In the lobby of Luobao, Luo Lian rolled and crawled to his grandfather. "Grandpa, my father, he was killed by Wang Haoxuan and his accomplices!"

Luo Zhong, the owner of the Luo family, glared at him. "What did you say?"
Luo told his grandfather everything, especially when he talked about Yun He City, he also embellished a lot of Lin Yuru’s arrogance, Wang Haoxuan, if he didn’t tell Luo’s family that he was like a tortured little wife.
Luo Tao is next to the heart secretly disdaining this father’s virtue. Will others know that Luo Tao, who is responsible for collecting information, is naturally clear
Of course, disdain is disdain. After all, his uncle was killed. At this time, the best way to deal with it is to keep silent and let Grandpa, the master, handle it.
However, Luo Tao must let it go when he sees that his grandfather’s face is very wrong.
He is also the owner of seven families and one family. How can he let it go when he is killed?
Luo Zhong was trembling with anger. His hands clutched the black gold chair armrest tightly and pinched the armrests on both sides into iron powder. "Luo Tao sent a message to Wang Yuan for me to say what Luo just said again."
"Grandpa, don’t just forget it?" Los knelt with consternation.
Luo Tao looked at Luo with disdain. This guy really is a waste and an idiot.
Luo’s family doesn’t make a condition, just want the Wangs to do it at their own will. Luo’s family can be up for grabs. If they make a condition, it will make Wang’s family have room for bargaining, which is not good for Luo’s family.
The Wangs naturally know what to do in such a serious family diplomatic incident.
Luo Zhong is also very dissatisfied to stare at Luo, who is bitterly afraid to say anything and cry bitterly.
Luo Tao shook his head and bowed respectfully toward Luo Zhongzheng "Good Grandpa"
For a moment, Wang Yuan, the owner of the Wangs, received the information from Luo’s family and locked his eyebrows together.
No matter whether this matter is Wang Haoxuan’s doing Luo Jia Luo Rongjin, it must be dead. I can’t shirk this responsibility myself.
But this thing is so weird that Wang Yuan has a nerve-racking feeling.
"Hao Xuan, let me ask you something. Did you do this?" Wang Yuan towards Wang Haoxuan asked.
He believes that his grandson, the great grandson, is cold and arrogant, but he never lies or shirks his responsibilities, which is why Wang Yuan likes this great grandson best.
Wang Haoxuan shook his head very decisively. "No, I want to ask Grandpa a question. Do you think I have this strength? Chapter 49 Lin Xuanhe Shen Shuyuan.
Wang Yuan’s face finally smiled, and he was much more at ease to get such an answer from his grandson.
To make sure it’s not his grandson who is Wang Yuan, he’s not afraid of Luo’s family coming to Wang Yuan. What worries him most is what they call the Horn Magic Man. Maybe this guy escaped from that place and escaped through the net?
After carefully drafting the wording, Wang Yuan sent the reply back.
Wang Yuan specially emphasized that his grandson’s strength does have a natural environment. Let Luo Zhong not be cheated by the magic man. Wang Yuan can guarantee his own life that his grandson is definitely wronged.
If Luo Zhong can come up with strong evidence instead of relying solely on Luo’s words, Wang Yuanke can be disposed of with Luo Zhongzheng.
After receiving the reply, Luo Zhong hesitated. Indeed, he didn’t believe that Wang Haoxuan’s strength would surpass his second son. Moreover, although Wang Yuanren kept a low profile, he never lowered his spirits. This time, it was enough for Luo Zhong to be positive.
If Luo Zhong insists on pursuing it, it can be a face-to-face battle with the Wangs.
Luo Zhong won’t be so stupid that the situation in the mainland is extremely delicate. In fact, the seven families are secretly fighting and the demon race is eyeing up, and the inferno is stirring again.
If Luo’s family provoked a battle with the Wangs at this time, then waiting for two big families will surely be the place of destruction. Luo Zhong can temporarily not delve into Wang Haoxuan’s responsibility.
However, Luo Zhongshi, the owner of the family, can’t swallow this tone
Can’t handle Wang Haoxuan, but Luo Zhong believes that the Wangs will sacrifice the Lins for temporary peace.
When Luo Zhong asked the Wangs to hand over the Lins to the Luo family for disposal, Wang Yuan’s reply was very simple. After Lin Yu and Zou’s brother decided to win, the Luo family and the Lins’ resentment would be resolved by themselves, and the Wangs would never intervene again.
When nature is five months later.
Luo Zhong gritted his teeth and looked ferocious. "Five months is five months!"
Then Wang Yuan immediately sent a message to Yang Luoyun of Far Cangyu College, telling Lin Yu these things in detail.