"And" the floating life didn’t look at people. At this time, there was a trace of gloom in the eyes. "The scorching sun should have heard that a long time ago, when the fire family was steaming, their high brother suddenly lost sight of the sun and left a note, which never appeared again. There is a saying that water and fire can’t be compatible."

The floating life said that the volume was slightly higher. "At that time, all the spearheads pointed to the declining aquarium. Hehe, is this really the case? In other words, is the fire family really missing voluntarily? "
"What? Don’t … "Xiahou Chaojun was surprised.
During the real flight, several people around me have been listening to Xiahou Chaojun and the dialogue between the floating life. At this time, Nanrong’s magic back sun is turning to look at this side, and his eyes are full of blood.
"Domain for so long, no one race strength can exceed the protoss. It is impossible for protoss to compete. Is this a coincidence? Is the protoss too powerful? " The floating face is getting more and more ugly, and there is anger in the voice. "There are so many things you don’t know! What has the protoss turned the domain into! "
Everyone looks bad, and everyone is thinking about their own worries.
The appearance of the holy family floating life made everyone excited, but at the same time they learned a lot of unexpected information, which was far beyond everyone’s imagination.
There was a long silence and everyone was silent.
Instead of weakening, the flight speed is getting faster and faster.
It seems that everyone is flying fast to vent something.
Is it true that the holy family said these things?
After a long time, Yang Ye slightly turned his head and asked the holy family around Fei, "Is it a miracle stone islands?"
Floating life nodded in a low voice "well, near the Jinshi Islands"
"So … how do you know about miracles?" Yang night finally found the opportunity to ask this sentence.
Floating life listened to the face and smiled without looking at Yang Yeqing and said, "Of course I know and I must know."
If you ask, you don’t ask. It seems that Fusheng is deliberately hiding something.
Hesitated for a whole night and asked, "How do you know what you just said about the fire clan, the aquarium, the poultry clan and the orc clan?" It seems that you have been hidden from the domain before that … "
Floating life finally took a look at Yang Ye. "Hehe, I am hiding, but I have been. After all, I know a lot of things when I am alive."
"I know a lot of things and you are curious. This curiosity may cause you not to believe me, but I can’t tell you now that I have my reasons. Maybe you will know everything soon."
A bird’s-eye view of the boat-fruited Sterculia near the vast white sea in Jinshi Islands is as bright as a kidney calculi in a large blue bottle of Sanjin oral liquid.
A group of people, such as Shengzu Fusheng, Yangye and Nanronghuan, landed in Jinshi Islands.
Everything is so familiar
Yang night eyes very south glory in the eye.
It’s deja vu. This place has a cold horizon and a cold sunset, Zhang Wenyu and Mu Mingfeng, and I know little girls here.
The location is the seaside beach on the No.1 island of Jinshi Islands.
"Is the miracle here?" Yang night looked at the holy family floating life. "Do you really know the elder of floating life?"
Floating life nodded and smiled at Yang night and said, "This tells me a lot of details, and tells them in detail what Xia Houhe Emirates Ling doesn’t know."
Yang night was stupefied. What did Ma Bai’s floating life mean? So he roughly told the story of the baby’s belonging to himself, and then told the story of the red domain and everything he heard from the holy family floating life to Xiahou Chaojun, Guiling, scorching sun and Nanrong magic.
Everyone was shocked-then became angry.
Hatred escalated from one person to everyone.
"The miracle of the floating predecessors is the real stone islands? Where? " After telling everyone a short silence, Yang night turned to a floating life and asked in a low voice
Holy family floating life shook his head and smiled, raising my hand and pointing to "not island the bottom of the sea"
"The bottom of the sea?" Yang night surprised to stare eyes.
Is this a coincidence?