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In the lobby of Luobao, Luo Lian rolled and crawled to his grandfather. "Grandpa, my father, he was killed by Wang Haoxuan and his accomplices!"

Luo Zhong, the owner of the Luo family, glared at him. "What did you say?" Luo told his grandfather everything, especially when he talked about Yun He City, he also embellished a lot of Lin Yuru’s arrogance, Wang Haoxuan, if he didn’t tell Luo’s family that he was like a tortured little wife. Luo Tao […]

"And" the floating life didn’t look at people. At this time, there was a trace of gloom in the eyes. "The scorching sun should have heard that a long time ago, when the fire family was steaming, their high brother suddenly lost sight of the sun and left a note, which never appeared again. There is a saying that water and fire can’t be compatible."

The floating life said that the volume was slightly higher. "At that time, all the spearheads pointed to the declining aquarium. Hehe, is this really the case? In other words, is the fire family really missing voluntarily? " "What? Don’t … "Xiahou Chaojun was surprised. During the real flight, several people around me have been […]