"Queen, do you think this is a disposal?" The queen mother is too big.

"Male and female servants … this thing is really too many murders of concubines, and it’s also a big thing to be demoted." The queen also knows that the queen mother can’t crush the princess at this time of the four emperors’ hearts.
"How to downgrade? What position is appropriate? " The queen mother followed closely and asked
"Afraid of the first two levels can’t be demoted to four nobles? Still can get up after what old four is good "Li queen’s way.
The queen mother doesn’t talk, and she agrees with it in her heart, but she can’t say that to the outside world. If there is a vicious mother, it will be ruined.
"As you say, Princess De was degraded by taking care of Yu Zhaoyi’s disadvantage. Don’t cover up the past for her, but your wife is too low. Let’s practice three times," said the queen mother.
"It’s the male and female servants. This is the purpose." Queen Li should go back to Fengzao Palace and make an imperial decree. Poor care of Yu Zhaoyi led to premature death. De Fei was demoted and was still living in Fangcao Palace for three months.
This imperial decree has made many people laugh and many people sneer.
This is a demotion, but the residence is still the same as before. After three months of closed-door thinking, it seems to be punishment, but how much right and wrong is blocked?
When he left the palace, the Four Emperors were still furious, and he became more determined about what he wanted to do.
"The main bodyguard is back," said the handmaiden outside.
"Call in!" Yanchu some uneasy way
Four guards came in and said, "It’s also a blessing that the temple has become. I’m also living in a concubine room with his son. The clause has been controlled by us and the child has settled down."
"good! Come with me to Qi Changshou Mansion! Get ready for everything. Success or failure is tonight! " Yanchu avenue
"I wish the main horse success!" Four guards knelt down to say
"All right, get up!" Yanchu heroic dry clouds marched out of the house.
Qi Changshou mansion didn’t notice anything wrong until Yanchu arrived.
"Four emperors don’t know anything when they come to my humble abode?" Qi Changshou’s four emperors didn’t pay it. Accurately speaking, the infantry in Beijing and the emperors didn’t pay anything.
"The temple naturally has something to ask for." Yanchu glanced at the humanity in the room. "Please ask Qi’s adult to leave or so."
Qi Changshou was slightly stunned, but he did it anyway.
"The temple has something to say." Qi Changshou personally poured tea for Yanchu.
"Let’s get this straight in the temple. After the temple is completed, the adult’s credit will of course come first." Yanchu said.
Qi Changshou didn’t speak, didn’t satirize and abuse people who had been immersed in officialdom for many years. At this time, he knew very well that Yan Chu dared to say that it was not as simple as making a promise.
As the saying goes, coercion and inducement are not inducements, then coercion is.
"If I refuse to know what the temple will do?" Qi Changshou Shen Dao
"To tell you the truth, it is difficult for adults to ride a tiger in the temple today, and it is difficult to live and die. As soon as they read it, they refused to die." Yanchu light way
Qi Changshou had a meal and all kinds of thoughts flashed through his only child. He has hidden diseases. It is a pity to have a son and a daughter. Besides, he is the only one in the family. If something happens to a child, it is to cut off his grandson. As the saying goes, unfilial has three sons.
But to rebel … How many years has he been a loyal minister? He can’t do it.
"Qi’s Adult Hall promises that you won’t be bad for your father." Yanchu added in time.
Qi Changshou still doesn’t talk, but his expression is slightly loose
"It’s good for you that you can go after your adult’s job is done, and your son doesn’t have to worry about not having a title to inherit it." Yanchu said.
"When things start?" Qi Changshou swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said that these promises are all empty. He loves his son and wants to be safe.
"Adults can take the capital safely tonight, and they will call your son back to the temple without taking risks." If you don’t return his son’s soldiers by then, Yanchu can’t afford his revenge.
"Good minister … agreed." Qi Changshou said dryly, "The sense of honor and the parents chose him."
"That’s good. The gentleman’s fame and fortune is also worth your son’s peace of mind." Yanchu patted him on the shoulder
"Since it’s going to start tonight, the minister of the Four Emperors Hall said to deploy it. Should I do it?" Qi Changshou doesn’t want to listen to those nonsense. Ask 36. Chapter 36
There is nothing more convenient than the rebellion of the infantry in Beijing.
They are guarding all the doors of Vientiane Palace, so it is not necessary to control them too much. By the way, even the four main gates and five partial gates in Beijing are well guarded. At that time, the military forces outside can’t enter the city if they want to help.
Do a good job of returning to the house at the beginning of the unfamiliar Yan, waiting for the opportunity to attack Vientiane Palace on time at night. There are 20 thousand body guards in the palace, and the capital is like a bag.
Yanchu didn’t have more than 30 bodyguards, but there were more than 1,000 Qinbing in the Beijing Suburb. When this department was transferred to the middle of the government, these Qinbing were life-saving charms.
Yan Guifu Su Mian’s front yard is somewhat absent-minded after eating dinner.
After all, she has never experienced such a big event, and she is a little worried about Wan Yibo’s arrival in the house.