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Scales like a sword Fei Biao came at the shadow on both sides of the front, left and right three directions at the same time to attack Yang Yelan demon chop behind nervous low call a while Long Xiao threw Long Lin chop when the face smile became more satisfied.

But then Long Xiaoxiao froze his face and froze his eyes. Staring eyes became full of surprise. Rushed to Yang night unexpectedly can live at an amazing speed and then leap into the face of flying three pieces of Long Lin chop kicked three feet in a row! These three feet are in the middle […]

Ye Qing saw that she wanted to escape, immediately grabbed her arm and then pulled it back. On the strength of Da Mi, where is his opponent? He was pulled directly into his arms, leaning his hands on her shoulders and then bowed his head and kissed Da Mi’s rosy lips directly.

Big honey’s eyes are round and her expression looks a little frightened, like a frightened rabbit. She clutched Ye with both hands and dumped her clothes, and then her mouth clumsily responded, apparently never taking a kiss. Ye Qing’s kissing skills are not much better. When I was in college, I kissed his girlfriend just […]

Hand-written novels

Chapter six hundred and four One-time solution Welcome you to come. After letting go of the four people who died from grief and sorrow, the wind rose and returned to Juxian Pavilion. The wind Yang was forced to stay in Downing’s room and just pushed the door and the wind Yang was startled by the […]

Lin Chong didn’t keep the magic field at all. When the world shook in all directions, it suddenly became dark. Lin Chong, an aura from all directions, mobilized into a huge field, hanging over a half-step fairy godsworn.

"The mantis arm blocks the car!" The monk’s face was slightly dignified, and a first-order monk next to him looked suddenly cold after seeing Lin Chong take the lead in launching the attack, and at the same time disdained to glance at Lin Chong. Whoo! The big sleeve of the first-order monk who ascended the […]