monk who ascended the immortal brushed with a mighty immortal force, and then a silver water curtain ripple poured from the sky.
A light ring Lin Chong tried his best to display the magic field, but it was destroyed by the first-order strong man who was immortal. The whole day was restored again, although it was still dark, but it was not as dark as purgatory just now.
Bang bang!
The attack of the first-order strong man in Dengxian didn’t stop there. He kicked straight to Lin Chong’s chest. Peng Yi Lin Chong was hit by that kick, and his body flew backwards like a broken kite. Immediately, a hundred-meter-long trace was put on the ground before it stopped.
"Rice beads also dare to compete with the sun and the moon. It’s ridiculous. See? This is the way to reason. Can you give me a jargon? " The friar looked at Lin Chong with a commanding attitude and stepped on him.
This is an insult. Lin Chong struggled hard but couldn’t get up. On the other hand, Hao Jiajia, another first-order monk, fought. It looked as if Hao Jiajia had fallen into the wind.
The first-order monk named Dengxian coveted Hao Jiajia’s beauty. His strength is already the first-order peak of Dengxian, and it may impact the second-order battle of Dengxian at any time. It seems that Hao Jiajia, who has just been promoted to Dengxian, is somewhat comfortable.
At the moment, this first-order monk who is immortal is not fighting Hao Jiajia as a way of fighting, but fighting Hao Jiajia with banter and flirting. Hao Jiajia is humbled in his heart, but he can also endure it.
"Ha ha, what a beautiful girl! It’s a pity that you still play with me in Tang Lei. I will definitely make you drunk!" The first-order monk who ascended the immortal abused Hao Jiajia while playing, and also provoked Hao Jiajia’s emotions with obscene words.
"King egg!" Not far away, Lin Chong didn’t know where the strength came from after hearing this sentence, but he struggled fiercely. The monk stepped on his foot and suddenly swept out his body and punched Hao Jiajia against Tang Lei.
Although Lin Chong’s sudden arrival made Tang Lei a little surprised, the result still failed to change anything. Tang Lei blasted Lin Chong’s fist and hit a piece of Lin Chong, and then he flew out again, and at the same time, big blood spilled from his mouth.
Although Lin Chong was promoted to be immortal, not everyone can leapfrog like Du Yun. It is not surprising that Lin Chong is a second-order strong man who is about to hit the immortal.
Most of the monks in this area are watching the war. Although they sympathize with Lin Chong and Hao Jiajia, no one will come out to help at this time. This time, the human sentiment has been best interpreted.
On the other side, because Lin Chong suddenly struggled just now, his bondage made the first-order monk who was immortal angry. After seeing Lin Chong being hit by Tang Lei, the monk returned to absolute being, he dashed forward and stamped Lin Chong again.
"I’m going to die with a girl? Du Yun, where are you? " At this time, Lin Chong suddenly remembered Du Yun, and if Du Yun, it would certainly protect Hao Jiajia?
Lin Chong’s thought just fell into a black robe and suddenly appeared in the field. He kicked out in an instant and quickly kicked the monk standing on Lin Chong away.
"Du Yun? Is it really you? " Lin Chong was seriously injured and dying, and his mind was a little fuzzy. When he saw the figure clearly, he was dreaming for himself.
"Well, I didn’t come late … Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Hit the face.
When the four monks of the Imperial Empire came to control everything by themselves in the early days, Du Yun suddenly appeared, as if he had come by surprise, which shocked everyone.
His figure looks a little thin, wearing a black robe and thick hair, and his deep dark eyes exude a cold mountain without any emotion, which finally freezes the monk who was kicked away by him.
"What’s your name?" Du Yunyin is dull as if nothing had happened, but this tone has an unquestionable taste.
"My name is Liu Yu … what do you want?" Du Yun powerful momentum oppression Liu Yudao gave his name shape at the same time can’t help but retreat.
"What about you?" Du Yun ignored him, but looked at the nearby Tang Lei with a wave of his hand, a surging fairy force swept past and scattered him and Hao Jiajia and asked.
"Hum Du Yun, you have sinned against the five kingdoms, and you still dare to appear in front of us so arrogantly. I think you are still giving in easily. I will intercede for you and maybe you will die!" Tang Lei heart vibration but don’t want to bow at the moment but also strong said.
"oh? Really? " Du Yun put on a smiling face, and immediately his body moved violently and violently, but he came to Tang Lei in an instant.
Du Yun lifted his foot through the strength and conjured up a huge big foot, just like the law, which covered the sun fiercely from the sky. Tang Lei was trampled on by Du Yun when he could not even avoid it.
Don’t say that Tang Lei is just the first peak of the immortal, even if his realistic power reaches the second level of the immortal, Du Yun will have no difficulty in dealing with him.
This one foot directly give Tang Lei to lie prone Du Yun is more arrogant than just Liu Yu. This one foot directly stepped on Tang Lei’s face and looked down at him with the same condescending attitude.
Du Yun’s practice of treating people with humanity has greatly inspired many monks watching the war. It seems that they stepped on that foot.
"What’s the name? Say! " Du Yunyin light to eyes looked straight at Tang Lei.
Tang Lei struggled desperately but found himself doing work. He knew that he was going to die anyway. It was almost impossible to live, but he still said with a glimmer of hope, "What do you want?"
"I asked your name. Don’t talk to me about him!" Du Yun eyes cold mans a flash foot increased the strength on Tang Lei face is distorted.
"My name is Tang Lei!" Tang Lei is always weak and wants to harden his bones, but he can’t help but tremble when he comes into contact with Du Yun’s eyes