DuGuYu suddenly like an sobering general so that’s it …

If the emperor is cruel, then the father, he and the mother are still very good
Shen Er Xiao La Du Guyu sleeve "Brother Yu, what’s wrong with you?"
"It’s okay. You love this." Duguyu smiled and put a piece of milk cake on Shen Er. "Don’t be angry with that woman. No one dares to say what you know?"
"Know seven uncle very fierce! Let’s go to the seventh uncle’s house, shall we? I haven’t been there for a long time. "Shen Er laughed.
"If you really want to go, eat quickly and don’t always get distracted." As soon as this girl arrives at this party, she will look here and there to see if she refuses to eat.
Heavy son wrinkled nose "know! I know! "
"If you know it, just eat this and drink it." Give her a bowl of soup. The girl who doesn’t like water can also drink more soup.
Sink-erh drinks well despite her dislike.
The queen of the palace looked at them and couldn’t help laughing. That’s good. That’s good. Just stay close.
The left hand of the table was suddenly caught.
Turned to see DuGuYin don’t look at her is another hand holding the glass minister to talk.
Suddenly, the Palace Queen’s eyes were sour. Perhaps it was because she thought too much about the young couple. He really looked at her well. Not far away, the nurse held the child and thought that she should be lenient and well-educated. Chapter 97 A prosperous time outside the world.
After the banquet, Duguyu sent Shen Er out of the palace.
"Brother Yu, don’t be angry with my uncle. Isn’t that person already demoted? After the child is raised by his aunt, it is your own brother." Shen Er saw that his face was not very good and laughed.
"Silly girl, Brother Yu is worried about not going back in advance. Brother Yu will pick you up and tell you in detail, okay?" Du Guyu has something to do or is willing to say.
She can know everything she wants except those important things that she doesn’t care about in court.
After all, this is the wife he wants to get along with, not a beautiful woman in his golden house.
"Well, then I’m leaving. Brother Yu, don’t pull a face and look bad." Shen Er smiled and walked over to Princess Heyu’s carriage.
Duguyu smiled and nodded and turned back to the palace.
Queen’s Palace The queen and the child sitting in the palace were put to sleep by the nurse and went back to the temple.
"I don’t want me to be old when I am bent on Li Zhaoyi." Although the queen of the palace is white in her heart, she also has complaints about her mouth.
"Ah … that child is still young. I told him to have a dependence and call your mother wronged." Duguyin laughed.
"You … you’re still hiding it from the male and female servants. If it weren’t for today, I’d be ruined!" Palace queen nu way
"Hu said when I had this idea? Even if it is an occasional re-beauty, how can it be abolished after the abolition? " Duguyin’s black face
"It’s positions don’t think so. What do you think? I’ve been with you for twenty years, but you don’t know your position. Why don’t you just say it when you’re in poor health? Are you afraid that you have taken the opportunity to do something? " Palace queen suddenly sad way
DuGuYin surprised a wry smile "you still see me … even it won’t be long before somehow looking at yu’s wedding … is can’t see his grandson, I would have given too much interest in his hand. What did he do? Just be good. "
"Pursuit …" The queen of the palace suddenly got up. What do you mean, she can’t see her grandson …
"You also know that I broke down when I was a child, and it’s not easy to live for so many years. No one knows this except my seventh brother. Don’t tell Yu Er to get married," Duguyin said.
Outside the temple, Duguyu deliberately forbade the handmaiden to leave, which would make me feel cold with blood after listening to these words. So that’s it …
It’s not that his father doesn’t like their mother, it’s that child who arranges the posterior route.