Hand-written novels

Chapter six hundred and four One-time solution
Welcome you to come.
After letting go of the four people who died from grief and sorrow, the wind rose and returned to Juxian Pavilion.
The wind Yang was forced to stay in Downing’s room and just pushed the door and the wind Yang was startled by the room situation.
Michelle, Yunrou, Liuman, Xiyu, Downing, Han Lei, etc. All the girls in this room comforted Michelle. I didn’t expect the wind to suddenly break in. I looked at Yang suspiciously and looked at Downing strangely, making Downing feel ashamed and want to find a hole to drill in.
Who’s Brother Feng Yang? That’s a man of God who will make great progress every time he surges. How can this scene scare him? When he saw Brother Yang enter the room, he staggered a few steps and held the door. His eyes were confused. "What are you doing in my room?" He also burped with colored wine.
Then he stupidly pointed to a group of girls across the street. "One is two, three, four, three, one and five."
"You are crazy, you have nothing to drink so drunk." Yunrou scolded "Your room is next door."
"Bullshit, this is my room." When Feng Yang held the door and shook his head, his expression and stuttering frequency were no different from those of being really drunk. Acting was a master.
"Mom, there are always so many things that go wrong, even the rooms have to be robbed." Feng Yang staggered out of the room while cursing as if his heart was full of resentment.
Several girls in the room couldn’t help feeling sad and sympathetic by the wind.
Looking at the swaying out of the lonely back of the room, Han Lei’s tears came out, and the cloud was soft and a little sad. He said, "Brother Yang is really tired and has been carrying so much pressure. His appearance is so strong that we always see him slack, but when he helps, he can anesthetize himself with wine. Sometimes I really think that a man like him needs a lot of women to warm him up and give him a sense of security."
Liu Man also nodded. "Yes, after knowing him for so long, he has been carrying so many things that we don’t know. In front of outsiders, he is so ruthless and cold-blooded, but he can still drink quietly in the dead of night to vent his depression. After that, we must be nice to Brother Yang. You just went too far. Why should you say that about him? We should go over there and help him get a good sleep. Now it feels cruel to think about it."
Several girls have expressed their sympathy and sympathy for Feng Yang, and made a profound review of themselves. Downing has been silent, annoyed and funny in his heart.
Xi Yu didn’t speak. He just looked at the door calmly and then glanced at it with meaning. Downing felt a pain in his heart for no reason.
Feng Yang went to his room and hurriedly slammed the door and exhaled a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, my IQ and reaction are ordinary people’s understanding, otherwise I would have been embarrassed just now."
This incident also made Feng Yang conclude that acting is sometimes more important than force.
Lying in bed tossing and turning has always been a way to sleep. My mind is full of Tang Ningchi lu charming body and those two need two slaps to cover the white jade rabbit. It’s a little overwhelming and hot, and then I can’t help but feel a little sad when I think about my’ efficiency’.
I waited until the early hours of the morning before I heard a noisy footstep coming from the next room. Obviously, the girls were all away from the wind. Brother Yang has always been a careful boat, and waited for a moment without hearing footsteps again. Then I crept to the door and looked at the probe. There was no figure.
Suddenly Fengyang felt something was wrong. Fuck, I’m the boss. If someone finds out that I’m so sneaky and it’s not in my style, it seems that being a thief really makes me feel guilty.
Came to the door the wind Yang also don’t forget yuan soul force detection found that there is a breath that openly pushed the door and went in.
Downing just washed up and was about to go to bed when he saw Feng Yang suddenly push the door and came in. He couldn’t help rolling his eyes. "You can’t, can you?"
"What? No, you’re my daughter-in-law. I’m here to exchange feelings in my daughter-in-law’s room." The wind is serious, and then I’m impatient and take myself off.
Although Tang Ningnai was teased for several nights in a row, it was not very uncomfortable, but in order to satisfy the wind, she would rather suffer a little by herself.
And then cater to the wind.
I have to say that Tang Ning is really a stunner with fair skin, delicate and soft bones, and a pair of gigantic twin peaks that men can’t put down, and the bed groans are extremely attractive. Perhaps it should be said that the quieter the day, the simpler the girl’s bed, but this unrestrained is limited to the man they love.
After Fengyang surrendered, Tang Ning yu looked at Fengyang tenderly and said, "Let’s find Hu Die’s sister and have a look. Can’t we go like this?"
"Try again"
"all right"
This night is still surging with limits.
The next morning, it was the same step and the same result.
Feng Yang finally got up the courage and felt that he really wanted to ask Hu Die for help in diagnosis and treatment.
But during the day, there are still some things that the wind blows and I didn’t care to get out of Downing’s room, so I called everyone to the hall.
Renyi Ge, Peng Shuai, Hua Tian, Luo Lin and so on all gathered together to wait for the call of the wind.
"How are the Renyi brothers and girls?" The wind Yang asked.
Renyi said, "Everything is arranged, and they are all ready to act at any time."
"Good Renyi Brother Pongo Pony, come here." Feng Yang brought Renyi and Peng Shuai Pony into the room, and then several people came out again soon.
Rowling was curious and quietly asked what Renyi and Peng Shuai Fengyang said. Renyi and Peng Shuai also smiled and said, "We’ll see."
Rowling went to the pony again and winked and smiled, "Mark."
Pony hurriedly waved his hand. "I was scared when I heard this name floating out of your mouth."
"Panic, will your uncle say it?" Rowling is angry.
"Don’t tell me unless you ask your daughter-in-law to play a honey trap."
"I went to your uncle to hit my daughter-in-law. Pay attention to what I said. You always stare at my daughter-in-law with bedroom eyes. I also appreciate your art. The Institute of Fine Arts has never been anxious with you. I didn’t expect you to be up to your neck today." Yun Rou has always been Luo Lin’s lamella, so he jumped at the pony. Where is Luo Lin’s opponent? If you divide by three, you will be cleaned up and rode by Luo Lin.
"Better die than surrender" Pony gritted his teeth.
"Hands claw oblique sixty-five degrees to grasp" Liu Zhe next to the pony to make a battle plan.
Pony in accordance with the instructions of Liu Zhe hands instantaneous caught rollin two ru~ head and then pull.
"Whoa, whoa, let go" Rowling’s piercing screams rang all over Juxian Pavilion. The atmosphere was very relaxed and harmonious. Looking at Rowling riding a pony with one hand, he grabbed the pony’s nostrils and pulled it hard. The backhand grabbed Rowling ru~ The head force pulled out two people and screamed constantly. Everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter. The mood became happier gradually.